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Mobile App Development Cost In The USA In Cities Like NY, CA, And LA, And Why The Differences?

August 24, 2020 |

Mobile app development cost is influenced by many factors. Just like you cannot estimate the exact cost of a trip, the same goes for mobile app development. Only the basic cost of mobile app development can be estimated. When it comes to mobile app development company costs in the USA, we can witness a huge difference in the price.

In mobile app development the quotation “you get what you pay for” fits aptly. The rule is simple: if you want a high-quality application, you have to drain your pocket more and if you are okay with a simple application, you do not have to pay a lot. Before determining the cost of an application, know why there is so much variation in the cost.

Factors That Influence The Cost Of An Application

  • The complexity of an application
  • The number of platforms
  • The designs of an application

How Complexity Influences The Cost Of An Application

Applications can be of different complexity levels. Simple applications equipped with the basic features cost less. Applications that are equipped with advanced features cost high. The entire cost cycle gets tricky at this stage. The cost spikes here, because integrating advanced features takes a good amount of time. As time passes, the cost of developers increases as well.

  • Simple Apps: Simple applications do not have any third-party integration such as a timer. Simple applications just have two to three screens. They do not take up a lot of data storage space.

  • Database Apps: Database apps are those that need storage space. Most of the applications these days ask for sign-in credentials. Such applications where just you have to register to enter and get the same data on any other device fall in the category of database apps.

  • Feature-Equipped Apps: Apps that include multiple features have a high price range. It takes a lot of time to integrate features into applications, this ultimately leads to an increase in the overall cost of an app.

  • Games: Gaming applications have to be immersive and engaging. They demand multiple screens, heavy designs, rich user experience, and more features. These requirements ultimately increase the mobile app development cost. Some gaming apps are simple, so they cost less. Major gaming apps are heavy and hence they cost more as well. Top app development agencies are well-versed in users’ requirements in applications.

  • Social Login: Most of the applications these days require a social login. They recommend users to connect to different social platforms such as their Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter profiles. This is quite important from the marketing point of view.

  • Rating System: Rating systems help to know about an application. They ask you to give your feedback after using them. This feature is mainly helpful where you need to have customer reviews to upgrade the service. Suppose you want an app for your restaurant, to know the quality of your food you will want feedback from your customers.

  • Profiles: On some apps, you have to make your profiles. If you want to collect data from a user, you might want their profile details. Social apps mainly require profiles to be created.

  • Email Login: Email login is nowadays required for almost all applications. If you want to collect the email addresses of users, you have to build an application. Nowadays email marketing is one of the best ways of marketing.

  • Geo-Location: Some applications need access to your location to give you a personalized experience. Applications that ask for permission to access users’ locations have high costs due to the presence of this additional feature.

  • In-App Purchase: Applications that allow you to have a call to action to download or purchase for example need to have these in-app purchase features.

  • Data Sync On Different Devices: Nowadays most applications are built to work on different platforms such as mobile phones and laptops. In such cases, login credentials should be enough to sync and get previous data.

How The Number Of Platforms On Which An App Can Operate Affect Its Price

Usually, an application is either native or hybrid. Hybrid apps are also known as cross-platform apps.

  • Native Apps: Native apps are core applications that are developed for a single platform using a specific programming language. For example, if an application is designed for android, it will be written using Core Java whereas, if an application is being designed for iOS, it will be written in Swift. These applications have access to user data, camera, and contacts. These are basic apps but are embedded with useful features. Native applications are considered to be more reliable and faster with better UI/UX. If you are thinking of getting a native application, it will be more expensive.

  • Hybrid Apps: Hybrid app means a single app that is designed in a way that it can be used on multiple platforms. These days hybrid apps are in demand due to the number of their uses. It looks exactly like a native app but the technology that is used in it facilitates the use of the application on Android as well as iOS. Here, developers do not have to master two different programming languages for different platforms.

How Designs Work As A Variable While Determining The Cost Of An App

Design is directly proportional to the development of a mobile application. The more customization you want to have in the app, the higher will be its cost. The cost of applications with basic designs where a template is already provided is less. Some of the basic and advanced designs of apps are:

  • Visual Designs: It is basically the overall look of the application. Visual designs are important as they make an application attractive. They give you the feel of the application. Visual designs give applications a great look.

  • UX Design: UX designs decide the operability of an application. They can be simple to complex. UX designs help to develop an engaging application. To increase the usage of the application, it needs to be developed in a way that users would want to keep visiting it again and again. It is high time that you get into the app market. You can take the help of top app development agencies to complete your project.

  • Branding: Branding is solely related to the customization of an application. The brand has the potential to give a specific edge to an application in the market. For example, the name Apple gives the brand a monopoly in the market. To get a particular icon for your application, you have to drain your pocket more.

  • Copywriting: Copywriting helps users to get a guide book of features and operations. The copy should be exciting enough to immerse users into an app.

So, now let us see the cost of apps on the basis of numbers. If you want a specific icon and logo as well as a unique copy, apps will cost between $2000 to $5000. The UX and visual designs are the heavy design requirements that significantly spike the cost of an application. It can add around $20,000 to the overall cost of a mobile app. The experience of UX designers also plays a great role in determining the cost of the app. If you want an app with a social login feature it will cost around $3000 to $15000. You can add an additional $7500 as per the features that you want in the app.

App Pricing Models

The charge of mobile app development depends on developers. Some fix the entire cost of a project while others charge on an hourly basis. You can go for any models that pleases you.

  • Fixed Rates: Many developers ask for an estimated rate according to the features that you want in your application. It is estimated on the basis of previous similar projects. The price of an app varies with the changes in the project.

  • Time And Material. The time that is taken to develop an application is based on its complexity. An estimated price is decided to develop it, but some developers go for weekly or monthly payments. An app development company Los Angeles has been developing advanced tech embedded apps.

Survey Methodology

It is not easy to estimate the cost of mobile app development. There are some apps that help to calculate the costs such as Otreva and Kinvey. They give a tentative cost rounding off the cost of factors that influence the overall cost. Now, let us also once estimate the cost of an application excluding variables that are the influencing factors.

App Development Cost In The USA

In the USA we can witness a huge variation in app development costs across different states. App development cost is the highest in California where it costs around $48,751 to develop a mobile app. The price ranges from $22,000 to $48,781 across all the states of the USA. The average cost of mobile app development is $26,000. The second-highest cost for mobile app development is in NYC around $40,348. The third highest mobile app development cost in the USA is in Texas. Here, the total costs go up to $39,366. Do you want a high-quality app? If you are facing any issue with getting one developed, you can reach out to an app development company Los Angeles.

Now, the question is why there is so much variation in the app development cost across a single country, USA? Well, we will come to it later, let us first see tech hubs with the highest app development rates. Certain places in the USA have emerged as the epicenter of technology development. Some of those places are California, New York, North Carolina, Washington, Texas, and Virginia. Tech hubs involved in such places are:

  • Silicon Canal in Seattle, Washington
  • Silicon Hills in Austin, Texas
  • Silicon Alley, New York
  • Silicon slopes in salt lake city, Utah
  • Silicon Anchor, Virginia
  • Silicon Forest in Portland, Oregon
  • Research Triangle in North Carolina.

Why The Differences In The Mobile App Development Cost In The USA?

  • Development Platform: As we mentioned earlier, the cost of developing an app varies according to the type of app that you want. Native apps take two times more effort and hence their costs are also high. In the USA iOS users are high in number. In high-cost places, this is also a significant factor, whereas, in places where android dominates, developers go for android development. Mobile app developers in California have been helping to develop dynamic applications.

  • App Developer Salaries: In cities like California, New York, and LA, the charge of developers varies hugely. Developers who are skilled enough and experienced charge high. There is a certain variation in salaries according to the location, this is another main area where costs differ. Places that are considered as tech hubs have high developer salaries. To make the finest quality application, a strong and skilled team is needed. The number of members in a team also determines the cost.

  • Level Of Complexities: As we mentioned, applications that need multiple layers are more complex and hence their price is high. For example, Uber. On-demand applications need to be equipped with a special set of features to have continuous contact throughout service. So, do you want to develop a feature-rich app? You can contact mobile app developers in California.

How To Build Mobile Apps

Whom you are going to give the charge of building an application affects its overall development costs. Here, the quality of an application is of the utmost importance. So, skilled and highly qualified technical developers, freelancers, or app development companies are taken into account.

All of them have their own sets of pros and cons. For example, a technical developer charges less, but the features in the application that they develop are not great. Hiring a freelancer is a great option but here sometimes the reliability factor comes up. App development companies assure great service in terms of quality, but they may charge more. An app development company in New York has top talents who have been helping to build applications.

In A Nutshell

In a country like the USA, we can see a huge variation in the way of living. In places that are tech hubs, prices skyrocket due to the presence of top talents. It is considered as the place of art and innovation. The implementation of new technologies is faster here, so prices are higher.

It is quite tricky to accurately estimate the cost of mobile app development. In a country like the USA, in different states like California, Los Angeles, and New York we can see a huge difference in the costs because of the presence of top talents and innovations, and their way of living. By now you should have got an idea of the cost of mobile app development in the USA. Are you thinking of building an application? You can reach out to an app development company in New York.