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Different Hiring Models to Check When You Hire Mobile App Developers

July 6, 2021 |

This article is dedicated to the different hiring models that will provide you great insights into the essential aspects of hiring mobile app developers. It will let you take to the all-crucial points, and it is excellent to know as an entrepreneur that a mobile app can offer you great results.

Smartphone users and apps are increasing day by day that includes platforms such as iOS, Android. There is cutting-edge competition in the apps, and survival is very tough. If you plan to launch your app, you have to take crucial measures that include idea creation, implementation, development, and deployment.

There are types of hiring models that exist as per the demand in the market. It facilitates businesses to hire mobile app developers suitably.

Before we proceed to the further reading of this article, below are some facts for your information, and you need to check it out-

  • Around the world, 64% share of consumers are spending on mobile apps.
  • Till 2023, the revenue is projected to reach 935.2 billion US dollars.
  • In 2019, there were 2 million apps available for download on Google Play Store. On the other hand, 1.83 million apps were available on Apple Play Store.
  • In 2021, global spending on enterprise software is USD 517 billion.

Let’s check out these hiring models below!

The Hiring Models & Mobile App Developers

Significantly there are three models-

  • Hourly Rate Model
  • Fixed Price Hiring Model
  • Dedicated Team Hiring Model

All these have their advantages, so these enterprises or businesses can hire suitable developer(s). Several app developers are working consistently, and if we specifically talk about the USA, some of the top app developers only work in Los Angeles. So, you can hire those, but you have to decide which model suits the budget and project requirement.

Let’s start with these

1. Hourly Rate Model

When an app developer is hired at an hourly rate, the payment will be made based on the total hours spent finishing the work. Suppose you hired one of the app developers in Los Angeles, and his hourly rate is $25 per hour, and the work is finished after spending 81 hrs. Then the total cost will be $2025. It is just an example. The straight formula is –

“Total Cost = Hourly Rate x Total working hours.”

It is a suitable model for entrepreneurs from a technical background. It has some practical knowledge of how much time it will take to complete some specific work, including adding a new segment into an app or adding extra features.

One of the best features of this model is flexibility, as, during the process, it is much easier to modify the existing requirements or adding some additional requirement(s). If there will be any requirement of sudden change, then at a time you can discuss with your developer. In addition, you can easily set the priority of work.

The following are the advantages of the hourly model –

  • Hourly-based payment: Instead of fixed cost, you have to pay an hourly basis to cost you less in average condition.
  • Task Monitoring: You can monitor the ongoing process and easily observe the pace of work because each minute is essential in an hour when the developer is working on an hourly basis.
  • Periodic Delivery: If you have hired more than one developer, you can divide the task into smaller sections progressively.
  • Impactful Review: The review can be done quickly to improve the work quality.
  • Time Utilization: It is one of the best ways of time utilization. In case of any extra work is required, then an extra hour can be added easily.

2. Fixed-Rate Hiring Model

As its name implied, when the business and app development services provider agreed on the fixed-rate regarding any project, then it is called the fixed-rate hiring model. The price remains the same throughout the project until some additions do not include in the existing requirements. For example, suppose you have a business in Chicago and want to have an app for business purposes. Then, among several companies, you can hire experts from the best mobile app development company Chicago, based on the fixed rate hiring model.

By choosing this model, the client would have to discuss the requirement at the starting of the project, so the results must be accurate. However, if you have a limited budget, then a fixed-rate hiring model is a perfect choice.

While following this hiring model, mobile app developers produce the MVP (i.e., Minimum Viable Product) at a specific deadline given by their clients. MVP is the best way to get honest time feedback that helps improve the quality of an app. In addition, it directly means that app developers can perform the changes smoothly before the launch of the final version.

Here are some critical advantages of the fixed-rate hiring model-

  • Cost Estimation: fixed-rate hiring model allows to estimate the cost optimally. The client has to define the requirements strictly to eliminate all the chances of discrepancy in the project.
  • Less Financial Risk: the price remains fixed. So, it stays clear what the project price will be, and there you do not have to pay extra cost.
  • Time Utilization: At the beginning of the project, the requirements remain fixed after finalization, and the deadline also remains fixed. So, while the app developers develop your project, you can utilize that time in doing some other crucial work.
  • Project Tracking: As the time and cost remained fixed, that makes project tracking smooth.

3. Dedicated Team Hiring Model

In the dedicated team hiring model, outsourced app developers and designers team develop the mobile application. It is different from other models wherein the hourly-based model, the payment will be based on hourly rate multiplies total hours, and in the fixed-rate model, the project’s cost remains fixed.

It’s one of the benefits that the product updates are being regularly delivered. The team is formed based on specialization and experience. This model allows enterprises to hire the best-handpicked designers and developers. If there is a need for high-grade expertise, then it will be the finest choice. Several mobile app developers Chicago serves the clients from the diverse background so you can also choose one of them for having an app launching.

This model has some advantages that make it unique from others which are following –

  • Dedicated Team: While following this model, you can access the best skill set via an experienced, dedicated team for app development.
  • Fine Human Resource Management: Here, clients do not need to worry about the issues related to the workforce. It will be managed by a service provider company or vendor company.
  • Complete Control: the enterprise owner will have complete control over the developer’s team until the development and deployment of the project.

You can go with any of the hiring models to check when you hire mobile app developers.

The Need for Mobile App Development

In the United States of America, as per the number of listed companies at the stock exchange (1980-2018), the number of companies was 4397, and till 2021 the number will be more.

The point is for targeting the desired customers; a mobile app is such a promising tool. So, if you have business in New York or want to establish then other than having a website, you must need an app. For the same, you should consult one of the mobile app developers NYC. If you want to know how to get that, read the below section of this article.

How to Hire Best Mobile App Developers?

The current time needs to digitalize the business, and there are some great options available that include a website, mobile app, and presence on social media platforms. In terms of revenue generation, it works great. These have left the websites that you can confirm by finding several apps launched by the mobile app developers on the Google Play Store and Apple Play Store. One of the app’s advantages is that it performs faster, provides a great experience, and remains flexible as users can use it as per convenience. The user-friendly app more facilitates the users.

Here are some great tips for hiring the best mobile app developers-

You should check the following while hiring the developers

  • UI/UX Skills

User interface and user experience both are essential elements for any mobile application. So, if you are going to hire mobile app developers, you should check what kind of UI/UX skills they have. For confirmation, you should ask for the app designs that they have crafted earlier. For example, Atlanta is also known for its web and app designing ability among other mobile app developers.

  • Experience 

Here you have to thoroughly research the experience of the experts that you are going to hire because it is directly related to your business, and, indeed, you do not want to take risks as hiring an experienced team. In addition to the manual research, you can also take the help of Google. For example, if your business is located in Los Angeles, you can search as – top app developers in Los Angeles. Then by reading the review and feedback, you can consult and decide which one will be best for you.

  • Technical Proficiency

For any app development, technical proficiency is a must. So, you must check about it that how much they are proficient. That you can confirm while reviewing their previous projects. It will give you great insight into their programming skills. You can also ask to explain the logic they will use to develop your mobile application. Example- In the USA, app developers in Los Angeles are known for their cross-platform app development skills.

  • Programming Tools

Developing apps is okay, but what kind of tools are being used, and what will they use regarding the project? It would help if you also focused on it. As the technology can change overnight so here, you required new age compatible solutions. If you have decided to go with mobile app development company Chicago, you must ask what latest tools and technology they will use specifically for your project.

  • Requirement Analysis

Not any project can be started without it, so you must ask app developers what their requirement analysis process is and how they will do it. First, it is essential to finalize the requirements. Once it is, done then the project can be kick start with ease.

  • Cross-Platform App Development

If you search for cost and time-effective solutions, none other than cross-platform app development is best. It allows the developer to apply code reusability for crafting the app for diverse platforms such as Android and iOS. If you are consulting with any mobile app development company in Atlanta, you should confirm they provide cross-platform app development services.

  • Portfolio

The portfolio is the best thing to know about any app development company that will let you know about the projects they have done earlier. You can also approach their other clients, if possible, to confirm their work.

  • Client Reviews

You can also check client reviews and testimonials as it is also helpful.

Here are some important FAQs that you can check here.

1. What is the cost of hiring mobile app developers, NYC?

The mobile app developers take $50-$200/hr. to develop a mobile application. However, you can also hire them as a dedicated team after finalizing the project. The actual cost depends upon the project requirement, features, and functionalities you want in your app.

2. What about the maintenance and post-sales support?

The app developers also provide maintenance and post-sales support. But you should note that it requires some cost. It averagely takes 20-25% cost per year out of the total app development cost.

3. What are the skills you must check before hiring mobile app developers? 

Before hiring app developers, you must check the following skills –

  • UI/UX
  • Programming Skills
  • Proficiency in latest development tools & technology
  • Cross-platform app development ability
  • Communication Skills

4. What are different hiring models for app development work?

Majorly three types of models exist-

  • Hourly Rate Model – you can hire the developers based on per-hour payment.
  • Fixed Price Hiring Model- the project price finalizes at the starting and remains fixed until the completion.
  • Dedicated Team Hiring Model- you will have a dedicated team for app development work.


The Final Thoughts

Hiring mobile app developers is crucial if you are seriously thinking about launching your business app to have a great connection with customers. However, it is advised by the experts that before reaching any conclusion, you should do deep research because each penny has its value that you never want to waste. So, it will be great to consult with some experienced mobile app developers, although if you want to know how you can hire them and the hiring models, you can refer to this article for the same.