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Top 10 Technology Trends for 2021

January 11, 2021 |

In the present world, technology is having rapid growth. This is helping to enable faster progress and change. Not only the technology but various other things are also changing because of the pandemic.

It is very essential for everyone to stay up-to-date with the trends of technology. Many business owners are adopting new technology but adapting to the useful one is important. It is very essential for everyone to know which trend to adapt and this will also help the business owners to know what they need to learn for the future.

The world is full of competition and so it is better to stay a step ahead of others. Because of the pandemic, most of the population is sitting at their home and working for their companies. Now to make the most of this situation it is better to have an idea about the technology trends that will emerge in the year 2021.

App development companies are increasing in number as they are responsible to create apps that will help everyone to do their job without facing any tough situation. But this app must be created properly in order to get a perfect result out of them.

10 Technology trends:

The 10 technology trends that will be very useful and will emerge in the year are given below-

1) Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning
2) Robotic process automation or RPA
3) Edge computing
4) Quantum computing
5) VR and AR
6) Blockchain
7) Internet of Things
8) 5G
9) Cybersecurity
10) Anywhere operations

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning:

A lot of buzzes have already been received for Artificial Intelligence or AI in the past decade. However, this technology is still considered to be new because it can affect how a person is living, working, and playing. AI is well-known for the feature it is offering that is superior in speech and image recognition, navigation apps, ride-sharing apps, Smartphone personal assistant, and many more.

Apart from all these, it can be said that AI will be utilized for analyzing interactions in order to determine the underlying insights and connections. This helps to predict the demand for services like hospitals that will enable authorities for making perfect decisions and to understand the changes in customer behaviour by driving revenue, enhancing the personalized experience, and understanding data in real-time.

According to certain data and researches, it can be said that the market of AI will be reaching a total of $190 billion y the year 2025. AI will be stretching its wings and a new sector for jobs will be created in programming, development, support and maintenance, testing, etc.

Machine learning is known to be the subset of AI which is also being deployed in various industries that are creating a huge requirement for skilled professionals. According to certain data, AI, automation and machine learning will be responsible to hold 9 percent of jobs in the US by the year 2025. The jobs will include data scientists, robot monitoring professionals, and content curators.

Robotic process automation or RPA:

RPA or Robotic Process Automation will be another technology like AI and machine learning that will play a major role in automating jobs. RPA is known to e the use of software for automating the process of business like processing transactions, replying to emails, interpreting applications, and many more.

Moreover, it can be said that RPA will be able to automate the tasks that are repetitive that were use to be done by people. RPA will threaten the livelihood of many knowledge workers which are estimated to be around 230 million which is 9 percent of the global workforce.

However, it will also be responsible for creating new jobs. if a person is an IT professional and looking to understand the trends of technology then RPA is going to offer plenty of opportunities with respect to careers including project manager, solution architect, business analyst, developer, and consultant.  It is possible for an RPA developer to earn around Rs 534,000 in a year which is known to be a huge amount. So this technology trend is coming to be very useful.

Edge computing:

Cloud computing has recently gained popularity and the major platforms offering this technology are AWS, Google cloud platform, and Microsoft Azure. These three platforms are dominating the market. It can be said that the adoption of the cloud platform is continuing to grow and this is because many businesses are migrating to cloud solutions.

 This technology is not emerging and has already emerged and so there have been certain shortcomings of cloud computing which has been realized. Here comes the important role of edge computing which is responsible to solve these problems. They basically bypass the latency that clouds computing causes.

This is the main reason for which edge computing is being used to process data that is time-sensitive in a remote location. This can be done with limited connectivity to centralized locations and can also be done without any connection to a centralized location. Edge computing basically acts as mini data centers in these cases.

With the increment in the use of devices of the Internet of Things, edge computing will also increase. The market of edge computing will reach around $6.72 billion by the year 2022. This new trend will only grow and not decrease.

Quantum computing:

After edge computing, another trend in technology is quantum computing. This quantum computing basically seeks the advantage of quantum phenomena like quantum entanglement and superposition. This technology has also been useful in many countries for preventing Coronavirus. Moreover, they have also been used to develop the Coronavirus vaccine. This is done because of the ability of quantum computing to monitor, analyze, query, and act on data independent of the source very easily.

Quantum computers are known to be faster than regular computers and many big names like Honeywell, Microsoft, Google, AWS, and Splunk are involved to create innovation in the quantum computing field. There is another field where this quantum computing is known to be very useful is to manage credit risk in case of banking and finance for fraud detection and high-frequency trading.

The market of quantum computing will surpass $2.5 billion globally by the year order to stay updated with this technology, it is very essential to have experience in the field of linear algebra, quantum mechanics, machine learning, and information theory.

VR and AR:

VR and AR stand for Virtual reality and Augmented reality respectively. This is known to be the next exception trends in the field of technology. VR plays a major role in immersing the user in an environment whereas the role of enhancing the environment is played by AR. This technology was used primarily for gaming but later on, it was used for training related to virtual ships which a simulation software for training the US navy, Coast Guard ship captains, and army.

Web development companies are adapting to these technology trends to produce satisfactory results for their users. In the year 2021, this technology will be integrated into the life of normal people. AR and VR are having good potential in entertainment, training, marketing, education, and also in rehabilitation after being injured. It can play a major role in training the doctors for doing surgery, enhancing theme parks and it can also enhance marketing.

According to researches, it has been found that around 14 million AR and VR devices have been sold. The market of VR and AR will grow to $209.2 billion globally by the year 2022 and this will create more opportunities in trending technology.

Moreover, it will also welcome more professionals who can be a game-changer for this field. It can be said that there is no requirement for any specialized skills if someone is starting with VR. Landing a job can be done by a forward-thinking mindset along with basic skills in programming.


When the term blockchain is used, people are having the idea that it is related to cryptocurrencies like Etherium, Bitcoin but it is important to remember that Blockchain plays a major role in offering security that can be beneficial in many ways.

In simpler words it can be said that data can be added only, neither can it be changed nor it can be removed. The term is referred to here which means a chain of data.  Previous blocks cannot be changed and this is the reason for which it offers great security. There is no need for a trusted third-party when a person is using blockchain technology for validating transactions.

This blockchain is being involved and implemented by many industries and because of the increment in the technology of blockchain, there is also an increment in the demand for skilled professionals. The average salary of a blockchain developer is expected to be Rs 469,000 in a single year.

This time is considered to be the best time to start a career as a blockchain specialist. In order to get involved in blockchain, a person must be having experience in the fundamentals of OOPS, programming language, data structure, flat and relational database, networking, and web app development.

Internet of Things:

IoT or the internet of things is known to be other promising trends in technology. There are many things which are developed by using the connectivity of WiFi, it means that they can be connected to the internet and also with each other, this is known to be the future and there are also some enabled devices, cars, home appliances that basically exchange data over the internet.

Everyone has already started benefiting from IoT technology. It is possible to lock doors remotely, tracking fitness and many others with the help of IoT technology. Businesses have started utilizing this technology’s advantage and will gain more in the future. According to Forecast, there will be the usage of 50 billion devices related to IoT by the year 2030. App development firms Chicago have already started their work by using this technology as they know that this is the future.


5G is the next technology followed by IoT. 3G and 4G have helped the user is browsing the internet, streaming videos increasing bandwidth, and many more. But this 5G service will cause a revolutionary change in the world of the internet.

Factories will be using this technology in the future. Moreover, this technology will be used in HD cameras for improving safety as well as traffic management, smart retail, and also in smart grid control. All the famous companies of Telecom like Qualcomm, Nokia corp are engaged in creating apps that are related to 5G technology. 50 operators will be having these 5G technologies by the year 2021 and will be launched worldwide.


This technology might not seem to be emerging but it is gaining popularity similar to other technology trends. The main reason for this technology to emerge is because of the emergence of new threats. There are many hackers who are playing a vital role to access data illegally and they will try hard no matter how tough the security is. Since there are hackers, cybersecurity will always be trending as it helps in defending against all these hackers.

It can be said that the jobs related to cybersecurity are growing three times faster when compared to other jobs related to technology. According to researches, it can be sent that around $6 trillion will be spent on cybersecurity by the year 2021.

Anywhere operations:

This model will be very useful during the time of the pandemic. This helps the business to be delivered, enabled, and accessed anywhere, where employers, business partners, and customers operate in an environment that is physically remote.

One of the greatest examples is a bank that is mobile-only but is still offering services like opening an account and transferring funds without the engagement of physical interaction.


Technologies are emerging at a rapid rate but these top 10 technology trends which are given above will hold the market. Moreover, it will also offer jobs to many skilled professionals. App developers in California or other developers from the US have already started training to become the best-skilled professionals.