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Exclusive Interview with Anshul Sharma – CEO of Fluper

August 18, 2021 |

Exclusive Interview with Anshul Sharma – CEO of Fluper

In this exclusive interview, He shared his experiences in IT and several more things. Let’s check his success story and thoughts.

1. Tell Us about yourself how you start your career in IT Sector?

I began my work when I was still pursuing my university degree. I realized that I am good at web development and began looking for clients who needed technological solutions for their business.
I am the founder and CEO of an IBM and Google certified, mobile app development company called Fluper.

I am also the business head of Fluper, which gives me immense responsibility for preparing this organization and its members to scale great heights every year.

I graduated in BTech and then did a PGDM in sales and marketing from Symbiosis Pune. When I went to pursue an executive MBA in sales at Cambridge University, I realized I had no interest in it at all. My disinterest gave me the idea to establish my startup company in Digital Marketing.

2. Tell us in brief about your company and the leadership.

Fluper is a NASSCOM, GOOGLE and IBM certified web and mobile app development company. We provide peer-to-peer mobile apps across different verticals. We have a team of over 500 experienced professionals who have undertaken over 320+ projects.

We create innovative and unique mobile applications for both Android and IOS platforms and offer many services, such as mobile app development, strategic consulting, chatbots, web development, product management, and much more. The main aim of my company is to enhance efficiency, integrity, functionality of applications, and interface to deliver solid products.

Every startup needs strong leadership who guides the company and its members towards success and glory. I try to motivate my team members and lend a hand to them so that we can achieve our dreams as a team.

I continuously and keep myself updated about the latest technological innovations to manage my company efficiently. I come up with an efficient, strategic, and optimistic approach to help us deliver the best and most profitable solutions to all our clients.

3. What is your outlook for 2021?

The demand and market for new and innovative mobile applications have seen unprecedented growth in recent years.

With the introduction of emerging technologies such as machine learning, artificial intelligence, IoT, blockchain, AR/VR, and much more, we are thrilled regarding their application in the latest app development processes and are looking forward to incorporating them into our work.

We are looking forward to incorporating such modern technologies in our operations and coming up with advanced and innovative solutions for staff. We want to deliver the latest technological solutions.

4. How do you assess the role of research agencies like TopappFirms in bridging the gap between clients and service providers?

Research Agencies like TopappFirms, help clients in making their research and investigation process easier. They help connect clients with their appropriate service providers. They aid in helping clients assess their requirements and then choose their perfect software development agency.

5. Any particular technology or industry you would be targeting? How do you plan to prepare your workforce for the upcoming technology upgrade?

We do not believe in restricting our services to one particular domain. Years of being in the market have allowed us to explore various sectors from tours and travel to e-commerce to fitness.

We have strengthened our core app development process with native and cross-platform app technologies.

We are looking forward to increasing our operations with Artificial Intelligence, Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, Data Analytics, etc. We have started working with large data mobile applications to serve businesses all over the world.

6. What all services do you think you would add to your offerings in 2021?

We are trying to better ourselves and our services with every passing year. Technological innovations are reaching new heights every year. We have included Readymade and Blockchain in our offerings in 2021 and are looking forward to adding more services in the future.

7. What are the challenges you see in the outsourcing industry and how much are you prepared to face those challenges?

The outsourcing industry has faced multiple challenges in recent years. These include:

●Slower turnaround time
●A dearth of necessary knowledge
●Language barriers
●Differences in time zones
●Lack of a proper management system

We believe that communication is the key to establishing a suitable client developer relation. We thoroughly go through a client’s portfolio and have a thorough discussion regarding their expectations and plans regarding their software needs.

8. How helpful are the Web and mobile apps developed by your team, for enhancing your clients’ business?

We help in providing result-oriented digital marketing solutions to our clients across the globe. We also offer services that are in high demand these days like Social Media Optimization, Pay-per-click, and Email Marketing.

We not only assist clients in the designing & development process but also execute a careful analysis including competitive analysis and market research.

We incorporate the requisite functionalities or features so that the project arrives at every corner of their targeted market. We help them with our consultation and analysis of identical apps available in the market that results in improved visibility.

9. What is unique about your business?

Fluper is known for being trustworthy, reliable, and efficient in providing our solutions. We are focused on making efficient use of our customer’s money and energy and provide them with apps that surpass their expectations.

10. What according to you are the best practices to attain client satisfaction?

We believe that our excellent customer satisfaction record makes us stand out in the market. We know that satisfied customers quite often turn into loyal, repeat customers that are tremendously valuable.

We set up a transparent communication system, provide the right guidance and provide them with an app that transcends their expectations. We customize our approach according to the requirements of each different client.

11. Tell me about your successful project?

We are dedicated to giving our 100% in every project that we undertake. It is quite difficult to choose some of our successful projects from the plethora of projects that we have undertaken, but to mention 3 apps that have been quite successful are:

1.Grab- Southeast Asia’s #1 ride-handling mobile app with more than 50M downloads.
2.Foodora- Food delivery service- 1M+ downloads
3.Mazes & More- #1 an Addictive Puzzle Game- 10M + downloads

12. How do you help your clients in choosing the right yet profitable platform for Web development?

We believe that choosing the correct app development platform is an essential step towards the success of an application.

We help clients navigate around their requirements and focus on different aspects, such as current market scenario, target audience, technical specifications such as design, and lastly, their budget. We have an efficient team that then helps the client settle on the best mobile app development platform to attain maximum ROI.

13. What is the price range (min and max) of the projects that you catered to in 2021 after COVID?

We have worked with versatile price ranges according to the demands of our clients. As of right now, our price range has been between $5000 and $200000.

14. Please describe the operational structure of your company- from the moment a client walks in, to the product deployment.

We follow a thorough and proven approach right from the moment a client brings their ideas to us:

1.Ideation- We decide upon a realistic app idea
2.Designing- After settling on an idea, we start with our designing process.
3.Development- We start app development through agile scrum methodology.
4.Testing – We carry out numerous tests such as performance, usability, Functionality, and much more.
5.Launch- We then launch your app at the right time.
6.Post-launch- We also look after post-launch services like monitoring, regular updates, social media marketing, etc.

15. After service is a necessary part of development. How do you provide customer support to your client?

The key to establishing a successful business is developing an efficient After Service Team that looks after the requirements of the clients.

We provide 9 months of free app promotion, 2.5 years of maintenance, and support at zero cost. We also guarantee a 100+10 % money back if anything violates the SLA from our end.

16. Android or iOS, Native or Hybrid — which platform is best to use to build your app? What are your recommendations?

I prefer the native model because of its brilliant user experience, as well as higher scalability. However small companies and startups might find it difficult to build a native application because of budget constraints. In such cases, they can opt for a hybrid app, which can run on multiple platforms with ease.