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Mobile Edge Computing Is The Backbone For The Continued Proliferation Of 5G

Mobile Edge Computing Is The Backbone For The Continued Proliferation Of 5G

At present your local areas might have thousands of devices connected to mobile wireless technology. If assumptions become reality then by 2025 the number will exponentially increase and will ultimately hit the mark of over a million devices in the same neighborhood. This proliferation of interconnected devices holds an assurance for every task related to […]

Building an MVP is essential for the success of product

Building an MVP is essential for the success of  product

A successful product is not successful from its release. It becomes successful when it offers what the customers need. When you want to create an app, you have two options on how you proceed with mobile app development. The first is the traditional way and the other is MVP. MVP is an amazing method to […]

Pros And Cons Of Nearshore And Offshore Outsourcing- How To Identify The Best Partner For Your Engagement

Pros And Cons Of Nearshore And Offshore Outsourcing- How To Identify The Best Partner For Your Engagement

Outsourcing means the hiring of a third party by a company to perform some specific services that were earlier done by the in-house employees and staff of the company. A company can outsource one or several of its non-core functions. The functions that are generally outsourced vary from manufacturing of the smaller parts to accounting […]

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Learn About React Native, Flutter And Xamarin And Decide Which One Is The Best Fit For Your Project

With how technology has continued to advance in leaps and bounds in the past decade alone, it is no wonder that mobile phones, tablets, and even televisions have become “smart” today. A few operating system software has been developed in the past decade that allows these appliances to function as a miniature computer, causing them […]

The Main Reasons Why Apps Never Take Off, So You Can Journey Towards App Success

The Main Reasons Why Apps Never Take Off, So You Can Journey Towards App Success

Most businesses these days tend to create their own mobile applications but not all of those apps are successful. It has been observed that almost 1 lakh apps are uploaded on the Google Play Store each month but only a few of them get recognized and successful. It is very difficult to tell whether an […]

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Top 5 Best Android Frameworks For App Development In 2020

Android is an open-source mobile operating system that was first launched in 2008, and today, it is used in an array of devices including mobile phones, smartwatches, tablets, televisions, and so on. While there are other mobile phone operating systems available, Android remains the most popular and easily accessible one of the lot. It is […]

How To Use Outsourcing To Grow Your Business

How To Use Outsourcing To Grow Your Business

Outsourcing the new solution to business goals. All big and small enterprises have a single aim of consistent growth and expansion. Whether building an in-house team for all operations or to allocate a third party to do a part of the operations which will help in expansions is the main question that company policymakers face. […]

Why Having A Scope Of Work Is Essential To Find The Right Service Provider

Why Having A Scope Of Work Is Essential To Find The Right Service Provider

While communicating/sending/receiving a project from the outsourcing partners or service providers it is normal to fall into the trap of presumptions or miscommunications. This is where the scope of work comes in as a crucial document offered by project managers. The scope of work has the potential to bind everything that is related to a […]

How Mobile Apps Can Help To Optimize Your Business Prospects

How Mobile Apps Can Help To Optimize Your Business Prospects

This era belongs to technology. In the past few years, the use of mobile phones has increased tremendously. With the increasing reach of the internet and smartphones, the app development industry has reached a whole new level. We are living in a tech-driven and app-dependent world. From the time we wake up till the time […]

Top Ten Web Development Tools That You Can Look Up In The Year 2020

Top Ten Web Development Tools That You Can Look Up In The Year 2020

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Mobile Edge Computing Is The Backbone For The Continued Proliferation Of 5G

At present your local areas might have thousands of devices connected to mobile wireless technology. If assumptions become reality then by 2025 the number will exponentially increase and will ultimately hit the mark of over a million devices in the same neighborhood.

This proliferation of interconnected devices holds an assurance for every task related to home security, finances, or the health sector. There is a major concern standing in the way of the adoption of IoT solutions, which is bandwidth.

The recent 4G network simply cannot accommodate all of these requirements and the ability to connect multiple devices. Thankfully with the advent of 5G technology- a next-generation wireless technology- web development firms Chicago, and global organizations can easily operate their uses with fast loading times.

This technology has arrived just in time with the explosion of the Internet of Things solutions. 5G technology will enable mobile data centres to open the door of uninterrupted services but it will come at a price- a higher likelihood of network congestion.

To resolve this issue and to maintain the speed of network connections this technology is required to team up with Edge Computing.

In this article, we will explore the dynamics of Edge Computing and 5G technology proliferation in depth.

An Introduction To Edge Computing In Contrast To 5G

Edge Computing is the technology that pulls together various Cloud resources for computing, storage, or networking purposes. The infrastructure of Edge Computing is well managed by web development firms, Chicago.

These communication providers handle the form of solutions thoroughly distributed in the Cloud. Edge Computing provides a plethora of advantages in the form of high bandwidth, date offload, low latency, and excellent device processing.

It is typically mentioned as the concept of a web-based solution running on servers to move the Cloud processes pretty close to the end device. Cloud Edge Computing does this by utilizing power stations and enabling high-speed data to travel to Cloud.

This technology offers execution resources for the applications typically within or at the network boundary. Edge Computing in contrast with 5G technology is highly applicable in Virtual Reality solutions, Internet of Things services, gaming applications, and many such solutions.

Edge Computing systems, especially IoT devices, are dependent on the network access to the Cloud for receiving various complex event processing models or machine learning attributes.

This device requires uninterrupted network access to transmit the status data and sensor back to the cloud medium. To support the complexity of devices and their network connectivity requirements, customers as well as enterprises require additional bandwidth and network support for more devices.

Mobile app developers in California are especially working on formulating advanced services that can offer great value to the security and help to manage the data. The imperative of speed and security are the core features of the 5G network standard.

Furthermore, the explosion of the Internet of Things solutions has resulted in the functioning and connection of more devices connected near each other.

The challenge that is associated with the existing network standard, i.e. 4G LTE is its network connection. Hence, Edge Computing and 5G are becoming an integral aspect of the successful transformation to this network connection solution.

Edge Computing Is All Set To Drive The 5G Technology In The Coming Days

This is all thanks to the Internet of Things services featuring more and more interconnected devices including vehicles, homes, fitness trackers, heating systems, and many more.

Edge Computing swiftly processes the data related to the source and allows real-time data analysis. This in turn improves reliability, cost, and performance of the solutions to a greater extent.

As per the industry statistics, the global Edge Computing market will rise up to 27% by 2025 as an outcome of the update among the IoT connected devices.

A Requirement For Speed-

The voluminous data that is generated by the internet-enabled devices is increasing just as rapidly as the number of these devices itself. It also leads to the requirement to process this data faster for quick response time and to have low latency.

This is a critical parameter for many a renowned app development company Los Angeles that are exploring revolutionary Edge Computing technology. Edge Computing as an extension to the Cloud environment enables the companies to delve deeper into the data to make informed decisions and conduct effective analysis.

This technology, in contrast to 5G, is alleviating various security concerns. Edge Computing, in its transitional forms, is pushing the computational ability of the connected devices because it is the collision between the internet devices’ meeting in a physical world.

5G Technology Is The Future-

The ever-increasing customer requirement to have a high-speed network connection has led the top mobile app development companies California or global enterprises to the advent of 5G technology. It entirely focuses on low latency communication and mobile broadband efficiency to segregate massive machine technologies.

5G network connection is projected to increase a thousand times quicker than the 4G network. It will enable the devices to respond in a matter of milliseconds. This means that the users will be able to download huge files on their mobiles within a few seconds.

Edge Computing plays a vital role in the emergence of 5G technology and it will resolve a number of challenges like latency rate, security, monitoring, or governance. The top mobile app development companies have led to the arrival of 5G network technology and as a result, the method of deployment and infrastructure are changing the dynamics of data centre providers and software developers.

Edge Computing And Its Benefits That Overlay The 5G Technology

Conventional cloud computing networks are extremely centralized where the data is being collected on external edges and are transmitted back to the prime server for data processing.

This network architecture has grown out of the fact that the majority of the devices located closer to the network edge lack computational ability and storage to process or analyze the data. With the integration of mobile app development companies, California solutions are becoming more and more efficient in connecting themselves to the network.

Edge Computing has enabled IoT devices to now become more powerful in collecting and processing data than ever before. This technology can significantly reduce the latency rate along with enhancing the performance of the connected devices. The major benefits of the Edge Computing technology are-

  • Scalability- As enterprises grow, it is not always mandatory to anticipate their infrastructure requirements or to create a dedicated data center due to its expensive proposition. However, the deployment of Cloud-based Edge Computing technology has made it easier for companies to scale their business operations on a budget. Increasingly the capabilities of these solutions are easily bundled into the connected devices having smaller footprints and it allows businesses to leverage these devices to expand their network.

  • Speed- For the top mobile app development companies and businesses, speed is vital to their core operations. Across special industries, the dependence of high-frequency algorithms is seen where a slowdown of just a few milliseconds can have severe consequences. Hence the most important advantage of Edge Computing lies in its ability to enhance network performance by limiting the latency. Since it can process the data locally or in the near edge center, the data collected usually does not have to travel as far as it would have under the conventional Cloud architecture.

  • Security- The proliferation of the Internet of Things Edge Computing service increases network efficiency and offers some crucial security benefits. Traditional Cloud infrastructure is inherently centralized and this makes it vulnerable to attacks or power outages. Edge Computing easily distributes the processing and storage of the devices across a wide range of data centers which makes it difficult for any network disruption to take the whole network down. Edge Computing incorporates well-versed data centers to provide additional protection measures and guard against network attacks.

  • Versatility- The scalability of the Edge Computing technology is also making it highly versatile. Even the top platforms related to eCommerce development Canada are partnering with their near Edge Computing data centers and easily target their desired markets without investing in the expensive infrastructure. Edge Computing has allowed businesses to provide their services to end-users with little latency or physical distance barriers. This technology powers IoT devices for collecting unprecedented quantities of actionable data. The unstructured data collected by these networks can be processed near their local centers or delivered back to the main network. By integrating IoT devices in the Edge network businesses can provide better services to their customers without entirely overhauling the IT requirements.

  • Reliability- Considering the security advantages offered by Edge Computing it is no surprise that it also provides excellent reliability concerns as well. With Edge Computing devices positioned near to the end-users, there is no chance of any network congestion affecting the local customers. Edge Computing reduces the data flow by processing the information that is closer to their source and it leads to lower latency and quick speed. With many Edge data centers and computing devices connected to the same network, it is extremely difficult for a single failure to shut down the whole system. And the data can be rerouted via multiple network gateways to make sure that users retain their access to the services or information that they require.

How Edge Computing Is Becoming A Key To The Successful Venture Of The 5G Technology

Edge Computing is a concept that revolves around processing the data collected from different networks and close to the edge and closer to the point where it is consumed.

By deploying decentralized and smaller services with exceptional computing power near to their usage, network congestion and strain can be decreased and performance can be enhanced for every user.

With the emergence of 5G technology, Edge Computing is essential as it has the potential to superimpose the traditional network connection. It can push the processing power closer to the data centres and minimize latency concerns. Without the assistance of Edge Computing, the 5G network would not be much useful or different from its predecessors.

Upgrading To Edge Computing

The top eCommerce development Canada platforms or global enterprises agree that computing is on the priority list of many telcos, but its implementation will definitely take time. In the ideal universe, the data centres would be upgraded with thereon computational efficiency whereas a microserver can offer all its prerequisites without having a requirement to call back to the server.

But with a number of cell towers and stations, it is not financially executable to retrofit every cell tower in the same fashion. The right solution to this problem lies in streamlining the regional data centres and slowly migrating to Edge Computing.

The upshot for this strategy lies in the fact that bottlenecks will be simplified and register delivery will be reduced in the last network mile.

It will not only transform the user experience for good but it will also meet the industry standards without causing any inconvenience. The combination of Edge Computing and 5G technology will re-invent everything from conventional systems and derive new solutions for the future.

With the quick deployments of 5G technology by the top mobile app developers in California, the global organizations are predicting it to go live later this year.

The Bottom Line:

To enable quick connectivity, the incorporation of Edge Computing in 5G technology is a crucial aspect. This can bring Cloud-based solutions closer to the Edge network devices and it will reduce the latency.

Edge Computing technology can proliferate advanced capabilities and allow every app development company Los Angeles, to move to Cloud. It can be integrated with a multitude of existing channels to drive user engagement. Along with facilitating low latency, Edge Computing in 5G technology is enabling a higher extent of fault tolerance or network connection parallelism.

Edge Computing provides numerous advantages over the conventional network forms and it will play an important role for enterprises to move forward. With more and more interconnected devices entering the industry, businesses have already started scratching the surface of its possibilities.

Building an MVP is essential for the success of product

A successful product is not successful from its release. It becomes successful when it offers what the customers need. When you want to create an app, you have two options on how you proceed with mobile app development. The first is the traditional way and the other is MVP.

MVP is an amazing method to reap out the benefit of releasing the app stepwise and gaining momentum in the market with the proper feedback at each step.  

What you used as Uber in 2014 is no more the same. The UI and functionality have changed a lot over time. Same stands for Facebook and other social media networks. Let's understand how MVP makes the product successful.

MVP stands for Minimum Viable Product. This concept was given in 2011, by Eric Ries. Various concepts were introduced by Eric who, somehow change the record of past start-ups.

The idea of MVP comes from here. MVP is not a technique or a trick; rather it is a concept or a perspective.

The need for MVP can be seen or hear from the persons who successfully establish their ideas into the business through an MVP ideology. The time before MVP comes, 70% of the start-ups fail.


The ideology of MVP is to receive the feedback of the user, which has used your new product, before having the finished version of this product.

This feedback is valuable because it can prevent the failure of a new product. MVP tests the basic function of the product.

The product should be able to complete its basic purpose and intent. This preliminary testing is done to analyze the product potential. MVP testing is done for mobile apps and websites.


MVP tells you very early, about the interest your product has created in its user. A green light will give you a signal to develop its full version.

Building a minimum viable product can offer you-

  • It offers you a clear vision about your product so that you can invest and move forward with this product.

  • It is a survey that will defend your product in front of your user.

  • Tells the changes or feature pick up from the new trend that you need to add on in its final version.

  • Helps in creating an outlet and arena of users, before its final version arrives.

  • Will save your resource of time and money, by giving awareness about the viability of your product.

  • It will captivate the investors


There are five ways to attract to prove your loyalty and service related to your commodity-

1. A piecemeal MVP:

This way is economical. This will introduce your product to your user. Little innovation and a demo which is telling the potential functionality to its users. Small sets of tools used to build a piecemeal MVP.

EXAMPLE: your vision of developing website that joins the grocery stores with the buyers through a believed groceries. The ultimate product that buyer will buy will receive a coupon code and then a QR code, which can be later used by the customer to buy grocery from the trusted grocery

Store. Coupons will offer a discount to the customer.

Piecemeal MVP will look like-

  • Make your website in word press and post your coupons daily for a local and trusted grocery store.
  • Further, makes a file with a QR code.
  • Now, via email sent this file to your users.

Companies like Groupon use this way. They created an MVP doing these steps, and launch their MVP product. At that time Groupon was not big and successful but today it’s an enormous corporation.

2. A gatekeeper MVP:

This helps to analyze the services offered by humans, this will replace the machines with humans. You offered you every customer sterile services. In this MVP you will be more connected to your users and will have a better review of your ideas.

EXAMPLE- wants to open a food transport company. For this, you gather some meal plans from your friends and neighbours by filling a virtual form. After that, you supply the food for a week and asked your clients to review.

Food on the table company has made this concierge MVP for checking their ides and found out if it works. It was also the first to launch the concierge MVP.  

You would require a tech professional who is as updated with the technology, and that you can hire from a top mobile app development companies Atlanta.

3. A Wizard of Oz MVP:

It focuses as if the customer is viewing the final product. Until now, it is on its way to progress or in development.

EXAMPLE- here you want to develop a virtual room for footwears. The idea here is that you will post pictures of shoes, with a little description. And you launch your finalized product, first by creating a wizard of Oz MVP.

  • Develop a word press website.
  • Visit some local malls and take some pictures of shoes and post them and then wait for the same time.
  • When received an order, visit that shoe specific mall and buy and handle the payments.

Using Wizard of Oz MVP, you will get an idea that the customer is buying the shoes without trying them on. Zappos- an online shoe store is a well-established store of shoe retailers.

4. Trying to make describing video MVP.

Try to make a video explaining the key features of your product functionality. Uses animations to describe the benefits of the product. This will attract potential users. And if it is completing the needs of a large number of people, quickly it can be viral.

EXAMPLE: the unique instance for the usage of video-based MVP idea is DROPBOX. The dropbox is an app used for the sharing between tools. Drew Houston explains all features of his dropbox app in a four-minute video.

The vision behind making this app is to view if it can sort out people’s problems. Over a night this 4-minute video was viral and gains its potential users.

5. A landing page MVP:

This is used to tell the portrayal of a product. It lists all product advantages. It will include the name of your product services, its value, and its advantages over others.

EXAMPLE- your idea is to build a landing page that will swap the users face with a celebrity, a political face, or an animal face. These posts will be very hilarious and will be more viral on social networking platforms.

But before making an app with this idea, you make a landing page MVP.

  • Make a page of landing.
  • Explain the features of your product.
  • Mention the steps to swap the page.
  • Put the download button also on the page.
  • Track the number of clicks the download button will tell the users' interest in your app.

A company like Buffer has come in this same way. Joe Gascoigne used this landing page MVP vision for BUFFER.

He received 120 sign-ups through Google adsense and he talked personally to those people, asking them what they liked about this. Now the annual revenue generates by this app is $1,000,000.



Start the journey of app making or delivering the product services by defining and observing your market. Learn about your visible audience and their needs.

This can be solved by surveying and interviewing. Do the research of the market in that particular arena. Observe your closet competitors, observe their services, and check whether they can fulfil the people’s requirements.

2. Do analyze your competitors closely.

Observe similar products in the market. Closely follow the similar high-quality rush on your website, position, location of users. Use Similar Web to analyze all these aspects of a website.

The minimum viable product made by you should touch the gaps and logs in present solutions. Also, learn how to solve the problem by learning from their failures and be alert that your ways of development should be away from these failures.

3. Make a list of your MVP features.

Clearly explain those steps which a user will take while using your product. Create a list of features in every step.

  • Decide the main feature for every step.
  • Get back to the list of features and decide it into high priority and low priority groups.
  • Now keep those features which user will want while using the app.

4. Creating alpha and beta for testing.

When you are making your product, continuously test it. Alphas testing is done by the employees do the corporation who are working and connected in the making of this product.

Beta users are done by a group of users. For this also, free online help from websites like Quora, Beta list, Product Hunt and Reddit.

Beta users can give feedback like

  • If your product solving the problem.
  • Is your product faster, cheaper, and safer than other similar products?
  • Also, if users like your products, are they going to pay for it?

When you are making your product, continuously test it. Alphas testing is done by the employees do the corporation who are working and connected in the making of this product.

Beta users are done by a group of users. For this also, free online help from websites like Quora, Beta list, Product Hunt and Reddit.

Beta users can give feedback like

  • If your product solving the problem.
  • Is your product faster, cheaper, and safer than other similar products?
  • Also, if users like your products, are they going to pay for it?

How does MVP work?

It generally takes 6-8 months for the final product to be developed. Also, the budget cost around $200,000. So now you will launch the finished product that you will introduce out easily in the market.

Either your users would like your product or don’t. Only in this way, essential products will exist.

If you use MVP for your product, you will get real feedback and unlike features can easily be removed during the development of the product.

MVP prototype usually takes 1-1.5 months and the money used will be around $10,000 to $15,000.

Some big corporations used the minimum viable product technique

  • FOURSQUARE. This company is now a huge success. Its MVP contains or tracks the number of clicks and awards in the form of any hallmark or tags. When developers get a reaction to the product from the users, they try to develop it more. They start adding city guides and many more recommendations. Presently, foursquare now contains 50 million people who have entered their website in about 8 billion times.

  • INSTAGRAM- the motto behind this is to apply filters on photos and save it in their albums on their tools. Application was then much liked by the users, after that it includes more features like navigation, tracking , hashtag, and connection with other networks.

  • AMAZON- Jeff Bezos started Amazon on a very small scale in 1990.. He initially included only few categories. Afterwords he selected CDs, books, videos, hardware, and software. Only the store of books was present on his simple website. One buyer ordered a book; Bezos buy it from the shopkeepers and retailers and shipped it to the retailer. Nowadays, Amazon has become the largest website for retailers.

  • FACEBOOK. MVP for Facebook was created with the idea of connecting the students of the equal class, college, and campus. They allow the board to post their messages on Facebook. Initially, Facebook was named Facebook.

  • Airbnb. This is a website created by Gebbia, and brian chesky.  These guys had a hard time when paying their rent. They became alert with this idea of making available housing to the people who come to San Francisco. These two launched a website and posts simple photos of it. For the first time, they got their first three guests.


MVP is now no more an option for the product making. Instead, it has now become the industry standard practice for software development.

Whether you are building a social media platform, dating platform or any ERP solution, building an MVP is an essential part of the development.

Summing up all the above-mentioned facts, gatekeeper MVP and Wizard oz MVP are high in practice, whereas describing video MVP is a feasible option for cost-cutting.

You need the best development team. There are going to be a lot of features. You are in active engagement with tens of different mobile app development companies California.

Pros And Cons Of Nearshore And Offshore Outsourcing- How To Identify The Best Partner For Your Engagement

Outsourcing means the hiring of a third party by a company to perform some specific services that were earlier done by the in-house employees and staff of the company. A company can outsource one or several of its non-core functions.

The functions that are generally outsourced vary from manufacturing of the smaller parts to accounting to customer service as well.

For example, a fast-food giant usually outsources its web designing and social media marketing services to a third party so that its core function of fast food production and sale is not hampered.

App development companies in Los Angeles usually outsource their customer service to a third party.

Why Do Companies Outsource?

Companies tend to outsource their work for two main reasons, the first one being cost reduction. They can save on salaries, overhead expenses, technology, and infrastructure costs by hiring a third party.

The second reason is that the company can focus on its core business and its expansion. They can concentrate on improving the efficiency of their products and their services.

Top e-commerce developers Australia have outsourced their payment portal handing to a third party and this has made the payment process much easier for customers and the company sales are now shooting up.

Software developers in America have outsourced their marketing partners and this has led to faster turnaround time. Competitiveness within the app development sphere has increased a lot and the companies have also reduced their operative cost.

Outsourcing saves time as well. A fine example of this is the e-commerce industry has hired another firm to handle its logistics. Therefore, the delivery time of goods has reduced drastically, causing an increase in customer satisfaction, and the overall revenue of the company is increasing manifold. This has given them a competitive edge over others in the industry.

Some Advantages And Disadvantages Of Outsourcing

Outsourcing is a common practice of industrial giants now because it enables huge cost-cutting. It enables savings on salary overhead, infrastructure, and operation costs.

It also enables the company to focus on its core business and divert all the available resources into business expansion.

As an example, eCommerce development Canada has hired a third party for handling its logistics. This has allowed them to focus on quality, volume, and increasing their market share.

In most cases, a lack of communication between a company and the outsource parties delays the project. This may be due to time differences and cultural differences as well.

Web development firms Chicago had earlier outsourced their customer service to southeast Asian countries but the language and time differences have forced them to hunt for outsourcing partners in eastern Europe.

There may be security issues when an outsider has access to your internal data. Sometimes this leads to a loss of domestic jobs which has caused a lot of changes in government policies and laws regarding labor.

Some Predictions For The Future Of Outsourcing

  • Small businesses and start-ups will actively take advantage of outsourcing and provide Asian solutions so that they themselves can survive in the system.

  • Critical business functions will also be included in the outsourcing job list.

  • Rapid cloud computing will make its development and technical support to be completely outsourced in a few years’ time.

  • As an industry, outsourcing is going to increase in volume, thereby causing a boom in the growth of small businesses and start-ups.

Two Types Of Outsourcing

1. International outsourcing or offshore hiring benefits a company due to the difference in labor costs in the two countries.

Production cost is usually cheap in developing countries, so a company relocates a part of its business to a foreign country in order to increase its profit and also for its survival within the industry.

Hence, for all these reasons, the top web development companies in New York outsource their call service centres to international parties in cheaper countries.

2. When a company hires a  partner for a particular function from an adjacent country with similar language and culture it is termed as nearshore outsourcing.

The two partners are nearly in the same time zone and have similar work culture. Near-shore partnerships allow some cost-cutting and the added benefit is that proximity to the client allows more site visits and better communication.

Due to this, any changes or up-gradation can be decided quickly and implemented fast.

As an example of nearshore outsourcing, app development companies, Los Angeles have hired call centres in Mexico for handling their customer service centres.

This has helped them to ease communication barriers that existed when they were partnering with Asian countries. Since both the possibilities of hiring a partner have some advantages and disadvantages, a detailed study of them is needed.

Some Of The Basic Criteria On Which You Should Choose Your Outsourcing Partner

Cost-effectiveness, time-saving, efficient communication, convenience and collaboration and different time zones are few of the basic criterias to choose your outsourcing partner.

Which outsourcing partner is appropriate will depend on what function you want your partner to perform. If you want to outsource software development as some top web development companies in New York have done, then hiring an international partner will give you the lowest labor charges but chances of miscommunication and production delays are very high. On the other hand, local partners will charge you a very high rate.

Now, comparing the cost involved and the efficiency in communication in the two cases, we see that hiring a near-shore party is the best option here. Labor cost is considerably less while communication is regular and easier, and travel costs are much lower as well.

Some of the mobile app developers in California have outsourced to Mexico because it allows shorter travel time, and being in similar time zones, production delays are reduced as well.

Some of the government regulation policies are similar in both countries, so that will give new and added benefits. Considering the costs involved, time saved, ease of communication, and government policies, Mexico ranked better than Asian countries.

So basically, choosing a third party for performing specific tasks that are a part of your company's business depends upon your requirements and priorities first and foremost.

If you want quality products, generally all companies are very competitive today and will willingly put their best efforts into satisfying a client.

If you are working on a restricted budget, then an offshore partner is the best choice. But if you prefer similar work ethics then an onshore partner will be more preferable.

Advantages & Disadvantages Of Nearshore Hiring

The Pros

  • No Language Barrier - It allows communication to be easier and more effective. Decision making can be quicker.

  • Similarity In Culture - Similar cultural values and work ethics help in proper collaboration and in the development of solutions that are workable in that culture.

  • Close Proximity - Nearness to the hired partner allows frequent site visits and team meetings which also enable quicker problem solving and easier collaboration.

  • Cost Reduction - Investment is reduced when compared to having a full in-house team, without compromising on the skills of human resources.

  • Similarity In Time Zones - This means no shift adjustments, night shifts, or overtime. This allows the synchronizing of online meetings very easily and increases collaboration among partners.

The Cons

  • Technical Skill Gap - Availability of resources has always been a problem. Your outsourcing partner might have a technical skill gap similar to what your company is experiencing as well.

  • Underdeveloped Industry - Sufficient number of expert service providers may not be available in that country. Even if they have it may not match your desired skill level, and choosing the right partner may be difficult as well as time-consuming.

  • Cultural Differences - Some cultural differences always arise as annual holidays vary from country to country, ultimately causing a slowdown in productivity.

  • Political Instability - In some cases, political instability in your partner's country may cause a hindrance to efficient collaboration and reduce productivity. An unstable government means unstable policies which will definitely mean renegotiation and re-establishment of the whole partnership process.

Advantages & Disadvantages Of Offshore Hiring

The Pros

  • Cheap Labor - It offers the cheapest hourly labor rates. International partners, especially the ones in Southeast Asia, have the cheapest labor rates, hence there is a huge reduction in costs.

  • Flexible HR - It offers you multiple resources to choose from according to your choices and communicating with them becomes easier.

  • Time Zone Differences - Time zone lag actually means round-the-clock working. It means that when you are asleep a part of the work process is on. Effectively speaking, this increases the company's productivity and gives it a competitive edge. Mobile app developers in California outsourced their marketing to third parties, which has led to faster turnaround time.

  • Availability Of Talent Pool - A massive talent pool of specialized, trained, and certified professionals are ready to work at the lowest rates

  • Simple Contracts - When you are hiring an offshore partner no significant long-term contracts are needed. This reduces the legal procedures and time is saved.

  • Flexibility In Hiring - It allows you flexibility in hiring staff or changing them according to your needs.

  • No Relocation Needed - Relocating becomes unnecessary, thus saving a lot of expenses.

  • Focus On Core Functions - An offshore partner will reduce your cost so you will be able to focus on your core business and then plan for expansion with the saved budget.

The Cons

  • Cultural Differences - Culture gap between partners is a big drawback because it hampers communication and so goals are not met properly.

  • Accented Language - Difference in accent also causes miscommunication, thus decreasing efficiency.

  • Difference In Time Zones - Due to time zone lag, communication time is highly reduced which hampers effective planning and problem-solving

  • Cultural Differences - International partners may have different annual leaves holidays and labor laws which causes unnecessary delays in production. As a chain effect, cost also increases along with the delay.

  • Distance - If any problem arises, travel time is huge and costly so again problem-solving is delayed.

  • Security Issues - To prevent security breaches, a careful assessment of the data that you have shared with your partner is to be done.

  • Control Of The Project - Following up on the daily progress and synchronization of the deadline becomes difficult due to the geo-demographic differences.

  • Hidden Costs - Taxation and other hidden costs are different in all the countries. So hidden expenses need to be considered before the escalation of the budget.  In some cases, offshoring is simply not feasible. For example, if the top e-com developers Australia outsourced salary payments to any Asian country then it would be a complete disaster. Any sudden change in the policies in the other country may lead to an increase in budget.

Some Examples Of Outsourcing - Nearshore Or Offshore outsourcing

  1. Business Process Outsourcing
  2. Professional Outsourcing
  3. IT Outsourcing
  4. Manufacturing Outsourcing
  5. Project Outsourcing
  6. Production Outsourcing

Business Process Outsourcing:

This is when a third party handles a part of the business process. These include repetitive tasks like customer support and in-house training. Customer support is usually conducted by offshore partners while in-house training is done by hiring nearshore parties.

Professional Outsourcing:

This includes jobs that need additional training for professional licenses. A Web development firm Chicago hires nearshore partners for their accounting and bookkeeping. Marketing strategies are more often handled by offshore parties.

IT Outsourcing:

Either a part of the tech-related services or even the whole InfoTech function is usually outsourced. Nearly all big businesses go for offshore outsourcing for the whole IT section while smaller start-ups prefer nearshore hiring due to the smaller size of their project.

Manufacturing Outsourcing:

Outsourcing the manufacturing of small parts is always cheaper. Most US smartphone giants have hired manufacturers in China for the production of the peripherals. The final assembling and production of the major part are always either done in-house or given to local partners.

Project Outsourcing:

Short on-demand projects are usually handled by nearshore partners. Legal firms hire local lawyers to meet their short-term workload. But an ecommerce development Canada company outsources their overseas logistics to offshore parties due to the time saved and the amount of managerial control that is needed.

Production Outsourcing:

This includes all jobs like cleaning inventory companies, transport fleet operation, etc. is outsourced to other parties. These jobs are usually outsourced to local or International partners depending upon their size and scale and also upon the companies’ budgeting process.

The Endnote:

Whether you hire a local partner or an international partner, both have their own share of advantages and disadvantages. Depending upon what your requirements are and what you want to achieve, you should finalize your third-party hiring process.

Always remember that what works for others may not work for you. Factors like cost, communication, skill, and available technology should be the criteria for choosing an offshore or nearshore partner.

Other factors like the reliability of the third party, the financial stability of the party, and even existing government policies should be considered before you finalize a third-party partner.

Some countries offer free trade zones and tax incentives and have policies to boost export services. Such advantages should also be taken into account because they considerably reduce the operational cost.

Learn About React Native, Flutter And Xamarin And Decide Which One Is The Best Fit For Your Project

With how technology has continued to advance in leaps and bounds in the past decade alone, it is no wonder that mobile phones, tablets, and even televisions have become “smart” today.

A few operating system software has been developed in the past decade that allows these appliances to function as a miniature computer, causing them to become “smart”.

This software includes Android, iOS, Windows Phone, and a few other similar ones. With the emergence of these operating system software, there is now a need to have app development frameworks too.

This is because these frameworks can help mobile app development companies in Atlanta, and other parts of the world, to build apps that can function within each operating system software.

While this is indeed a great accomplishment, the fact there are a large number of app development frameworks available for mobile app development companies in Atlanta and the world, can lead to some confusion. Such confusion would mainly stem from the fact that app developers may have some difficulty knowing which framework to choose.

With this being the case, we wish to discuss some of these app development frameworks here. In doing so, we hope that this article can help you to choose the best kind of app development framework that suits your needs.

What Is An App Development Framework And How Does It Work?

There are multiple apps that are being built every day and for a number of reasons. These apps are meant to function within one of the operating systems that are available to us. Therefore, they must adhere to the functional properties of each of these operating systems.

Let us take the example of a company that is trying to sell its products on its own mobile app. This app may have been created to function on both Android and iOS software.

While such an app can essentially perform very similar functions, the codes that have to be written to make the apps work with the two software are quite different. This means that e-commerce development companies in Canada and other parts of the world, have to face some challenges.

Firstly, the company will have to know how to code apps for a variety of operating system software, all at the same time. And secondly, they might have to write two completely different sets of codes from scratch for the two different operating systems.

This, as one can imagine, will most likely be time-consuming. However, with the use of app development frameworks, e-commerce development companies in Canada and elsewhere can rely on them to know what sort of codes would be compatible with what operating system.

Further, some of these frameworks allow app developers to reuse their existing codes to build apps for different operating systems and save a lot of time.

Essentially then, an app development framework is simply a stack of codes (also called an Application Programming Interface or API) that helps developers create apps for different operating system software. These app frameworks also come with in-built features that allow any apps created through them to be compatible with other apps that would be found on mobile devices. In this manner, the app development framework becomes the foundation of mobile and web apps.

What Are Some Of The Best App Development Frameworks Available?

As we said before, there are a lot of app development frameworks that are available for developers to use. Of these, here we will be discussing the three best frameworks - React Native, Flutter, and Xamarin - with regards to their features, benefits, disadvantages, etc.

1. React Native

React Native is an open-source app development framework that was released in 2015 by Facebook, Inc. it can be used to write applications for operating systems such as Android, iOS, AndroidTV, macOS, Windows, and so on.

How It Works

React Native is an app framework that works alongside a JavaScript library called React. Using this library, React Native allows app developers to build apps that are compatible with various platforms.

React Native, due to its reliance on React, allows for the use of existing codes for apps across various platforms.

This is because React is smart enough to detect which section of code will need to be re-written for a different operating system, allowing top e-commerce developers in Australia and the world to code apps faster.


  • While the functioning principle of the React Native app framework is quite similar to that of React itself, React Native does not manipulate the Document-Object-Model (DOM) through a Virtual DOM. This means that when an app developer tells the framework to make changes in specific sections of the app code, unlike React, React Native does not automatically make sure that the actual DOM matches the virtual representation of the app. It would still require the app developer to manually change the real DOM.

  • React Native runs as a background process that can interpret the JavaScript that is written by the top e-commerce developers in Australia and the world directly on the device that is at the receiving end. This way, it communicates with the native platform of the device on which an app would be run.

  • In the place of HTML or CSS, React Native uses messages from the JavaScript thread to manipulate the view on the native end. It also allows app developers to write codes in Java, Objective-C, and Swift.

Pros And Cons

It is open-source software, meaning that it is open to all and available for free, and is less likely to have any bugs in the coding. It is cost-effective and flexible as it does not always require code to be written from scratch.

Further, it also a cross-platform framework that will allow developers to write and maintain apps for various operating systems through one software.

On the other hand, it is relatively new and requires some expert skills in mobile app development to use.

2. Flutter

The Flutter app development framework is also open-source, meaning it is freely and openly available for use. It was released in 2017 by Google and supports the development of applications on platforms such as Android, iOS, Mac, Windows, Linux, the web, and Google Fuschia.

How It Works

Google’s Flutter app framework uses a programming language called Dart, unlike the other common frameworks that use languages like Java.

The major components of the Flutter framework are the Dart platform, the Flutter engine, the foundation library, and design-specific widgets.

With the help of these components, Flutter allows app and web development companies in New York and other parts of the world to build apps across various platforms with the use of a single codebase.


  • Flutter uses the Dart language to run its app development framework software and has a feature called ‘just-in-time’. With this feature, app and web development companies in New York and the other parts of the world can make changes to an application while it is running.

  • It also has a feature called the ‘ahead-of-time’ compilation. This is the act of compiling a programming language such as C++ into machine code that directly controls a device’s functioning so that the resulting file can be executed natively.

Pros And Cons

Google’s app development framework, Flutter, is known for its fast development of apps. It also allows the use of a single codebase for both Android and iOS, which saves time for app developers.

Further, the ‘just-in-time’ feature makes it possible to correct mistakes in an app and see the results immediately.

However, it is still relatively new, having been released just three years ago. Further, the programming language it uses, Dart, is also relatively new. This means that fewer programmers are likely to be familiar with this language.

3. Xamarin

Xamarin is yet another popular app development framework that is used by app and web development companies in Chicago and the world. It was released in 2013 and is owned by Microsoft. It is also open-source software. This framework has been licensed by MIT as well.

How It Works

This platform works by extending the .NET platform by adding more tools and libraries to the existing ones. These libraries and tools can be used to create apps for Android, iOS, macOS, watchOS, and other such operating system software that are available today.


  • The Xamarin app framework allows app and web development companies in San Francisco and other parts of the world to reuse the same source code for their mobile application. This saves the time that is required to develop apps.

  • It integrates with Visual Studio, Microsoft’s IDE for the .NET framework, and is also usable through Visual Studio for Mac.

  • It also has a backend store that allows the integration of backend systems, third-party libraries, Cloud services, and other such features directly into a mobile app that is developed using this framework.

Pros And Cons

The Xamarin framework is quite beneficial in the way that it allows developers to reuse most of its source code for different platforms. This inherently saves a lot of time during the app development process.

Further, the web apps that are produced by web app development companies in San Francisco and elsewhere using this framework are quite close to native applications. This helps improve the experience of users as well.

However, using this framework can often be time-consuming as it requires the linking of codes between the target operating system and the .NET frameworks. This results in an increase in the time that an app takes to startup and download.

Who Should Use These Frameworks?

Now that we know the features and the functioning principles of these frameworks, we can break down who can choose them according to their needs.

  • React Native

The React Native app framework, as seen above, is cost-effective and flexible, but requires some expert knowledge in order to be used by app developers. Therefore, it can be used by programmers who are fairly confident that they have enough skills to use it and also want a quick and less expensive option to build their apps. Further, developers who wish to create apps for a number of different operating systems at the same time can use this framework as it is compatible with multiple operating system software. It also can save developers the trouble of writing the same code again for different platforms.

  • Flutter

The Flutter framework has its own benefits. It is quite innovative and new and can be used by developers who are familiar with Dart programming language. Unlike the other frameworks, this enables developers to see the changes that they make in the code in real-time and can be used by app and web development companies in Chicago and elsewhere who would require such a feature. It can also be used by developers who wish to write apps for multiple platforms as it is equipped with a cross-platform feature that allows the use of the same code for different platforms.

  • Xamarin

Since Xamarin is also a cross-platform framework, it can be used by developers who require apps that can run across many different operating systems. Considering how it can be time-consuming, though, it should only be used if a developer is sure that it is not an urgent requirement to create an app.


These three development tools, as is evident now, have a lot to offer to those who use them. They have become an essential tool in today’s e-commerce market and this popularity is only bound to rise.

With this being the case, it is important to know which software is suitable for the particular needs of a company, so that they do not get left behind in a competitive market.

Further, it is no secret that the frameworks and the apps that they can create are the way into a technologically advanced future.

Therefore, with how important app development frameworks are today, the descriptions, benefits, and other factors that are detailed in this article about these frameworks, we hope that all app developers from across the globe can now find it easier to choose the framework that is perfect for their needs.

The Main Reasons Why Apps Never Take Off, So You Can Journey Towards App Success

Most businesses these days tend to create their own mobile applications but not all of those apps are successful. It has been observed that almost 1 lakh apps are uploaded on the Google Play Store each month but only a few of them get recognized and successful.

It is very difficult to tell whether an app will fail or rise. It all depends on market trends and demands and the quality of an application.

Mobile app developers all over the world are facing the same problem. Every mobile app development NYC is struggling with this.

With increasing user demand and technologies and platforms, the competition is also increasing with each passing day. It is a cut-throat competition out there.

There are certain factors that can make or break your application. In this article, you will get to know a few of them. Given below is a list of some key factors that can lead to the failure of an app:

  1. Lack Of Market Research
  2. Choosing A Platform
  3. User Experience And Performance
  4. Testing Before Executing
  5. Execution-Level Issues

  1. Lack Of Market Research:

Almost every mobile app development company makes this mistake. Before building an application they don’t focus much on the target audience and doing market research.

This should be the first and foremost step taken before building an application. A company must know who their target audience is and what their needs and demands are.

Sometimes, companies also forget to check what their competitors are doing and what level of output they are giving, which could be a major reason for their downfall as well.

It is really important to understand the needs and the demands of your audience before developing the app. Your primary focus should be your target audience and you should develop your app keeping them in mind.

If you are not doing so then it is just like throwing your money and efforts in a pit because there are 99% chances that the audience will not use the app if it does not suit their requirements.

2. Choosing A Platform:

There is a long list of issues that can come up if you choose the wrong platform. It is the second major step to be taken after researching the market and the audience.

You will need to understand all the requirements and choose a platform accordingly. Given here is a list of issues that can come up if you choose the wrong platform.

This mistake is made by a lot of developers all around the world - even the app development companies in Atlanta are facing the same issue.

  • Cost
  • Timeline
  • Team Issues


Before choosing a platform you need to understand and decide what your budget is and what the platform will cost you.

Without understanding the demand and the type of app you need it will be difficult to predict the cost of developing it.

So, you must ask your mobile app development company to give you all the details about what a platform will cost for what kind of features because if you choose the wrong one then maintaining and developing your app can burn a hole in your pocket.


You must decide all the dates of launch and special events according to the complexity of your app so that it can be launched within the appropriate time limit.

Sometimes, even the top mobile app development companies tend to spend a lot in the beginning and when the budget exceeds the limit the development process has to be stopped midway. This can cause a lot of issues and can affect your company’s reputation as well.

Team Issues:

Sometimes, the coordination of the team that is developing your app is not that good. Or the technical team is not that experienced there can even be a lack of human resources.

These days, mobile app developers California are hiring an experienced team with good exposure that can work together even in the toughest times. If there is no coordination between the members of the team, then your app can be a complete ruin.

So if you don’t take care of these issues properly it can burn a hole in your pocket for nothing. It may also lead to frustration if the user is not getting what they require.

Before choosing between Android and iOS you must decide what features you and your target audience want in the app.

If you choose the right platform with all the right features that users demand then your app can definitely be a success.

3. User Experience And Performance:

You can spend a ton of money on the development of an app with all the features that your users require but if the app is not user-friendly then this can definitely kill it.

Chances are it will never be successful if users find it difficult to use and if it delivers poor performance.

These days, even if users face minor issues like loading issues, poor performance, or even slow speed, then they immediately switch to other apps because the market is flooded with apps of all types these days. Every mobile app development NYC is facing this issue.

Gone are the days when people used to like quirky designs and bright colours. Now, people prefer simple designs and sober colours as it calms them down and also makes them feel comfortable and connected with your service.

The other option is that you can add a feature on the app where users can change the theme of the app as per their preference. This can be the game-changer.

If users feel comfortable while using an app then they will definitely keep coming back to it and even recommend it to others. This will help you to make your app successful.

4. Testing Before Executing:

If you don’t test your app properly with respect to all of its aspects before launching it then you won’t be able to know its drawbacks, which could be a complete waste of your time, money, and resources.

You must fix all the bugs before launching the app and moreover check the quality, performance, security, privacy, and functionality of the app to check whether it is as per your expectations or not.

All the top mobile app development companies must check and test their apps before executing them because if the initial reviews of an app are bad then people will not use the app in the future. This will also affect the reputation of the company and can cause its downfall.

5. Execution-Level Issues:

If the execution of your app launch is poor, you will lose all the first impression tests. Executing the app does not simply mean launching the app on app stores.

Before launching it, doing proper marketing and promotion of the app are very important. If proper marketing is not done there are chances that people will not even know about the launch of your app as the market is already flooded with multiple apps.

This issue is also faced by many app development companies around the world, including many a mobile app development company California. Given below is a list of some of the major issues that you might face at the execution level:

  • Demand

You can build your app without any bugs or glitches and even successfully launch it but if it is not in demand then it can still fail.

A lot of mobile app developers have faced such issues. Understanding your user demand and then executing the app accordingly is very important, otherwise, there are the chances that your app will not be able to see the light of the day.

  • Shortage Of Capital

It might be possible that the development of the app is under your budget but promoting it and keeping it running and updated can cost a lot. This way your app can discontinue and this will directly lead you to the road of failure and all the money and time that you already spent could be for nothing.

  • Clear Monetization Strategy

This is a very important step. You can’t always invest money in your app from your pocket. Eventually, you will need your app to gain some profit and if you don’t have a proper monetization strategy you can fall down easily. Apps can be monetized by various means like paid advertising, paid promotions, in-app games, charging subscriptions, or chain network marketing. You need to have a proper marketing plan in place and then you are good to go.

  • Backup Plan

It is always good to have a plan-B in life and the same goes for the mobile application market. If you don’t have a backup plan, your chances of failure will increase a lot. Relying on just the app for generating revenue can be risky. You can have an alternative like a website or software that supports the app or anything that goes with the theme of the app that you have. Some of the app development companies in Atlanta are also facing the same issue.

  • App Store Optimization

If SEO is for web content then ASO (App Store Optimization) is for improving the ranking of your app in app stores. If your ASO is not strong then all of the other positive points of your app can be of no use. This can play a major role in the decline of your app. Your app store optimization will directly affect the number of downloads, reviews, and ratings of your app.

Listed above were some of the major factors that could hit your app and lead you to the road of failure.

These issues are faced by most developers and businesses all over the world. Every mobile app development company Los Angeles is also facing the same issues.

Key Factors To Ensure The Success Of An App

It is like a series of events and even if one of them fails the whole chain is broken and you can easily fail. So you have to keep some of the key factors in your mind before and while developing your app.

They should be kept in mind even after the apps are launched and have to be run properly. Some of them are as follows:

  1. You must always have your own unique idea
  2. You must try to provide personalized service to your users
  3. Your user interface must be simple and easy to understand
  4. Security is a major add on
  5. Clear description should be there

You must always have your own unique idea:

Never try to copy other’s content. This could lose you your user’s trust as well as create a rivalry with another company.

This can be a major setback for your business. Also, it may happen that your competitors are using the same idea but are making their app better by incorporating the required changes into it. This can lead to their success and you can fail.

You must try to provide personalized service to your users:

You can have a VIP subscription on your app which will help in monetization and will also give users a personalized user experience which will be up to your expectations as well.

Along with that you can provide some services for free and make it worthwhile as well because if a user likes your free service then only they will avail of the paid ones.

Your user interface must be simple and easy to understand:

You can also provide a user guide as soon as someone installs the app. It should be calming so that the users can feel relaxed while using the app and relate to it.

Security is a major add on:

If you are providing proper security to your user’s data then it will help you to gain their trust.

Clear description should be there:

Last but not least, the description and the screenshots of your app should be well presented on app stores.

The description should contain all the details about the app and should be eye-catching. This will also help you to increase the ranking of the app on app stores.


There is no hard and fast rule to the road to success of an app but you still need to keep all of the above-mentioned points in your mind and learn from the mistakes of others.

App development is very popular these days among mobile app developers California and at other places and due to that, competition is also increasing a lot.

Either you can be on the top of the list or nowhere. It all depends on how you control and manage your journey.