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Top Free And Open Source Home Builder Software

February 22, 2021 |

The mesmerizing buildings that we see today are the sheer results of amazing architectural work. While designing a home or landscape beauty can be an arduous task, but with the power of technology, we can make it convenient.

Architects and builders are inclined towards Home builder software these days to make their work more elegant and organized. Buildings like the Burj Khalifa is a glorious example of the output of amazing design. Shaping a home starts with designing the blueprint of the space.

Development companies Chicago or elsewhere can help businesses in creating such software.
Any software is designed to make the life of users simpler and easier. In the era of digitalization, the software industry is at its peak.

We heavily rely on software, from completing our day-to-day tasks to office work. The easy availability of the internet has raised the bar of software development and today it has successfully entered most of the industries such as healthcare, logistics, construction, and so on.

Homebuilder software, too, is revolutionizing the workflow of organizations and independent professionals working in the construction business.

In this article, we will be taking you through the top free Home builder software that you can use to handle your home building project from the start to finish. But before that, let us explore more about Homebuilder software solutions.

What Is Home Builder Software?

Homebuilder software is a digital technology tool used by architects or allied people to design houses and residential buildings. With the rise in population, the number of houses is also increasing, and this is directly proportional to the demand for Homebuilder software.

There are different kinds of Homebuilder software that one can deploy. Nevertheless, the perfect home builder software would allow you to not only design the house but also plan and budget the expenses, document purchases, manage contracts, and a bunch of other directly related functions to the construction project.

Some top web development companies in world are proficient in integrating an array of other exciting features, such as CRM, ERP, to make the software multi-functional.

Typically, a Homebuilder software would allow you to design the home virtually using 3D computer graphics. These design tools are used to draw the blueprint of the building you are likely to construct.

One of the best uses of Homebuilder software is that it helps you to visualize your space virtually. You can then make changes in the blueprint as per your requirement and the clients’ demands.

Builders, who are using home builder software believe, “Having project schedules, finish/ fixture selections, drawings, permits, budgets, and billings all in one place is much more efficient and greatly reduces the possibility of errors. Field personnel now can find information without having to call the office. Client access has streamlined the selection process and made change order preparation and approval easier. Tracking of project tasks assigned to staff is easier for managers. The daily site logs provide transparency and accountability for project managers.” 

Benefits Of Home Builder Software

It goes without saying, thus, that professional Home builder software can make design and information management easier, enabling you to maximize the output. Here are a few more benefits of using Home builder software for your building projects.

●Easy To Make Changes: An architectural design needs multiple revisions until the client is satisfied. Homebuilder software has several in-built tools that make it easier to change the layout. Some software also allows you to go for precise dimensions.

●Design Home Within Budget: Using Home builder software, you can keep an estimate of the construction costs and record actual costs so that you do not go overboard with your budget.

●Know The Apt Pattern Of Your Home: Homebuilder software is equipped with advanced tools. These tools help customers to visualize the virtual home that gives a real-like feel. You can select the color, texture, and furnishing more accurately using home builder software.

●One-stop Data Collection: The software is not only used to create amazing layouts but you can use it for the aftermath process as well. The tools take care of design, budget, scheduling, papers, and so on.

●Workflow Support: It is easier to work collectively using home builder software. It optimizes your workflow.

Top Free Home Builder Software 2021

There is plenty of paid software available for architects and builders, but here, we have curated a list of the free ones developed by top app development firms that can level up your workflow and also keep it budget-friendly.


Blender is a high in-demand modelling software. Blender software is used by home builders for animations, modeling, rendering, simulation, compositing, etc. It is an open-source software used for 3D creation and can be used for varied sizes of projects ranging from simple to complex.

Blender is equipped with VR rendering support, real-time viewport preview, CPU and GPU rendering, advanced sculpting tools, N-Gon support, support of planar tracking, and so on.

Architects and builders use this software to create a realistic layout of their projects. The 3D view helps to minutely work on each corner of the house. After creating the design, you can see how your design will look with the help of a real-world lighting tool. You can also quickly add or edit layers using Blender. The stable version of Blender smoothly runs on different operating systems such as Mac, Linux, Windows.


FreeCAD is used by professionals primarily to create construction-related projects. It works on different operating systems such as Linux, Mac, and Windows. This open-source software offers you the flexibility to integrate it into different projects as it can work with different file formats such as IFC, OBG, STEP, etc. You can easily import or export files using FreeCAD. It is equipped with a Sketcher, drawing sheet modules, parametric model, and robot simulation model. The workflow resembles Building Information Modeling.

Sweet Home 3D:

The latest version of Sweet Home 3D software was launched in 2019. The tech stack used to develop Sweet Home 3D allows you to use the software online as well as offline after downloading it. The software can operate on Windows, Linux, Mac, and Solaris. Builders used it for creating accurate designs. You can quickly insert doors and walls via drag and drop features. You can associate with any website development company Atlanta or elsewhere to learn how to use the software.

Sweet Home 3D allows designers to create photorealistic images. With just a few clicks, you can change the color, location, thickness of walls, floors, and ceilings. If you are looking for software that would help you to select the right texture for your house, Sweet Home 3D is one of the best software. Top developers in California allow you to go for precise dimensions using the software. You can add furniture to your design using an extendable catalog.

The Architect’s Desktop:

The Architect’s Desktop or TAD is one of the most popular designing software. ARDELA (Architectural Design Language) is the in-built language of TAD. This language makes it easier for architects to create iterative designs. It is embedded with loads of functionality that make the software much more useful.  You can also get a 3D model view with the help of its amazing object orientation. You can get in touch with any top developers in California or another country if you wish to use the software for your building project.


SmartDraw is an open-source home builder software that is used to speed up the designing process. The app has multiple in-built tools that simplify architectural work. The stable version of this software works well with Windows, Linux, Mac, and web-based operating systems.

SmartDraw offers a one-stop solution for multiple architectural tasks such as schedules, flowcharts, floor plans, wireframes, network diagrams, etc. It is convenient to draw diagrams using SmartDraw. The software has more than 4,500 templates that can be customized as per the need of the builder. Besides templates, it has 34,000 in-built symbols. The creation and editing facility makes it highly flexible.


SketchUp is a prominently used designing software in different sectors like landscape architecture, interior design, civil and mechanical engineering, etc. SketchUp, formerly known as Google SketchUp, is available for free but you can also opt for the paid version.

The SketchUp free version is a web-based application, which means you can run it on the server or download it with just a few clicks. The software runs smoothly on the server, so you need not install it. This software is available in multiple languages such as English, Brazilian Portuguese, Chinese, Spanish, Korean, German, Japanese, and French.

You can export and import different file extensions such as JPG, PNG, SKP, etc., using SketchUp. Another highly used feature of SketchUp is collaboration. It offers 10GB of free space where you can store your work and collaborate with your team members. With the help of the SketchUp viewer app, you can view your project on your mobile device. Software development companies California have expertise in developing home builder software.

Planner 5D:

It is open-source software that helps to design 2D and 3D homes. This is one of the most used software because of its ability to provide a real-time virtual view of the home. The tool is integrated with advanced technologies like Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, and Artificial Intelligence.

Virtual Reality helps you to construct a virtual home on your layout. This virtual home gives a real-like appearance where you can see the design and colors of your home. With just a few clicks you can change the color, floor, and wall designs and select whichever looks best according to you. How is this helpful, you ask?

Well, many times, while constructing the home or while interior designing, we are not sure whether the particular design or color will look great or not. Using a software solution like Planner 5D, you can visualize your home before starting the real constructions. You can run trials and see what will look best in your space. Tools like VR and AR make your decision much more accurate and apt.

You can use Planner 5D for renovating your home, changing the interiors, constructing a new home, or going for the most desirable furnishing.

Technologies like Augmented Reality help you to place a virtual object like a sofa set in your space virtually. You can virtually decide whether a particular piece of furniture matches your ambience or not. These tools are not only helpful for designers but also save a lot of time and effort for buyers.

With Planner 5D, users can switch from 2D to 3D while designing layouts. It gives you a wider option to edit and experiment with designs. Furnishing features integrated into the tool make it much more useful. Designers can play with different sizes of furniture and floor patterns. Planner 5D also offers snapshot features where you can take a real-like photograph.


VectorWorks is well-recognized software for its ability to help builders from start to finish during the designing process. You can conduct Building Information Modeling, Conceptual Design, and construction documents using VectorWorks. You can collaborate with a website developer in New York or elsewhere who has expertise in this software.

With VectorWorks, you can also carry out an array of architectural works such as Graphics, Precision designing, algorithmic design, creative modeling, etc. It allows faster file navigation, accurately do geo-locate projects, control complex objects, gives real-time data visualization, creative image editing, and so on. VectorWorks has inbuilt space planning tools, data manager, data tag tool, etc.

Wrapping Up:

It is high time to integrate Home builder software in your business to optimize your workflow. Using a software solution, similar to the ones mentioned above, can give you that much-needed edge to stay ahead of your competitors.

If you are thinking of embedding home builder software, you should prioritize meeting some software development companies in California or elsewhere to learn how to make the best use of the software and its many features.