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Top Free and Open Source Personal Trainer Software

April 12, 2021 |

A personal trainer is necessary for the life of anyone interested in some form of physical exercise or routine training The personal trainers in gyms and other such fitness approval places can provide an indomitable motivation for the customers if the manual effort of your real-life personal trainer is not up to the mark, you can highlight the unsatisfactory areas in your software.

Personal training is a crucial part of the health schedule. It requires the well-rounded well-being of the client. Personal trainers can look into the customer requirements by managing health charts and specific progress in the health-based areas. There are different types of administrative schedules that are managed by personal trainers in real life as well.

Training schedules and communication records are usually maintained by personal trainers in real life. Sometimes it can become tedious to perform all of these activities. Thus, this is where the software development agency California comes to help.

Personal trainer software is nothing less than a lifeline for those who have not been able to find a good personal trainer in their real lives. There are numerous tools and functions in this personal trainer software that help the user keep track of their health.

According to software companies in NYC, when gymnasiums use personal trainer software, they can monitor a large client base. It also helps them gain a better relationship with the customer. They can also have a better understanding of human nature and client behaviour from these apps.

Need for a Personal Trainer Software

As the customer base of any gymnasium or freelance customer trainer increases, it becomes gradually tough to manage all of their needs simultaneously for software companies in NYC. These software functions orient towards the point of view of customers and not just business and market. The personal trainer software can help to keep a better check on the regimes required by each of the clients.

As the actions are monitored by programmed software, there are fewer chances of mistakes in the system.

This software helps the trainer keep an eye on the nutritional demands and dietary needs of each client. The centre no longer needs to hire a dietician for carrying out the functions mentioned here. The trainer can also find out the best exercise for his or her clients.

The metric analysis system in the app helps in evaluating client’s performance over and over again. Pinpointing the areas of weakness is possible now and is essential for the personal development of the clients. These areas have been repeated by a software development agency, California.

What is a Personal Trainer Software?

Personal trainer software is a collection of digital tools that help in regulating the fitness activities and dietary needs of any individual. Now, with the help of this software comprehensive and world-class training can be provided to the clients.

This software is used by people ranging from fitness experts to amateurs who are beginning their baby steps in the world of fitness. The trainers are benefited from this software type as it can help to influence and enhance their techniques of managing the expectations of their clients. The software development companies, New York are focused on the schedule making part of personal training software as well.

The trainer software is easily downloadable as well. Some exclusive communication and storage tools can help to keep an eye on the statistics of every client. In this way, both client and trainer can understand the progress of the individual. The numbers software development companies, New York, blood pressure, and nutritional numbers are also mentioned in the charts of the personal trainer software.

Best Free And Open Source Personal Trainer Software For You To Use

There are many great personal trainer software that can assist you to get your work right in the field of personal training, either personally or at a gym. Let us get to know about this software by the top app development companies.

1. Serpent Gym

Serpent Gym is one of the most famous Gym Management software that helps obtain the correct perspective in the world of personal training. It is one of the free and open-source software which has several features for the consumer.

This specific software comes with the Basal Mass Indication or BMI. BMI is essential to calculate the metabolism rate of the individual. It can also determine the intensity of the gym activities that have to be carried out by the individuals. CRM functions and tools are added to this software to convert the leads generated by the clients for the authorities.

The top app development companies included the features to keep good communication with the clients. Features that are related to personalized activities and dietary regimes can also be mentioned in the software. Important information can be broadcast to similar types of clients at the same time in this software.


●Client management is made simple with the help of Serpent Gym as verified by app development companies, NYC. Client management becomes very simple with the help of Serpent Gym as verified by app development companies, NYC.
●Attendance and schedule are possible with the press of a button for every client associated with each trainer.
●A nutrition plan which inculcates healthy eating habits among the clients can also be created. The impact of physical activity is higher when the dietary regime is good.
●The payment procedure is simple. It allows online payment and integration-based sources as well.

2. Wger

Wger is among the most popular free and open-source personal trainer software per app development companies NYC. This software can keep a regular check on the body weight and metabolism of the client.

The trainers can also use this software to personalize the information about each client. Diet management and activity scheduling become very easy with Wger.

The software has the unique ability of ingredient analysis that helps to make micro-level decisions for each client. With the help of Wger, a comparison of progress is possible. Differentiating between weight training and non-weight training days is possible with the assistance of this software. Tracking client progress is now made easier than ever.


●Metric analysis present in this software is better than any other. The trainer can use the key parameters to analyze the progress of the client.
●The nutrition plan is designed after collecting the requirements of the client. A good nutrition plan enhances the trainer-led exercises.
●The messaging system offered by this software is the best since it is very secure.
●The progress tracking of the client can be done with appropriate tools in the system.

3. FitSW

FitSw is an open-source training software having all-in-one features and is also designated as the best by app development companies Atlanta. The software can easily support the records of a group that has the same plan.

Individual exercises like nutrition scales and exercise schedules can be made on this software as well. The progress of an individual on personalized activities can be measured and compared with their peers in the same gym. The features of FitSw can also automate the critical processes that are associated with the fitness training program.

The recurring client exercises can also be mentioned in this software. There is a unique feature which is known as “Habit Coaching”. This feature can help to add the best fitness regime in the lives of the clients. The personal training software can also help to arrange and live stream online fitness events. There are premium and customized templates that can plan the activities and diets of individuals and groups.


●The client management features offered by FitSw are better than any other software. The client queries and requests are accessible easily.
●Online booking is possible with the help of this software as it has an internet presence.
●Fitness assessment of individuals is done to determine the exercise regime of the client.
●Milestones established and designated for clients in the templates can help in observing the development of the client. The fitness regime can be modified according to individual needs.

4. Fitocracy

Fitocracy can help in establishing a special kind of autocracy in personal fitness as said by app development companies, Atlanta.

You can easily download this app or software application from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store. This app is used on an online platform and is used to store the nutrition plan and exercise intensity for every individual.

Fitness targets are set differently for each client. This feature can also help to increase the compatibility of the client with the trainer. Dietary regimes can be established easily with the help of Fitocracy & calorie intake tracked. The exercise modules can be used to understand the best modes of exercise in general.


●Client management processes which are related to the billing and invoicing features are easily manageable. Attendance records are also trackable.
●The tools related to metric analysis help provide some value to the clients to improve upon themselves. The development opportunities are also trackable.
●Progress tracking is used in this software to compare body fitness with the set goals.

5. Virtuagym

The software Virtuagym is a part of the fitness training software portfolio that is open-sourced and available freely on the online platform. Nutrition management and training data can be integrated into the system efficiently.

Virtuagym can help the customers to grow with the help of personalized training advice. Sensitive customer data is trackable with the assistance of this software. In-depth customer analysis and point-of-sale management of the client interaction processes are also trackable with this software.

The add-on features present in the premium version of this software is capable of adding a new dimension to the fitness regime of an individual.


●The clients can get themselves logged in to the classes and check their exercise schedules whenever they want.
●The nutrition plan made on Virtuagym is based on the advice presented by the expert dieticians.
●The lightning-fast transaction mode helps to facilitate the payment gateways for the individuals.
●The progress tracking of every individual can be done by observing the milestones they have reached. Peer-to-peer comparison is also possible.

6. Gym master

Gym master is yet another personal trainer application which can help you to use the facilities of the best personal training features without having to pay for it. Like the applications which have been mentioned earlier, it can also help you to design specific nutrition charts for individual customers. The features of scheduling which is present in gym master is one of the best in the field. You can use it any time if you want to replace any of your appointments with another. The best feature of the application is that it can be used by anyone, anywhere. Most Gymnasiums is often used in muster as a personal training application in order to avoid any kind of hustle in booking appointments. Most clients are also assisted by adding up the required milestone set up by the software.


●The billing procedure is extremely easy on Gym Master.
●The area of the user application is also made extremely user-friendly for the customers who are using personal training software for the first time.
●The nutrition charts are often made after considering the basal metabolic rate of every individual.
Chosen as the best personal training software by the top web development companies in the world, we have learned quite a bit about them, and now it is time to decide which of these services will suit your needs.


Top web development companies in the world are focused on building personal training software, as they have gained acceptance among the clients. Ever since the coronavirus pandemic, it has become common for people to avail every service from their home.

This change has given scope to the larger web development companies to increase the sphere of influence. Most of the new apps developed aim to facilitate stay-at-home habits. Even when the pandemic gets over, the personal training software will continue to have a strong demand because of its easy-to-use qualities.