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Top 10 Reasons Why Mobile App Development Is Important For Your Business

October 20, 2021 |

Smartphone devices are not new in the market; now, almost all have their preferred devices. The thing that catches the eyes of users is mobile apps. On average, millions of apps launch daily, and among all applications, only unique applications attract users.

Have you ever thought that?

– Why do top app development companies in the world launch mobile apps?
– Why are businesses continuously focusing on implementing something unique with their respective app?
– Why are there lots of apps submitted by the app developers on the platforms such as the iOS App Store and
Google Play Store?

You will be surprised to know that there are several reasons behind the answers to these questions. Initially, you can understand it as-.

Now customers’ behavior is changed instead of traversing from point to point and store to store. They found online shopping much interesting as it saves their time and provides ample options for purchasing goods of their choice and quantity. In support of this, there are some statistics that you would like to read.

  • The mobile app revenue curve is exponentially going upward. In 2014, the revenue was 97.7 billion US dollars where it is projected to reach 936 billion USD in 2023.


  • The most popular app categories are social media apps (88%) and chat apps (91%), which enterprises use for brand promotion.


  • In 2018, total mobile app downloads worldwide were 218 billion.


  • In Q1-2021, the number of apps available is 3.48 million on the Google play store and 2.5 million on the Apple app store.

All these statistics are confirmed by top app developers worldwide, and there is considerable demand for app development due to the rising demand of customers. The key reason behind this rapid change is businesses are using it as a great tool for monetizing their business and products. If you are also a start-up, then it is the time’s need that it would be better for you to have a fine app for your business.

Mobile apps are such a great thing if you are searching to take your business a step ahead. For example, if you are planning to launch your gaming app, you must know that 52% of gaming app users are women to plan your app accordingly.

A mobile app promise growth not only for one business segment even for all businesses. You can also analyze it by the following infographic by Think with Google.

Top App Developers

Why Your Business Requires Mobile App Development? 

Once, mobile devices were used as a status symbol, fashion, and entertainment. Although these points are still applicable, it has become a need because we do a lot of work with the help of smartphones, such as from messaging to but the clothes or groceries online. From the business point of view, brands are leveraging these latest trends. Now, for business growth, it is necessary to have an app to serve the customers best. It makes mobile app development on the verge of where app development companies are working round the clock to develop solutions for enterprises.

In addition to the above text, here are some points supporting why your business needs a mobile app.

  • If You Are An E-Commerce Business

E-commerce is one of the top-hot business segments. Worldwide there is a huge boom in the online shopping market, especially after Covid-19. So, if you are also an e-commerce brand, it is much needed to have an app that can help you with great customer satisfaction and service quality improvement. Suppose you are an Atlanta-based business, then it would be nice to consult with app developers Atlanta to develop a unique online shopping app.

  • If You Want To Know More About Your Customers 

It is okay that you need the services of top app developers for mobile app development regarding greater brand reach and promotion. But there are lots of hidden benefits of mobile apps. One of the key benefits is you can fully utilize your app to know more about your customers. From the analytics point of view, you can easily find out which product or service your customers are focusing on or searching about it.

  • If Your Customers Are From Younger Generation  

Multiple research proved that users from the 18-25 age group prefer online shopping or more mobile apps. So, if you also want to target the young demographic, then mobile app development is such a great and much-needed thing for business. With the help of top app developers, you can launch your unique app to attract customers to your brand.

  • To Overcome The Cutting Edge Competition

It may be possible that your competitors have an app. Still, for having an advantageous position, you can offer something unique in which others are lagging. The growth of your business will be directly proportional to the uniqueness of your app idea.

Moreover, including all these points, value addition is another factor that you can add to the answer to why your business needs a mobile app.

Top-10 Reasons That Make Mobile App Development Important

1. To Reach Worldwide Audience  

A fine mobile app can help you reach a global audience. The total global mobile internet population is 4.28 billion, and global mobile internet traffic is 55.64%. This data is enough to prove that there is a lot of hidden potential in the mobile apps that you can use for targeting the global audience. For the same, global enterprises are considering mobile app development a great key to success. For example, some companies are taking assistance and consultation from app developers in Los Angeles.

Why Mobile App Development Important

2. Faster Accessibility To The Services 

Instead of turning on the computers, users now find it more interesting to use the 6’ screen to access the services, order the food, shop online regarding clothes, or pay utility bills. They have the facility to access the business everywhere and at any time. Regular app use will tie the customers and your brand into a strong bond. They can shop easily whenever they need it. The only condition is that your app must promise the features that others are missing, which can be possible with the help of top app developers.

3. On The Go Marketing

Mobile apps are an innovative medium for marketing. You can consider it a live presentation of your business before the customer accesses your app. Before the domination of mobile devices, websites were used for digital presentation, but now mobile apps are being done. This trend facilitates the brand for global marketing of their brand.

4. Satisfactory Customer Services 

Customer satisfaction is such an important thing that you can’t ignore being a business owner. It helps brands identify the customer’s need that works as fuel for all the related operations. 96% percent of consumers remain cautious about support services while choosing the brand. The mobile applications serve great to handle all customer-related queries, and later that helps brands provide excellent customer satisfaction. Via an app, customers can reach support anytime without hesitation.

5. Implementing Revolutionary Methods

The mobile app development technology is in full swing, and every day we observe new changes. Once it is implemented by one of the top app development companies globally, you can find the new technology everywhere the next day. For example, in AR & VR technology, several brands have integrated and implemented it in their app. Worldwide 171 million people are using VR technology via various mediums in which mobile app is one of them.

The brands such as IKEA are leveraging AR & VR empowered apps for providing the best user experience to the customers. As per one of the surveys, most app developers NYC, focus on it and strive to take it to the next level.

6. For Brand Recognition        

There is no need to tell you about brand recognition that what is it. The point is mobile app development is not only refers to the development of applications. It is also helpful for brand recognition because a major percentage of the population uses mobile apps for various purposes, including service requests, on-demand services, online shopping, entertainment, communication, and others. So, if you want to promote your brand, then a mobile app can facilitate you best.

If you are providing desired services without delay, then automatically, it will enhance your brand image.

7. Customer Lifetime Value  

Maybe this term you may find new and sound similar to the customer loyalty, but you will be surprised to know that it works great.

Customer Lifetime Value

Each customer’s contribution can add value to your business and also attract other customers. With the help of a mobile app, you can have it perfectly. 

8. More Conversion From Visitors Into Customers    

Various reports say there are high chances of converting mobile app visitors rather than the brand’s mobile site visitors. It can be understood as –

Suppose you have an app for offering your services, so with the help of an analytics facility, you can track the user’s behavior and make strategies accordingly. If your strategy is fine, then conversion of visitors will be for sure.

Mobile app development facilitates the bands for user conversion if implemented finely. Here your app must promise the things that users are looking for.

9. Facilitates Smooth Payments For Purchase

One of the biggest advantages of mobile technology is that you can integrate various payment methods in your app as other famous apps do. It will be advantageous in both ways; one side will help your customers choose their preferred payment method; on the other hand, it will help you manage the incoming amount & its data record.

10. Ad Scheduling

Have you ever used the apps like Amazon, Rakuten, or Coupon Sherpa?

If yes, then you know that at some specific time, you can observe specialized ads. Like, during Christmas time, there are lots of ads we can see while accessing the app. It is due to scheduling ads to onboard more customers and offering various deals to existing users for customer retention. It is such a perfect approach that you can also follow to implement for your business. The only thing you need is a new generation mobile application developed by top app developers.

Tips to Hire A Mobile App Development Company 

It is fine that you need an app for your business, but there are certain points that you need to be clear before consulting for mobile app development.

1. Research Your Idea First

You need to be specific with your idea first because once it is implemented, there will be no chance of returning. So, chalk out all the points related to your app. It would be best to do comprehensive research about it. It will also help you to analyze that what your app needs.

2. Make a List of Features

It is one of the most important points that you need to consider to make your app unique. In addition, by shortlisting the features, you can also identify what features can make your app useful for the customers and the features you can develop that other apps do not have.    

3. Budget Finalization

If you are a startup, then it is much crucial to finalize the budget. You must analyze what amount you can spend on mobile app development because you also require some money to promote the app. Initially, it will be a costly affair.

4. Decide About Platform

Users always have different choices where some use the Android platform, and some use the iOS platform. So, it would help if you decided which platform users you want to target. If you want wide reach, then cross-platform app development is best for you.

5. Hire Top App Developers

It is one of the factors that affect mobile app development. It would be best to hire experienced mobile app developers who can craft applications to meet your business goals. To hire the best app developers, you should check their online portfolio, work done before, their skill set, and total experience in the mobile app development industry.

Cost To Develop a Mobile App

The cost to develop a mobile app depends upon the core functionalities and features of the app. However, some other factors also affect it. The basic app development cost starts from USD 10,000, which can range up to USD 100,000 approximately.

Based on the survey conducted by –Businessofapps, you will find the following information interesting and useful.

  • Simple App Development- $10K- $30 K
  • Medium Complexity App- $30k-60K
  • Highly Complex App- up to $100 K
  • Yearly Cost of Hiring US App Developer- $75k-$90K
  • Average Hourly Rate – $25K- $50 K

Wrapping It Up 

Now customers are smart; before purchasing any goods, they first research and then make a decision. Another point is they prefer online methods of shopping instead of visiting the stores. The businesses are really leveraging this trend for improving their respective businesses. Almost all enterprises are focusing on having a mobile application to cater to their customer’s needs. So, if you are also looking for app development, then hiring the top app developers can add value to your business, and it will be highly worthwhile for you. The importance of mobile app development increases, especially when you are a start-up.