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Top 10 Contact Form Plugins To Use For Your WordPress Site

March 30, 2021 |

WordPress is the platform that powers more than 75 million websites and that is a stat from the WordCamp site.

Isn’t the number huge? Yes, the reason? WordPress is easy to use and provides so many plugins that make your website better than a lot of other websites that are made from scratch.

In this article, we will talk about one of the categories of plugins that a lot of websites use. Yes, we are going to talk about the top 10 contact form plugins that you can use with your WordPress website.

WordPress plugins make life easy and that is the reason why developers love WordPress so much. These plugins are just software that can be integrated into your website and act as a part of it.

The contact form plugins are there to take in the contact details of the people who visit your website. Without this, it can be really hard to manage the data and keep it scrutinized. You can also hire one of the web development companies in San Francisco, they will take care of everything and find the best option for your website.

Why You Need To Install A Contact Form Plugin To Your WordPress Website

The websites that don’t use a contact form plugin just waste all their time in collecting and segregating all the data of their visitors. It gets really tiring and complex if you leave it unattended for some time but this is the time when plugins enter.

The contact form plugins enter and save your day. They collect all the information and put the data in a well-formatted manner. You can anytime access the data and the way it is stored makes it easy to read.

If you are one of those website development solutions in San Francisco who loves sorting data all by themselves then you might not need these. But, if you are someone who wants to focus on other things like content, then maybe you need them.

This is why we have listed down the top 10 contact form plugins to make it easy for you. There are so many plugins for contact forms and it can be really confusing if you have never installed one before. This article is written with the motive of helping such people out.

Top 10 Contact Form Plugins to Use for Your WordPress Site

All the plugins mentioned below are great in one thing or another. It totally depends on what you need so read each one carefully and then decide which one is best for your website. The plugins are all used a lot by professional website development companies Atlanta and hence are all genuine.

Web developers need to put in a lot of effort to create forms and hence they created plugins that can be integrated with all websites.

This saves a lot of development time and also costs to the website owners. Every business has a website and from their point of view, they must have all the contact details sorted out. There is nothing more important than data that is sorted out for businesses.

Top web development companies say that data is the next gold. This means that the value of data in the future will be equal to gold and to be honest, and we can’t deny this.

Let’s have a look at all the options:

1. WPForms

This is a drag and drop form builder. One of the easiest and still the most efficient and has a lot of features. The user-friendly interface adds up to all the features it provides to the users. Without any doubt, this is one of the best contact form plugins available on WordPress.

This plugin is used by some of the best website development companies Chicago and has been proven to be useful. There are pre-built form templates that make it easy and saves a lot of time that goes into creating a form from scratch.

You get a success message to verify that the form has been completed and that is really important. The forms can also be multi-page.

Hence, if you need more details then this one can be a great option. These are just some of the features that are offered by WPForms. Try this one for yourself and then decide if it is what you are looking for.

2. Formidable Pro

This one again is a drag and drop form builder. Formidable Pro is popular because of the performance that it provides. This one can be used to create complex forms for quizzes, forms for registration, forms for payment, forms for feedback, and a lot more.

Websites nowadays need forms that can do more than just take in the basic information. This is where Formidable Pro comes into play. This WordPress plugin lets you do what other basic form builders don’t. Or even if they do, it is really tough to make one and then connect it to your website.

These forms can even calculate a different field if you set them properly. One of the coolest features that this form provides is that you can use conditional logic and then show or hide the questions according to the behavior of the user. This is something that we think many form plugins don’t have.

If you have a website that deals with complex but attractive things, we suggest you try Formidable forms at least once.

3. Ninja Forms

If you are not into complex things, this one can be a great option. This is the most basic contact form plugin that you can get on WordPress. Even though this is just a basic form the forms can still be customized as per your requirements and it does provide some cool features that can make the forms even better.

This plugin is provided free in its core version in the WordPress plugin store. The best thing about it is that it is really easy to use and can do your work in way less time than any other contact form plugin.

You can also connect this to MailChimp, Campaign Monitor if you want to run email campaigns from the data you acquire. Top web development companies prefer this one because it serves them with marketing purposes as well.

4. Gravity Forms

This is a visual form editor plugin that provides the users advanced form building options like multi-page forms. Limited entries and save and continue option. There are many more advanced features that are provided to users.

This is basically for the websites that want forms for complex data accumulation or quizzing things. These can also be great if a website is conducting a survey or asking for user feedback. Here also there is an option to use conditional logic to show or hide some questions depending upon the user behaviour.

5. Contact Form By BestWebSoft

This is a freemium plugin that is offered by BestWebSoft. There are many dynamic features available with this plugin. The price of this starts from $30 a year to $300 for a lifetime.

You have the complete power over where the submitted forms go, how they will ask, what they will ask. This means that you can even send the entries to more than one person or source. A lot of events have more than one managing person and all of them need the data.

With this form plugin, the work can be done easily and in no extra time. The forms are super customizable and are well suited for almost all purposes. Contact form by BestWebSoft is great for the websites that work as an organization and need to share data with more than one person.

6. Contact Form 7

This plugin has more than five million installations and that is enough to tell you that it is used a lot. This form plugin is simple and has a lot of customization features for the users.

A website can have multiple forms with the help of this plugin and place them and get them live on the website in a couple of seconds. You can also modify the contents of the mail in the way you want with this form.

All of this can be done in the simplest way. The clean interface makes it all so much better. Most people face the problem of a complex interface with a lot of contact form plugins that they use, this one is soothing.

There are no unnecessary features or buttons. You can straight away start your work. Website development companies in San Francisco and other places around it use Contact Form 7 extensively.

7. Jetpack Forms

If you have used WordPress you might already know about Jetpack. This is the most installed plugin on WordPress and is itself promoted by them. The reason is that it provides a lot of things to the users. Like this contact form builder.

This is a complete package of tools that can power a website to do a lot more things than just display content. The form builder is powerful and allows high-level customization to the users. Anyone can make forms with the help of these plugins as it is really easy to set up and use.

The form designers would be able to create and place the forms on the website in just a few minutes. Jetpack is trusted but still, you can try it out and look at all the features and continue using it if you like the features.

8. Visual Form Builder

You can start with this one for free and then upgrade it if you feel that the features are up to your required level.

This one is fast and offers customization features to the user. For the website owners who want an easy and straightforward option, this one is a great choice. You can add a field with just a click and then edit them the way you want.

You can add functionality to different fields according to your needs. This doesn’t distract you from the main goal, to build a form. Forms are meant to collect information and provide data that can be meaningful.

You can also export your CSV file and then share it with people who you work with to get more from the data.

9. Form Maker By 10Web

Form Maker by 10Web is another drag and drop form builder plugin that a lot of websites use. The core version of this is free and gives the users a limited form. Form in the free version can only have 7 fields and that for most basic forms is enough.

Though, this will not be the same case when the websites need a detailed complex form. There are some feedback or inquiry forms that go beyond 7 fields. You get 4 display options in the form i.e., embedded, pop-up, top bar, and scroll box.

The form can also be used to take registrations for the website. This makes it do two jobs at once. Try it for yourself and if it feels right, you can always switch to a premium version without limits. Most of the web development company Chicago also uses this in their website projects.

10. weForms

If you are looking for a user-friendly form builder that gets the work done fastly, weForms is the one you should try.

This single-page form builder plugin makes things happen quickly and you don’t even have to reload the page while doing that. The forms are also well suited for a mobile phone. This increases the scope of the form that will be published on the website.

You can create campaigns using these forms and use them for attracting more people to the website. The minimalistic design of the plugin makes it even better to be used with websites.


Above mentioned plugins have different features and price ranges. You read them all and it will be better to try them first and then decide which one is suitable for your website.

Plugins are important, they do a lot of work that would otherwise take time and might also not be as accurate.

These plugins are all used by some of the biggest websites on the internet. You can use the contact details to fuel your email marketing campaigns or just to get an idea of who your customers are.