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Top 15 the best Tools to Test your Ecommerce Site

April 27, 2021 |

Ecommerce has changed everything in the whole world. In just one click everything is delivered at home, money is transferred, and marketing is done.

Ecommerce applications have even a different look in the various business process such as marketing, online money transfer, supply chain management, inventory management, and many more things.

To create an excellent eCommerce website it is very important to come up with user-friendly features, and design. The e-commerce development companies UK Have proper knowledge about eCommerce testing and even know about the tools.

It’s very important that the features that you are putting on the website work properly and may not cause any problem to the customer. Ecommerce website testing is one of the essential parts of the development of eCommerce websites.

This eCommerce testing ensures that all the websites are thoroughly tested and all the eCommerce transactions are secured and can be given to the end-users to use.

The testing is performed to check the usability of the application, how user-friendly, and treat the bugs if there. In software development maintaining the quality assurance standard is even very important.

Common things that are needed to be tested in the eCommerce application:

Test Planning:

This is one of the early stages of the software testing life cycle. If you come up with a key to the smooth execution of this phase. If the plan is not properly done then it is going to be unnecessary time conception.

In this test planning there some of the things that are been performed such as test case writing, resource assignments, etc.

Website Functionality:

The professional will first go through the main functions of the eCommerce website that are needed to be tested first. there is some main page in the website that are needed to be checked or tested first such as home page, product details pages, product categories pages, shopping cart, filtering, and product searching, and the main thing is payment system & checkout.

Performance test:

To attract potential customers your eCommerce website must run properly. The customers will get frustrated if the site takes ages to load and will leave the website and leave.

So in this process, the performance of the website will be tested to ensure that the site is working properly and the performance is well even under higher load conditions.

For better performance, the test can run and then start the inspection at the same time. The eCommerce development company in Qatar knows the importance of e-commerce testing tools.

UI elements:

A Content and UI element plays an important role in the success of an eCommerce website. So the hard work must be done to ensuring the UI elements are correct and even the content.

Here you have to think once about what you expect when you visit someone else website and then start working like that on your website. In this way, you can achieve the things you want to from your website.

Mobile responsiveness:

The website always works properly on different devices when it is opened. Mobile responsiveness is one of the important things that can make or break your website.

If you things that your users will open your website in tabs or mobile then you need to make sure that your website is ready for all screen sizes. Many test tools will help in check your mobile responsiveness on a different device.

Secure payments and customer information:

No website is complete without a secure payment option. It is one of the essential parts of any testing eCommerce website. This is what helps the users to purchase anything from the website without even calling the number to place an order.

The eCommerce business even has to make sure that all the sensitive information is secure such as transaction account number, CVV code, etc. all the different payment types should be tested example credit card, bank transfer, PayPal, etc. select the best eCommerce development companies for your website.

15 the best Tools to Test your Ecommerce Site

Testing can help your website to gauge the site’s performance and even the customer experience. There are so many testing tools that are even free of cost or inexpensive.

Below is the list of tools to test your website there are several tools to test the customer behavior, and even the tools for testing the performance of the website such as speed, SEO Performance, and browser compatibilities.

The web application testing tools help in improving reliabilities, increase ROI and reduce turnaround time.

Test management tools:

1. Zephyr:

It is one of the best selling web testing tool that provides end-to-end solutions for agile teams of all the size. Here you can get the result related to visibility, insights, ad flexibilities you need to release the better software faster.

It is a testing solution that is designed to keep pace with the continuous software delivery, and even keeping the team’s focus on unparalleled quality and performance.

For enterprises, real-time test management is performed. Here you can track the quality, integrate with JIRA, manage global teams, and report in real-time.

Key feature:

1 click integration with JIRA, Jenkins, Confluence, Bamboo, etc.
DevOps dashboards, and advanced analytics
Server, cloud, and data center deployment options available
No annual commitment required

2. Qase:

It is a modern cloud-based testing management tool. This is mainly designed for development and QA teams with an intuitive and clean user interface.

This tool is free to use and there is no restriction as such in the test cases, projects, or test runs. You can even get premium support for all the users.

Key Features:

UI theming
Smart wizard for a test run will boost your test process
Rest API to interact and webhooks to get notified
Customer field for test cases
Shred steps that even helps in reducing the time for test case compositions

3. Testpad:

it is a very important and very much accessible kind of manual test tool. Considered as one of the ideals for testing web apps.

Key features:

Invited by emails, guest testes, who don’t need any accounts
Can even add new test during the time of testing
Comes with drag and drop organization of test plans
Web automation tools:

4 . Katalon Studio:

It comes up with a comprehensive automation solution for API, Web, Mobile, and desktop application testing.

Key features:

Comes with a flexible test design
Supports Selenium-migration
Helps in reducing the cost and effort of test maintenance
Comes with a centralized report dashboard.

5. TestComplete:

This tool helps in creating reusable tests for all the web application that even includes modern JavaScript framework.

Key features:

Provides codeless and code test creation
Even supports the testing enterprise application such as SAP and Salesforce.
Superior object recognition using AI and Ml
Even helps in integrated with the tools in the ecosystem such as CD/CI, issues tracking, test management, etc.
Comes with a complete testing lifecycle

6. LambdaTest:

This Company helps 30000 and more users in a year it is even contested as one of the most favored cross-browser testing platforms. The users can even perform automated web testing using its secure, scalable, and reliable cloud-based selenium grid.

Key features:

Provides 24×7 customer chat service.
Comes with an automatic screenshot test on the 25 combinations at a time.
Have parallel test execution

7. Virtuoso:

For the next generation, it has become the go-to platform that helps in test automation, and even a leader in the use of ML and AI in testing. The tool comes up with Robotic process automation to test the web and mobile web application securely with the help of the cloud.

Key features:

Visual, functional, API testing and exploratory all are tested in one platform.
With the help of wireframes, intelligent element discovery is done.
Helps in supporting 2000+ real devices, browsers, and even operating systems.

8. Selenium:

Selenium is known to be one of the most popular web automation tools which is an open-source one. This is widely used all over the market.

It has the ability to automate across various OS like Linux, Mac, and windows and browsers like IE, Chrome, Firefox along with Headless browsers.

9. Hp UFT:

It is one of the leading cross-platform automation web UI testing tools. It helps in automate web, SAP, net, ActiveX, Java, Oracle, Mobile, Powerbuilder, Stingray, Visual Based amongst other applications. Helps in coming up with executing test from a stored script and even helps in access the data file for the use as test data.


It is one of the static code analysis tools that uncover the issue relates to impacting stability, security, maintainability, and robustness.

With the help of these tools, the bugs can be fixed before coming up with high-quality software, and it is even faster. It even comes up with some of the unique anti-pattern detection that helps in preventing the compounding of codes that are not maintained.

11. Tricentis:

It provides a continuous testing platform that helps in keeping pace with DevOps, and Agile. This even supports a wide array of protocols that even includes HTTP. NET TCP, SOAP, IBM MQ, REST, etc. After all this, the tool even comes up with end-to-end testing as API tests can be used cross-browser, across mobile, package apps, etc.

12. Tricentis:

A wide array of protocols is supported by it that include TIBCO, NET TCP, IBM MQ, SOAP, AMQP, REST, JMS AMQP Rabbit MQ. It has the ability to integrate into DevOps and the agile cycle.

Model-based automation is used that makes the process of script maintenance an easy one. End-to-end testing is enabled as the test of API can be used across cross-browser, packaged apps, mobiles, etc.

13. SOAP UI:

Point-and-click, quick and easy test creation; functionality makes complex tasks like working with XML and JSON a simple one. Reusability of scripts that rescuing the functional test cases as those of the load tests along with security scan in few clicks.

Powerful testing that is Data-driven, loading data from files, excel, and Databases to stimulate the way of Interaction between you and API. Seamless integrations that are to integrate with management platforms of 13 API, supports REST, JMS, IoT, and SOAP

14. BugZilla:

It is one of the popular bug tracking tools and it is open-source software and comes up with a lot of advantages such as Patch Viewers, E-mail notification for the change in codes, Cats, and reports, schedule daily, weekly, and monthly reports.

Helps in detecting some of the supplicate bugs automatically, and even predicts the time a bug may get fixed. Helps in coming up with charts, and reports.

15. JIRA:

This tool helps in tracking the bugs and the tool is very easy to use. This is one of the commercial tools that help in capturing and organizing the team issues, helps in solving the issues, and even updating them with the projects. You will even find a lot of add-ons that make this tool more powerful than other tools available in the market.

It is very important to test your e-commerce website and even the mobile application. in this way, you will not compromise on some of the crucial factors such as mobile responsiveness, user experience, quick load time, and even secure transaction.

The customer will only get attracted to your creation only when your website is trustable and secure. The design of the website should be appealing and the payment system should be secured.


The tools of eCommerce tool for testing the site play an important role while launching the site to the end-users. I will make sure that there is no such problem with the site. In this process of testing, there is a requirement for web-based testing techniques and experience people.

The test is also done in different platforms, browsers, various combinations are even tested and also and the testing even occur in the devices like mobile and iPad.

There are so many top web development companies in the world but before you plan to come up with an eCommerce site you need the best developer for your company.