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Mobile App Development Tips for Startups

February 4, 2021 |

In the 21st century, it can be easily said that the mobile app development market is a is strategical way to earn in Billons. Now more than 3.2 billion people using smartphones. And the revenue earned by a development company from an application can be in billions every year.

So, if you are thinking to enter this market with a start-up and gain success. You have to be strategic on your way up. Usually, start-ups have a limited number of resources and investments. And you don’t choose the right path you can end up losing everything.

Day by day we are moving towards the future. Technologies are becoming smarter and more automated in nature. And those among technologies smartphones and mobile apps is the most progressive one. Nowadays we have our smartphones have an app for everything. From operating electrical appliances to park your car.

Recently Google Play store has over 2.8 million and the Apple store has apps over 2.2 million. Moreover, 94% of the apps in the Google Play Store are free which is the main attraction for android customers. In 2020 the turnover of the apps reaches near $190 billion. As a result, the share of the android market is going up at a constate pace.

Presently, the mobile market has taken the market over the computers market for its mobility factor. This is because now a smartphone is not only a communicating device it’s a part of our daily life.

That is why mobile app development companies San Francisco should focus on this mobile app development market. To know more about this topic, continue the blog.

What is app development?

Since 2019, it has been seen that one out of 3 people has a smartphone to run mobile apps. App development is an elaborate process to create a business-to-customer relationship.

An app creator or developer builds an app according to the requirements of a business. Moreover, they are responsible for maintaining the app, providing information to customers, and selling.

Apps can also be created for other purposes that are more organization-related. The only sole purpose of these apps includes the provision of data, management of project and staff portal access, etc. It is safe to say app developers have created a huge range of possibilities for the whole world.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of app development?

The decision of developing an app varies from organization to organization. It is solely based on the strategy and product of the company.

Here are some of the advantages of app development-

Personification– A mobile application can provide their customer with a personalized account, liberty to set preference, and keep vital data in hand. So, a mobile app is the best solution if you need a service on a daily basis. From an analytical point of view, a mobile app helps to gain loyalty from the targeted customers. This is because as an app development company you can provide better support to your customers through apps.

Working without internet access– unlike web-based applications many mobile apps can run without internet access. Above 60% of the app from the mobile app, the market can provide you content without accessing the internet. This is because the mobiles app is coded in such a way that it analyses the given task and provides the response accordingly.

The satisfaction of using mobile apps– It is safe to say, that using a mobile app is more comfortable than using a web-based application. As the customer experience for mobile apps is faster and easier to access. Moreover, the mobile app also provides timely updates, reminders, and notifications of the apps. Which leads to customer satisfaction and loyalty. Top app development companies Sydney creates the content for their app more sophisticated and smarter than web-based applications.

With these app development benefits, they also come with some drawbacks such as-

Providing support and maintenance for the app– After launching an application on the mobile app market, you also have to look after the updates and maintenance it. Usually, users can have bug issues on their devices.

This is because the development of the app goes through a number of platforms. Fixing these compatibility issues and provide it to your customers takes a lot of time and money investments. This process includes notifying and pushing your user to download and the latest version of it. Moreover, getting approval from the respective market in order to maintain the app is also hectic.

Compatibility of the app with different platforms– In order to increase the customer base app developers, launch an app in Android, iOS, and Windows platforms. So, launching an app on different platforms need a different version of it. Moreover, fixing all the bug-related problems and pushing updates is also very difficult.

Although an app can be created on a cross-platform basis. But creating that type of app can put some limitations on its features. Plus, it can weaken the frame-work infrastructure of the app. As a result, the app can lose its stability and may run with less functionality.

For instance, if you create a 3D app cross-platform. The frame-work of the app will be unable to provide full support for every module.

Cost requirement to hire mobile app development company for Start-ups and SMEs

The investment needs to hire app developer California company depends on the requirements of your business. Again, it depends on the time given to the developer company for creating and launching the app. Less time given to them more will the number of investments.

The figure of investments also varies if you need a basic performing app or an app packed with features.
There are other factors that govern the amount of investment done by Startups for creating and launching their app. These factors are

Place of outsourcing– The number of investments depends on whether you are out-sourcing to a local company or overseas. Usually, Startups find it economical in the case of overseas outsourcing.

Type of Platform– the amount also depends on the type of platform where you are launching your apps. The cost of creating an Android application is less than that of iOS and Windows applications. This is because Android frame-works provides SDKs and pre-coded scripts for free to their developers.

The complexity of the app– If your business requires a more complex app to fulfil your requirements then it could have cost more. A complex app needs a huge number of coded scripts and it is very difficult to maintain its stability. Usually, users like an app with a simple layout and dislike it if it crashes often. This can affect the reputation of the company.

Maintenance– After launching the app. You have to maintain it by fixing the bugs and glitches through updates. So, in that scenario, you have invested more in the maintenance of your app.

What are the reasons to focus on Mobile App Development?

There are many reasons for a Start-up or Small or Mid-sized Enterprises (SMEs) to focus on the app development market. Here are some of the major reasons-

Global Distribution of the app-

It is one of the important reasons for focusing on app development. As every development company wants better exposure and a large customer base. Google Play Store is the largest tech giant in the app market business.

They sell and distribute more than billions of apps from Play Store through the year on its distinctive platform. As a result, publishing your app on this market will give you better exposure.
Although, you can target a specific customer base and decide whether to sell It free or not. This means you can run your business on a path that is comfortable for you.

Better return of investments-

Creating a mobile application cost less especially android as it can be created on an open-source platform. That means app development firms can use the tools and other ‘Software Development Kits (SDK) free of cost.

And on the plus side, there are many skilled app developers and ‘app builder’ applications present in the market. So, this business can benefit the Start-ups with a better return of interest in investing a low amount of money.

Interoperability within platforms and third-party apps-

All the app present in the app market has distinct operational and management procedures. But nowadays, many apps are working together and promote each other on their apps.

These small or 3rd party apps collaborate with established apps to grow in customer scalability. In this case, the established apps are created cross-platform.

This type of collaboration helped many of the app companies and proved to a successful business strategy on cross-platform.

A good number of marketing channels-

Mobile apps especially ‘Android apps’ are not restricted to launch on a single platform. This is one of the huge advantages that a mobile app has over web-based apps. As an app developer, you can not only launch your app on the Google Play Store but also on the 3rd party platforms. Verification for these platforms is not that much tough.

Competing with the trending apps on the Play Store is a bit difficult than competing on 3rd party app markets. With a better ‘marketing strategy’ you can also come in the trending of these platforms and increase popularity. Once you gain popularity you can opt for multiple marketing schemes, in order to get more downloads on Play Store.

Better Opportunities-

There are millions of apps that are downloaded every day by users from these app markets. An innovative app with strategical marketing can may their way to success easily.

In order to ensure your success, you just have to choose the assistance of the correct mobile app developer. This app developer can create a custom app that will meet your business requirements. And will help you to target the correct audience for it.

If your innovative app idea has the right number of resources and marketed around the correct audience. Then you will get a huge number of opportunities on your way to success.

Apps with a huge number of features-

The App Developers provides you with easy customization. This can help you to create an app packed with features. Worried about the development tools? Fear, not Mobile app framework provides you an open-source library for codes. This library will help you to create a user-friendly, innovative application with the latest UI.

Along with the features, an app should be user-friendly. Users usually prefer an app that is simple on its own. If the first few users like your app they will promote it to the others. And this is how user-friendliness and marketing can make a million downloads of the app.

Availability of resources-

There are many mobile app development companies  New York, who can equip your start-up with skilled app developers. Among the number of app developers that are available in the market, only a few can deliver you the correct product. Not only the product they will ensure that your requirements of the business are met in less time.

Moreover, if you are not satisfied with the product, they will either give the refund or will try to rectify the mistakes asap. This is why start-ups or SMEs can hire app developers to create a dynamic and innovative app with a low risk of losing interments.

Better Level of Productivity-

A mobile app framework provides you with an open-source library. This library consists of numerous pre-coded scripts and infrastructure. This helps the developer to create a feature-packed app from scratch in less time.

The developer can reduce the time for creating and launching the app. So, start-ups can gain a better level of productivity. As instead of spending time on the development and launching they can focus on better customer service and growth of the organization.


Focusing on the mobile app development market is the best solution for start-ups and SMEs. As they can ensure their way to success faster and with great comfort. In addition to that if you choose the correct app development company you can guarantee your success in this uprising technical market.