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The Main Reasons Why Apps Never Take Off, So You Can Journey Towards App Success

October 16, 2020 |

Most businesses these days tend to create their own mobile applications but not all of those apps are successful. It has been observed that almost 1 lakh apps are uploaded on the Google Play Store each month but only a few of them get recognized and successful.

It is very difficult to tell whether an app will fail or rise. It all depends on market trends and demands and the quality of an application.

Mobile app developers all over the world are facing the same problem. Every mobile app development NYC is struggling with this.

With increasing user demand and technologies and platforms, the competition is also increasing with each passing day. It is a cut-throat competition out there.

There are certain factors that can make or break your apps. In this article, you will get to know a few of them. Given below is a list of some key factors that can lead to the failure of an app:

  1. Lack Of Market Research
  2. Choosing A Platform
  3. User Experience And Performance
  4. Testing Before Executing
  5. Execution-Level Issues

1. Lack Of Market Research:

Almost every mobile app development company makes this mistake. Before building mobile apps they don’t focus much on the target audience and doing market research.

This should be the first and foremost step taken before building an application. A company must know who their target audience is and what their needs and demands are.

Sometimes, companies also forget to check what their competitors are doing and what level of output they are giving, which could be a major reason for their downfall as well.

It is really important to understand the needs and the demands of your audience before developing the app. Your primary focus should be your target audience and you should develop your app keeping them in mind.

If you are not doing so then it is just like throwing your money and efforts in a pit because there are 99% chances that the audience will not use the app if it does not suit their requirements.

2. Choosing A Platform:

There is a long list of issues that can come up if you choose the wrong platform. It is the second major step to be taken after researching the market and the audience.

You will need to understand all the requirements and choose a platform accordingly. Given here is a list of issues that can come up if you choose the wrong platform.

This mistake is made by a lot of developers all around the world – even the app development companies in Atlanta are facing the same issue.

  • Cost
  • Timeline
  • Team Issues


Before choosing a platform you need to understand and decide what your budget is and what the platform will cost you.

Without understanding the demand and the type of apps you need it will be difficult to predict the cost of developing it.

So, you must ask your mobile app development company to give you all the details about what a platform will cost for what kind of features because if you choose the wrong one then maintaining and developing your app can burn a hole in your pocket.


You must decide all the dates of launch and special events according to the complexity of your app so that it can be launched within the appropriate time limit.

Sometimes, even the top mobile app development companies tend to spend a lot in the beginning and when the budget exceeds the limit the development process has to be stopped midway. This can cause a lot of issues and can affect your company’s reputation as well.

Team Issues:

Sometimes, the coordination of the team that is developing your app is not that good. Or the technical team is not that experienced there can even be a lack of human resources.

These days, mobile app developers California are hiring an experienced team with good exposure that can work together even in the toughest times. If there is no coordination between the members of the team, then your app can be a complete ruin.

So if you don’t take care of these issues properly it can burn a hole in your pocket for nothing. It may also lead to frustration if the user is not getting what they require.

Before choosing between Android and iOS you must decide what features you and your target audience want in the app.

If you choose the right platform with all the right features that users demand then your app can definitely be a success.

3. User Experience And Performance:

You can spend a ton of money on the development of an app with all the features that your users require but if the app is not user-friendly then this can definitely kill it.

Chances are it will never be successful if users find it difficult to use and if it delivers poor performance.

These days, even if users face minor issues like loading issues, poor performance, or even slow speed, then they immediately switch to other apps because the market is flooded with apps of all types these days. Every mobile app development NYC is facing this issue.

Gone are the days when people used to like quirky designs and bright colours. Now, people prefer simple designs and sober colours as it calms them down and also makes them feel comfortable and connected with your service.

The other option is that you can add a feature on the app where users can change the theme of the app as per their preference. This can be the game-changer.

If users feel comfortable while using an app then they will definitely keep coming back to it and even recommend it to others. This will help you to make your app successful.

4. Testing Before Executing:

If you don’t test your app properly with respect to all of its aspects before launching it then you won’t be able to know its drawbacks, which could be a complete waste of your time, money, and resources.

You must fix all the bugs before launching the app and moreover check the quality, performance, security, privacy, and functionality of the app to check whether it is as per your expectations or not.

All the top mobile app development companies must check and test their apps before executing them because if the initial reviews of an app are bad then people will not use the app in the future. This will also affect the reputation of the company and can cause its downfall.

5. Execution-Level Issues:

If the execution of your app launch is poor, you will lose all the first impression tests. Executing the app does not simply mean launching the app on app stores.

Before launching it, doing proper marketing and promotion of the app are very important. If proper marketing is not done there are chances that people will not even know about the launch of your app as the market is already flooded with multiple apps.

This issue is also faced by many app development companies around the world, including many a mobile app development company California. Given below is a list of some of the major issues that you might face at the execution level:

  • Demand

You can build your app without any bugs or glitches and even successfully launch it but if it is not in demand then it can still fail.

A lot of mobile app developers have faced such issues. Understanding your user demand and then executing the app accordingly is very important, otherwise, there are the chances that your app will not be able to see the light of the day.

  • Shortage Of Capital

It might be possible that the development of the app is under your budget but promoting it and keeping it running and updated can cost a lot. This way your app can discontinue and this will directly lead you to the road of failure and all the money and time that you already spent could be for nothing.

  • Clear Monetization Strategy

This is a very important step. You can’t always invest money in your app from your pocket. Eventually, you will need your app to gain some profit and if you don’t have a proper monetization strategy you can fall down easily. Apps can be monetized by various means like paid advertising, paid promotions, in-app games, charging subscriptions, or chain network marketing. You need to have a proper marketing plan in place and then you are good to go.

  • Backup Plan

It is always good to have a plan-B in life and the same goes for the mobile application market. If you don’t have a backup plan, your chances of failure will increase a lot. Relying on just the app for generating revenue can be risky. You can have an alternative like a website or software that supports the app or anything that goes with the theme of the app that you have. Some of the app development companies in Atlanta are also facing the same issue.

  • App Store Optimization

If SEO is for web content then ASO (App Store Optimization) is for improving the ranking of your app in app stores. If your ASO is not strong then all of the other positive points of your app can be of no use. This can play a major role in the decline of your app. Your app store optimization will directly affect the number of downloads, reviews, and ratings of your app.

Listed above were some of the major factors that could hit your app and lead you to the road of failure.

These issues are faced by most developers and businesses all over the world. Every mobile app development company Los Angeles is also facing the same issues.

Key Factors To Ensure The Success Of An App

It is like a series of events and even if one of them fails the whole chain is broken and you can easily fail. So you have to keep some of the key factors in your mind before and while developing your app.

They should be kept in mind even after the apps are launched and have to be run properly. Some of them are as follows:

  1. You must always have your own unique idea
  2. You must try to provide personalized service to your users
  3. Your user interface must be simple and easy to understand
  4. Security is a major add on
  5. Clear description should be there

You must always have your own unique idea:

Never try to copy other’s content. This could lose you your user’s trust as well as create a rivalry with another company.

This can be a major setback for your business. Also, it may happen that your competitors are using the same idea but are making their app better by incorporating the required changes into it. This can lead to their success and you can fail.

You must try to provide personalized service to your users:

You can have a VIP subscription on your app which will help in monetization and will also give users a personalized user experience which will be up to your expectations as well.

Along with that you can provide some services for free and make it worthwhile as well because if a user likes your free service then only they will avail of the paid ones.

Your user interface must be simple and easy to understand:

You can also provide a user guide as soon as someone installs the app. It should be calming so that the users can feel relaxed while using the app and relate to it.

Security is a major add on:

If you are providing proper security to your user’s data then it will help you to gain their trust.

Clear description should be there:

Last but not least, the description and the screenshots of your app should be well presented on app stores.

The description should contain all the details about the app and should be eye-catching. This will also help you to increase the ranking of the app on app stores.


There is no hard and fast rule to the road to success of an app but you still need to keep all of the above-mentioned points in your mind and learn from the mistakes of others.

App development is very popular these days among mobile app developers California and at other places and due to that, competition is also increasing a lot.

Either you can be on the top of the list or nowhere. It all depends on how you control and manage your journey.