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Factors Affecting the Cost of Hiring a React Native Developer In the USA

July 2, 2021 |

When any business plans to launch a mobile app in the USA, then they search about-

1. Which app development technology will be great for the business?

2. How to hire one of the top app development companies for having a great app?

3. What will be the cost of hiring an app developer in the USA?

These questions are very important if you are an entrepreneur and want to serve your clients via an app. This article will let you know the factors affecting the cost of hiring a developer in the USA that use one of the most promising technologies for app development, such as React Native.

Hiring React Native Developer is an excellent idea, but there are certain aspects related to it. One of the biggest roadblocks in deciding the cost because several factors affect it, and another is whom to hire. Here together, we will try to simplify it, and I hope you will enjoy it.

You need to check out these facts –

  • Among other cross-platform mobile frameworks, React Native shares 42% worldwide.
  • One-third of the top mobile app developers in the world use the cross-platform framework.
  • React Native reduces the development cost by up to 40-50%.
  • The mobile app revenue is projected to reach 935.2 billion USD.

Here you can check the complete statistics published by

App Development Companies

An Overview About React Native

As an initial detail, it is an open-source mobile application development framework launched in 2015 by Facebook. Now it is one of the popular frameworks for cross-platform mobile application development. Several top mobile app development companies adopted it and comprehensively working on the projects based on it. They use it for developing applications regarding Android, Android TV, iOS, macOS, tvOS, and windows.

It uses ReactJS that is a JavaScript library that empowers the developers to craft interfaces for cross-platform apps. React Native compiles the JavaScript code as native code by using Facebook’s Flux Architecture. So if a developer writes the code in the native programming language, they can bridge the code to the React Native Application. One of the best things about it that it has strong community support.

Still, if you want to know more than are some key points about React Native-

  • If the developers are handy in web development, they can also create the mobile application using this framework because it allows creating mobile applications using website technology.
  • Its prime feature is to facilitate the app developers to create the native performance-like app in cross-platform mobile apps.
  • React Native apps can be developed by only knowing objective C and Java.
  • It supports cost-effectiveness, speedy development, and agility to a greater extent.
  • Fast app reloading is also one of the advantages.

Factors That Affect the Cost of Hiring a React Native Developer In the USA

If you are looking forward to having the services from one of the best React Native app development companies in the USA, then let’s check out the factors and go through them all one by one.

1. Complexity

It is the first factor that can affect hiring a developer for React Native app development. The development phases and time consumptions both are related to it. The complexity depends on the app’s idea and its objective. The average time to develop an app is 4-6 weeks initially, but if more functionalities are added, or additional requirements are added, it will take more time, and the cost will be more. Therefore, the complexity factor is applied to the development time and cost as well.

Based on it, the project can be of any category having low, medium, or high complexity. Here are some factors that define the level of complexities-

  • Deployment Model’s Architecture: There are two options available: one is a customized approach, and the other is BaaS (Backend as A Service) model. The BaaS offers readymade architecture where a custom approach allows the users to implement their architecture. If we specifically talk about mobile app development companies In San Francisco, some are comfortable implementing the custom approach to deploy the architecture.
  • Deployment of Admin Panel: It allows the clients to manage and monitor the tasks. It also allows updating the content with ease.
  • Integration of Third-Party Plugins: for making an app more user-friendly, developers integrate third-party plugins such as Google Maps, Weather app, etc. These apps also required some cost that is being added to the overall cost.
  • Use of Device In-Built Features: The devices are smart because they provide many advanced features such as barometer, GPS, Bluetooth. These can also be linked with the apps for enhancing the working mechanism. But, in turn, it increases the complexity.
  • In-App Purchase Functionality: Most apps are equipped with in-app purchasing that allows users to purchase the specific subscription or extra content. So, if there are more in-app purchases, then more complexity.
  • Integration with Enterprise System: If there is a specific requirement to integrate the React Native app with an enterprise system, it will increase complexity.

2. User Authorization

Mostly there are two types of apps- apps for direct use and apps that require login for use. The second category is costly because for implementing user authorization, additional security measures are required, including firewalls. It also requires time, including the cost. However, it is costly but promises secure app usage, so the mobile app development companies in New York take extra measures.

3. Add-ons

The customer-centric apps are incomplete with the add-ons. The React Native apps require extra efforts to integrate the social media channels, custom add-ons, and other add-ons. It increases the expense. That makes it one of the factors affecting the cost of hiring a developer in the USA.

4. Hardware Dependency

It is one of the top factors that can impact the cost of app development. For example, the IoT Apps more depends upon the hardware. Hardware-oriented React Native app is more complicated in comparison to the native apps.

5. App Distribution Expenditure

Other than development, app distribution and deployment also costly affairs. Several distribution channels have a pricing policy accordingly. The Google Play Store and Apple App Store both charge the developer license cost of around $100. In addition, some apps also required permissions such as security permission, data use, standards compliance, and all.

6. App Maintenance

Although React Native app development requires the cost, it not ends here. For smooth functioning of the app, regular updates and maintenance are required, including fixing bugs and updating some functionalities.

Moreover, top mobile app development companies crucially focus on rigorous app testing to ensure the best experience and eliminate all the potential threats. So, they also invest in it that affects the cost of development. The apps developed based on React Native technology require appropriate maintenance. It takes 20-25% cost per year of the overall project cost.

Why Should Businesses Hire React Native App Developer?

There are several advantages of hiring React Native app developer. The technology is advantageous because it is open source and the best option for cross-platform app development. It can be used for developing apps for Android, iOS, Android TV, macOS, and so forth. If there is any requirement for cross-platform app development, it is the most favored option for top app development companies worldwide.

Let’s check out some key advantages of it-

1. Code Reusability

As an entrepreneur, you need to spend more on the resources as React Native showcases the best code reusability mechanism. Using a single code base, the developer can make a mobile app for Android and iOS platforms that will perform like a native app. Multiple mobile app development companies in San Francisco have utilized its advantages, which is only about San Francisco. If we go with the worldwide data, it is 42% preferred by developers for app development.

2. Cost & Time Effective

The cost reusability feature and readymade coding components make React Native cost and time effective. It cuts the project development time and price by nearly half of its total. In addition, it provides the developer with a find momentum for app development.

3. Reduced Maintenance Cost

React Native applications works fine when it has regular updates and maintenance. You need to take care of a single code base instead of updating separate codes for the same. The developer can fix bugs or any discrepancy in less time than, in turn, reduce the maintenance cost.

4. Less Manpower

Compared to native app development, the React Native App development can be handled via less manpower, including one project in charge, one designer, two developers, and one testing engineer. Many mobile app development companies in New York handle multiple React Native projects via specific short teams. That empowers them to deliver the projects efficiently and in less time.

5. Simple User Interface

In terms of UI, it is also a promising technology that offers an excellent & smooth experience of the user interface where the customers like it most. Due to this quality, the apps load faster and work great.

6. In-Built Library

It is also one of the factors the reduces the time and cost of app development as it has a rich in-built library that allows the developers to call the standard library functions for a specific purpose. For example, suppose that the developer can include a react-native-share library if any business wants a social media sharing facility.

7. Seamless Integration

The market demands that mobile applications must have all the features. With React Native, it is much easier to integrate third-party plugins or modules. Some of the favored React Native third-party plugins are React Native Router Flux, React Native Modalbox, React Native Selectmen, ProgressBar Android.

8. Community Support

It has strong community support, so in case of any doubt or help, you can ask your query on the community portal. There you or anyone can seek support from the global community.

9. App Templates

Some of the best React Native app development companies in the world use app templates that allow them to build the cost fast and also helps in creating cross-platform native performance app for Android and iOS platforms.

Here you should check some important FAQs that will provide great insight into React Native App Development.

1. What About React Native Cost Estimate?

However, exact cost estimation is impossible without discussing the requirement, but you can read out the rough cost estimation about React Native app development.

  • Initial Stage: It is one of the crucial stages where the process includes validating the idea, competitor analysis, roadmap creation, and decision about the target audience. It cost near around $5000-$7000.
  • Wireframing: It is the next task to the initial stage where prototyping and wireframing take place. It takes 40-60 hrs.
  • Designing & Development- the most crucial stage that takes 50-70% of the overall project cost.
  • Deployment- it depends on which distribution channel you have chosen.
  • Support & Maintenance- It costs you 20-25% of the overall project cost per year.

2. What Is React Native Development?

React Native is an open-source mobile application development platform launched by Facebook. Its first version is launched in 2015. It enables the developers to build the applications using a single codebase for Windows, Android, and iOS.

3. What Are React Native Development Requirements?

These recommendations are provided by one of the top mobile app developers in the world, which are following –

  • H/W Requirements: 8GB
  • S/W Requirements: Android Studio (IDE) 2.2.3, Android Sdk 25.0.2, Java 1.8.0_121, Node Js 4.2.6, NPM 3.5.2, React Native CLI 2.0.1

In addition to this programming, you need to have basic knowledge of Java programming, Objective – C, and JavaScript. These are the prerequisite that you need to start the React Native development.

4. How To Setup React Native Development Environment?

Here are some initial steps to set up React Native development environment.

  • Install create-react-native-app
  • Create project
  • Install NodeJS Python Jdk8
  • Install React Native CLI
  • Start React Native
  • As the next steps, if you want to run an Android emulator, you have to install Android Studio to check the steps from its official site.
  • After installing Android Studio, you need to open the command prompt via React Native app, and then you need to browse the project folder and execute the react-native run-android command.
  • To start working on the project, you have to set the local properties and hot reloading.


The Final Thoughts

It is such a great decision to hire React Native developer in the USA for your business app. It offers all the advantages of cross-platform and hybrid app development in reduced time with less cost. However, some factors affect the cost of hiring that you have read above. If not, then check in the upper sections again to read those factors and the advantages of React Native App Development. In addition, it is a perfect framework that allows targeting more customers using diverse platforms such as Android and iOS. So, are you going to hire a React Native App developer? I hope this article provided you with all the important insights.