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List Of Some Of The Mobile App Trends That Will Change The Way You Do Business After COVID-19

August 24, 2020 |

Mobile apps have revolutionized the way business is conducted. Applications have the potential to reshape businesses. COVID-19 has shifted the way things work. It has sent major sectors on a toss. Lockdown has brought stillness to the business world, severely impacting industries more or less. It has put the global supply chain on hold.

In such crucial times, the digital world turned out to be a savior. Every possible sector started shifting its business to the digital world. The digital world is vast with immense opportunities to grow. The pandemic spiked the importance of digital platforms. Websites, webinars, and applications are the major solutions and replacements for offline businesses. Application development is a remarkable and highly useful digital solution.

The Importance Of Applications

Applications have immensely affected our living as well as work. We rely on an application from the time we wake up till we go back to bed. Do you want to wake up on time? Use an alarm application. Want to check the news? Use a news app. Want to know market changes? Apps are there for that too. You name the purpose, and Play Stores have applications for it. Our life has almost become application-dependent. We spend a frantic amount of time in a day on smartphones. And the credit for this goes to applications.

Why Has The Application Industry Grown To Be An Integral Part Of Our Lifestyles?

  • Easy Work: It simplifies work by performing many tasks swiftly and rapidly. You just have to look for applications that will do your work for you.

  • Hectic Schedules: We do not have to specifically take time out from our schedules to go shopping or to get medical care. Applications are enough for us to get a minor checkup or order anything anytime as per our convenience.

  • Better Organization: Applications use many advanced technologies that keep our work organized and safe in a single place.

How Is This Going To Affect Businesses?

The internet is a powerful weapon with immense potential to take a business to the global level. It has made the reach of businesses easy, as well as paved new ways for their expansion. We are so dependent on the internet that it is almost impossible to imagine life without an internet connection. We will be seeing the immense impact of applications on a business.

List Of Some Of The Mobile App Trends That Will Change The Way You Do Your Business After COVID-19

1. Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality is one of the most immersive innovations. Augmented Reality, also referred to as AR, has the potential to reshape businesses. For an amateur, AR is a technology that helps to superimpose artificial virtual objects in the real world. It gives you a feel of the real world in a virtual environment. One of the most common examples of AR is the popular game Pokémon Go a few years back. It has touched different sectors such as education, real estate, entertainment, e-commerce, catering, and advertisements. E-Commerce businesses are embracing AR technology to increase the sale of their products. It has made education more engaging and is focusing on cognitive learning.

A business that is related to the educational industry will see a remarkable transformation after including AR in the industry. WebAR helps companies to provide a rich experience to customers. Customers can virtually try a dress, jewelry, footwear, and more to get a real feel of the virtual item. Top tech companies Atlanta have been developing trending mobile apps.

2. Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality, commonly referred to as VR, has been working to provide an immersive experience to users. The use of VR headsets has significantly increased in the pandemic. XR is an umbrella term that is used for VR, AR, and MR. VR is an interesting and highly useful computer-generated 3-D  technology. Virtual Reality uses technology to give a real feel to the virtual world. It is actively being used in different industries such as real estate, healthcare, gaming, education, and many more.

Post COVID-19 the demand for this technology is going to see a spike due to its enriched user experience. VR apps are being used to offer virtual tours of places. It provides a 360-degree view of a place and will engross you completely just like a real place.

3. Internet of Things

The IoT apps are said to be the future of the digital world. Apps integrated with IoT give the power to control the workplace environment. A survey says, in 2015 there were 3.8 billion IoT apps and 10.1 billion non-IoT apps. The survey says that by 2025 we will be having 21.5 billion IoT apps and only 12.7 billion Non-IoT applications. Google Assistant on Android and Seri on Apple is a common example of an application of the Internet of Things. Some other examples are Amazon Alexa, Amazon Dash Button, and August Smart Lock.

The Internet of Things, which is commonly referred to as IoT, is being used in business to make work simpler as well as to save time. Post COVID-19 the use of IoT will make the business more productive. The healthcare industry is the first to embrace this technology. Technology is always changing industries. We see new innovations every now and then. These innovations make our life a lot simpler. If you want to make such applications you can contact top tech companies Atlanta.

4. Chatbots And Customer Success

Chatbots work as an assistant to respond to customers’ queries as well as provide deep insight into ongoing trends and customer data. They remove the need for calling customer representatives to get answers to mundane questions.

A representative can impart that for other important core works. Chatbots are becoming popular due to their great service towards customers. A company needs to be present for customer service as much as possible. In this cut-throat competitive world, customer service and their satisfactions determine the growth of a company. Chatbots help companies to resolve the mundane queries of customers.

5. Artificial Intelligence

COVID-19 has tremendously affected our personal as well as a professional lifestyle. The world will change the way it operates. Some shifts that occurred because of a pandemic are here to remain, while others may go away with time. Dependency on an online medium is here to stay.

The digital world has paved new ways for the world to move on. It has added lots of opportunities to learn, implement, grow, and expand. It has made access easier as well as has improved the work. AI apps are high in-demand. It is time for you to take advantage of Artificial Intelligence. If you need any help you can contact an app development company Los Angeles.

AI is one such powerful technology that has been designed to make our life simpler. AI will help a business to easily adapt to new trends that originated due to COVID-19. AI, integrated with Machine Learning, helps to provide better data analysis. In the educational business, it reduces the burden of educators by organizing their files and student records.

In retail and supply chain AI has the potential to give a personalized experience to customers. AI, integrated with IoT, will be useful in automobile industries as well. AI uses its analyzing efficiency to read past years’ data and predict the future.

6. On-Demand Apps And Remote Digital Work

Many companies are relying on remote experts to complete their tasks. Applications such as Google Meet, Zoom, Microsoft Teams, as well as email technologies have made this possible. While a working employee might need personal quick service.

On-demand apps become a savior in such times. If your employee wants to have food or get a cab, an on-demand application will serve these purposes. These apps take care of such tasks, while the person can continue the work. Are you thinking of developing an on-demand application? Well, it is a great idea! If you need any help you can get in touch with app development companies Los Angeles.

  • On-Demand Educational Mobile App: COVID-19 has significantly affected the traditional way of teaching. Online education was already in-demand, but the lockdown has spiked the need for online teaching exponentially. Immersive mobile applications are being launched. It not only involves the core educational knowledge but also important soft skills. We have applications for play school kids, school-going as well as college-going students, or any other learner.

An on-demand educational mobile app has immense variations. Some applications cover core subjects, others are subjected to tests, and some are doubt-solving applications. No matter what you want to learn, be it curricular, co-curricular, competitive exams or additional skills you can find applications for your area of interest in play stores.

These days, virtual classrooms are high in-demand. Google Classroom, Google Meet, and Microsoft Teams have replaced the traditional classes. Mobile app development companies in California have developed many apps integrating these advanced technologies.

  • Blockchain Technologies: With the increasing use of the internet, cyber-attack threats have also increased. Blockchain is one such technology that ensures safe transactions. It makes it almost impossible for intruders to access files.

Due to COVID-19 online transactions are highly in demand. Initially, third-party applications were involved in a transaction. Blockchain technology has eliminated the need for third party users. The data that is transferred is shared only between the receiver and the sender. It is based on bitcoin and cryptocurrency.

A business will be integrating this advanced technology to keep their confidential data safe as well as for secure payment. A survey says, in 2016 the value of the blockchain technology market worldwide was 210.2 million. By 2021 it is expected to be 2,312.5 million U.S dollars. It is high time that you use blockchain technology in your business. If you need any help you can reach out to mobile app development companies in California.

  • 5G Technologies: This technology is the most awaited one these days. Seeing the current situation where our life has entirely become internet-dependent, faster internet will help to provide us with rich experience. Developers and tech nerds will get the opportunity to include new advanced features in their work. 5G technologies will help a business to develop dynamic applications, which would be embedded with advanced features. Rich experience helps to win customers. Shortly, we will be witnessing highly engaging applications in our smartphones. As per CCS’s insights, there would be one billion 5G users worldwide by mid-2023, and it is going to take 5G less time than 4G to reach the same milestone. Faster internet connection has become the need of the hour.

  • Cloud-Based Mobile Apps: Cloud technology is another best innovation in the tech field. Cloud computation helps to work from anywhere, provided a device with an internet connection is there. You can access files whenever you want to as well as it helps to manage storage and hence increasing the speed of the device. It eliminates the limitation of work till office hours as well as the need of carrying papers home. Cloud service plays an extremely important role when it comes to sales and marketing. Cloud-based mobile apps are in-demand in the present day. Post COVID-19 the use of this technology will definitely increase with no signs of diminishing. Are you thinking of speeding up your device and organizing your work? Well, you can integrate cloud computing in your business with the help of top app development firms.

  • Voice-Tech In Mobile Applications: Voice-tech mobile applications are an emerging need. A survey says that we touch our mobile screens more than 2600 times a day. The virus has inculcated the fear of transmission through touch. The screen might carry germs and viruses. Due to this fear, the demand for the use of voice technology in mobile applications has increased. Some general tasks can be performed without touching the screen using voice technology.

Final Note

We don’t know what will be the growth rate of the economy post-COVID-19. But, due to this pandemic, the demand for information technology has spiked remarkably. Major industries are having to bear several losses due to the pandemic. In such harsh times, technology is the savior. It has facilitated the continuation of the workflow.

The above-mentioned applications have the potential to reshape businesses and help them in their growth post-COVID-19. You should have got an idea in this article about the useful technologies and the aftermath of their use post-pandemic. If you are thinking of using these immersive technologies in your business, you can contact top app development firms.