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Key Benefits Of Outsourcing Mvp Development To A Software Company, Compared To Hiring An In-house Team Of Developers

December 7, 2020 |

There are several reasons why numerous businesses around the world delegate the development of software to Web Development agency, from improved productivity and access to the appeal of IT talent to substantially lower costs. No mystery that at the moment, software outsourcing services are becoming particularly popular.

Why is it expected that IT outsourcing would be in high demand in 2020? Because, despite conflicts on how and when to outsource software development, and whether it is indeed worth the time and effort, the market value of IT outsourcing in 2019 amounted to $66.52 billion. So, is it not worth your time to outsource anything, or is it a major opportunity you are not trying to take advantage of?

What Is Minimum Viable Product (MVP)?

Let’s begin by describing this article’s basic concept – MVP. The minimum viable product is a product variant that has a minimal set of characteristics. The process of “design, create, sell” was discussed by the CEO of SyncDev. Before developers began the development process, he developed a model that made end-users show their desires and requirements.

The definition of a minimum viable product applies to the whole “Think big for the long term and small for the short term” approach, which means that before further developing the product, you can focus on the underlying concept.

MVP aims at understanding the end product in particular and learn how to use it. The minimalist functionality of an MVP allows the product to be tested and can later be extended to create a completely capable product thanks to instant customer reviews.

Why Do You Need An MVP?

For your next start-up company, you have an interesting concept. To validate your concept, you’ve established a niche dilemma and even evaluated your market.

Now to convince them, you need to present it to your investors and need a viable, working product. Hold on, you know that you don’t have a technical partner who will create your MVP? Perhaps you should do it yourself. But you’re not such a smart coder, either. You understand the basics well enough, but this is a lot of deep stuff.

Then what are you doing? A critical element on your start-up path is to design your minimum viable product. One of the biggest issues faced by non-technical entrepreneurs is how to do software development when the tech knowledge themselves are missing. One choice is to outsource your MVP’s development – but is this a viable start-up alternative?

Key Benefits Of Outsourcing MVP Rather Than Hiring An In-House Team

Many founders are dubious that MVP development is being outsourced to a Web Development agency. The lucky ones find a technical co-founder that helped them to code out, but it isn’t possible for everybody. Moreover, it’s not so easy to find a technical co-founder who partakes your ambition and drive.

The rest of us now have three options: create a rudimentary solution prototype with available resources or hire an independent developer to create a simple, workable model, or hire an organization to acquire a fully working MVP.

  • If you decide to go for the first option, where you manage all the work on the backend manually, as the number of clients grows, it will end up taking a lot of time.
  • The second approach is to play the game of faith. Besides, it is a rare combination to be a freelancer who is excellent at coding, fast, responsive, efficient, economical, and responsive in your working hours.
  • This leaves you with the last option-to Hire web developers to create an MVP that is pitch-ready.

How much would it cost me to outsource the production of the MVP to a company? What if partly through I want to pull back? The overall nature of MVP development companies that are back-creakingly costly appears to deter entrepreneurs from investing in a reputable source and to turn to unreliable alternatives.

It is time for this viewpoint to be modified. For many reasons, outsourcing your MVP design to top web development companies can be a very nice choice. Let’s have a range of these discussed.

1. Easy Project Management

Continuing in the same vein, the result of providing committed personnel without any recruiting or preparation involved is that project management is made very straightforward. You bring the concept to the table; the Web Development agency brings its experience to the table. Together the feasibility, length, and timeline of the project can also be reasonably calculated.

This will help you schedule and delegate tasks that are important for handling the whole process, not just the production part of MVP. When you have a good technical partner in place, you will settle on your beta testers, marketing and promotion plan, and how to get investors.

2. Access To Different Talents

Outsourcing opens a pathway through which global talent can be accessed from any domain. Online development, development of mobile applications, designing, advertising, outsourcing helps to meet professionals who can rapidly and easily do the job for you.

You can even hire Web Development Companies in New York from any part of the globe. The great news is that under one roof, there are MVP development firms that have the whole team together. You can periodically recruit resources or engage them to develop your MVP for a brief period. Essentially, a successful team of developers offers you a bunch of technical co-founders. In the context of software growth, they help you see the MVP from many viewpoints and provide clear support.

3. Strong Codebase

Companies developing applications have a good understanding of software development, along with the platforms that can be used to construct the application, coding languages, UI technologies, testing methods, and more.

They are therefore able to create a solid base, which is cleanly coded and organized, for your MVP. The whole reasoning flow is perfectly understandable, making the management of the framework simpler for your potential in-house development team.

4. Structured Development Stages

Working with top web development companies helps you, during the development of your MVP, to adopt and incorporate a standardized procedure. The flow is seamless and continuous, right from the initial dialogue to the delivery of the final product.

In partnership with a software company, all work processes are properly set up. You may also engage in design processes and application development experiences. Connection plays an important role here at any point of the process, with a successful MVP development agency keeping in regular touch with you. This provides a clear estimate of how long the project will take and the position of step-by-step development.

5. High-Quality Services

To stay competitive, development companies constantly enhance their standard of services due to ever-increasing competitiveness in this sector. The key attributes that differentiate a high-quality outsourcing business are continuous improvement of the stacks of technology used, internal process optimization, an emphasis on utilizing the latest methods and problem-solving tools.

6. Cost Benefits

It is a substantial financial investment to hire experienced web developers, particularly if you’re headquartered in an area where the average salary is high, such as London or San Francisco. Outsourcing your MVP production will dramatically reduce your development costs without changing the overall of your MVP application.

The cost of hiring an overseas outsourcing team is often cheaper than at home. Many countries are outsourced at affordable rates. For example, if you employ an outsourcing company in Vietnam, the cost would range from $10-$25 per hour. Why do you have to pay $150/hr to Web Development Companies in New York while you can get a job completed with less money from some other country?

7. Future Ready Approaches

Traditional outsourcing has evolved into disruptive outsourcing in the last couple of decades. Expanding technology such as the Internet of Things (IoT), AI/ML, 5G networking, and blockchain are driving change within companies that have the brass neck and skill to hop over the technological gap.

To keep pace with rapid technological changes, the current market scenario demands that companies digitally turn into future-proof businesses. A study already estimated that by 2020, 8 billion people will have 100 billion connected devices running 1 trillion applications.

Top web development companies can provide the technical skills needed for developing applications with a forward-looking approach to meet specific business needs such as using the predictable analysis to detect events that cause unpredictable traffic booms.

8. Faster Delivery Of MVP

A reliable outsourcing software development provider can produce a minimum viable product (MVP) in up to 12 weeks with a flexible and agile approach according to the latest technological trends. A complete cycle of product creation can take a long time. The length of time appropriate for the application development depends directly on the project size and the particular case for business use.

Although it can be built in a few months to create a native or cross-platform hybrid app, a complex platform could take years to build, which deploys AI and machine education technologies. Outsourcing a business-level app to a specialist company will easily speed up the time to market that would otherwise take longer to grow with in-house teams. Growing an internally functional team requires facing time-consuming recruitment and boarding needs.

9. Long Term Partnership Option

The benefit of having a strategic partner like an MVP Web Development Agency with you is that you can continue collaborating with them even after the initial development is finished until all the short stack details are figured out.

Also, they could briefly work side-by-side steadily with the in-house team, teaching them the basics of how the software has been coded. When your in-house team has learned how your product will operate and scale, on a positive note, you can bid goodbye to the development agency. The technical technique and time-specific dedication make it simple all around!

10. Easy Scalability For The Project

The scope of the project will either expand or decrease in the course of project growth, with consequent changes that need to be enforced. The initially chosen team should be increased or reduced if this occurs. It’s hard to do that with in-house development.

If you need to decrease the team in the case of an in-house production team, you would either have to dismiss individuals and risk being unable to substitute their expertise set in the future or continue to pay their salary to keep them on deck for future projects.

You may eliminate these issues with software development outsourcing because the agency typically has enough employees to cover the project needs. And they can employ a reliable freelancer or Hire web developers on a part-time basis when specific skills are needed.

When To Hire An In-House Team

What is the concept of in-house software development? It’s in-house when you create a team from your staff. Employees can be qualified to the required standard by recruiting in-house.

They’re most likely to continue working with the organization. Otherwise, if you’re a pure software company, the in-house team is the cornerstone of your company. They will help you take care of you regularly, an emergency security breach, or a crisis that needs to be handled immediately.

Are you still debating whether or not your in-house business model suits your needs? Address these issues!

  • If you have a tax budget, benefits, payrolls, etc.?
  • Is your product already established or known in the market?
  • Do you need to keep the product up to date and make any modifications timely according to customer feedback?

If the response is mostly yes, spend on building an in-house team and working together towards a common objective. But it may be easier to choose another choice, outsourcing if you do not have enough funds and time.

Wrapping Up:

The start of a famous product development journey is for every organization to create an MVP. You’re only expected to do it once, so it should be done correctly. On your own, you can create an MVP or you can hire web developers Atlanta for this task. 

However, the approach may be time-consuming and might not lead to optimal performance. Experts with experiences and knowledge are available to help Outsource MVP production to produce better results.

It saves a lot of time and resources to spend on professional research, consulting, and decision-making otherwise. All these benefits combined make it an intelligent move for beginners to outsource their MVP growth.