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Complete Guide to Custom Healthcare App Development

June 29, 2021 |

Healthcare app development is one of the revolutionary trends worldwide that facilitates the healthcare business to offer its services to customers. Here is a complete guide to custom healthcare app development.

The Covid-19 has a deep impact on every segment of the society that includes the new generation and the old generation.

During the global lockdown and after it, now people are focusing on healthcare that is creating opportunities for healthcare businesses, top app development companies to develop the app/software solutions, and people who are availing the health benefits.

Instead of other things, hygiene is the priority for anyone. It is the technology that is making life easier via healthcare app solutions.

There are several health-related brands available that people used to purchase from the stores, but the exciting thing is that there are several apps available by which people can online purchase medicines & health supplements, consult online with doctors and attend yoga or exercise classes.

As per one of the top survey sites, the estimated global mobile health market is projected to reach $189 billion, and only on google play are there 53,054 apps available till the first quarter that is a 6.51% increase compared to the previous quarter Q4, 2020. In addition to this, total digital health industry funding worldwide in 2020 is 13.9 billion USD.

Here we talked about only one platform. If we go deeper, then there are platforms (i.e., iOS, Windows) where healthcare apps are available in numbers for professionals and consumers.

However, those apps are different in functionality but have the same purpose of serving the community where organizations consider it a revenue generation model. Most apps provide tips regarding fitness, style, health, nutrition, diet tips, healthy living, and weather conditions. The mobile health market is projected to reach 300 billion USD by 2025.

Several app development companies are working round the clock to develop online healthcare solutions. One of the top reasons is serving the industry with modern age health solutions and catering to the considerable worldwide demand.

The software companies, such as mobile app development NYC, receiving more requests for Healthcare App Development after the Covid-19 post phase. That represents a high rise in the market size regarding custom mobile healthcare solutions.

What Are the Various Types of Healthcare Apps Are Available in The Market?

The coronavirus outbreak affected the large population among different countries that raised the demand for custom healthcare app development. Although before 2019, the demand was in between low and moderate, there is a high demand since the end of 2019. These healthcare apps are available in categories-

1. EHR Software

It stands for electronic health records and is mostly used by hospitals and clinics to maintain patients’ data. So, you can consider it as the mobile version of CRM. It contains information like patient’s info such as age, name, disease, assigned doctor, and information like doctor’s recommendation, prescription detail, etc.

2. Medical Database Software 

It stores information like the patient’s history, pre-and post-treatment diagnosis reports, and treatment details. It organized the data on a disease basis, not on a patient basis.

One of the experts from a mobile app development company in New York admits in a report- it is always a challenge that gives us the thrill to develop it because its main application is for cross-referencing. So, we never left any stone unturned while developing it.

3. Medical Diagnosis Software

It is one type of specialized software that performs the diagnosis based on AI technology that extensively analyzes the patient’s data and generates the probable diagnosis guideline to get effective treatment. In addition, these apps also check that whether the patient needs to go to the hospital or not.

4. Medical Research Software            

The healthcare solutions in terms of supplements and medicines can’t derive without research. So, for this need, software firms such as mobile app development in San Francisco develop the latest medical research software solutions.

It serves two goals education & training and comprehensive research. The data generated by this app is used for educating medical professionals to diagnose the disease extensively.

5. E-prescribing Software

It is one of the hottest trends in custom healthcare app development. Now more and more professionals are switching to it for sharing the prescription with customers. Via this app, the doctors can track the patient’s health record, renew or modify the prescription, and mark their recommendation.

6. Telemedicine Software

It is an industry in itself that is projected to grow $64 billion by the year 2025. It empowers the doctors or healthcare professionals to provide consultation to the patients via web browser and mobile app. Its main feature is video conferencing. The mobile app developers San Francisco, also deals in this segment to provide healthcare solutions based on their expertise.

7. Appointment Booking Software   

Now clinics and hospitals are using appointment booking software where patients can book appointments, and admins can approve or reject the request, reschedule the appointment with prior informing to the patient.

It also generates the reminder or alert for the doctors and patients. Several experts providing Atlanta mobile app development services admitted that there is a high rise in the demand for online appointment booking software.

8. Healthcare Tracking Apps

The healthcare tracking apps are new generation applications that collect users’ data regarding their health, such as body temperature, blood pressure, heart rate, etc.

In addition, it includes the segments such as fitness tracking, diet consultation, meditation, and stress reduction techniques.

9. Hospital Management System

It comes in two options one is the website, and another in the app. The hospital management software offers ease to admins for handling the day-to-day tasks. It includes accounts, inventory management, medical billing, and claims, etc. The firms such as mobile app development Chicago are experts in developing these solutions and helped man hospitals in the USA implement them.

A Step-by-Step Guide for Custom Healthcare Development

Although developing the custom healthcare app requires expertise, but there are some certain points on which a developer must focus to build something fruitful as per the expectations of the users and Medicare professionals. Here is a complete guide for custom healthcare development that will add value to your respective application. So, let’s kick start with one by one-

1. Idea Finalization

After the Covid-19 phase, many apps guide immunity-boosting diets, supplements, and exercises. Several healthcare apps on the Google Play Store and Apple App Store exist, and you have to compete with them. The only way of success is your idea.

If it is unique among the existing software, then there are more chances that your app will get attention. As per the specialists who deal in mobile app development Chicago, the soul of any app is its idea. They have developed many apps, but the best apps are still getting more users due to their concepts.

2. Target Audience

Blindly launching the products is not a good idea. From the business point of view, you need to target the audience that includes the age group, group interest, language, and geographical background, and any specific need.

Here you need to decide via which platform you will target the audience, such as iOS or Android. One of the specialists from a mobile app development company in New York advises that now it is an era of apps that work the same on any platform, so cross-platform apps are potential revenue generation activities. It gives a larger area to target the potential audience.

3. Competitor Analysis

If any business ignoring the competitor analysis, then it is the worst mistake, although nobody did it, doing it and will do it.

Before launching any app, this process is crucial. Here we are talking about custom healthcare app development and top app development companies that are one of the biggest segments of the mobile app market.

So, here you need to do fine competitor analysis before launching the app development. It is necessary to have insight that what kind of products in the market would be your potential competitors and what are they doing for the business.

4. Profit Model

The medical institutions, hospitals, clinics, pharmaceuticals, and health supplement brands consider it an additional business.

But if you are none of them and want to launch your app, then you need to finalize the profit generation model. Like how will you strategize the things that will generate the revenue for you?

Mainly health-based apps earn from subscriptions, so you need to focus on your subscription model. In addition, it would be best if you use advertisers to promote their brands via your app. It will also generate revenue for you.

5. Design & Development

It is a step by which actual app development will start. Here you need to decide which technology stack you will use and what kind of tools will be used for UI/UX design.

Although the designing and development part both are crucial, the user will interact via GUI, so it must be powerful and easy to use.

The customer must find it smooth to navigate from one section to another. In an interview with mobile app development in NYC, the expert said they take extra designing measures that add value to their coding for healthcare app development.

6. Launching MVP

The term MVP is an acronym for a Minimum viable product that contains the essential features and functionalities of the application. It is being used to get the customer’s feedback and to improve the existing functionalities.

The app development takes time, so launching MVP is a great idea; it will be beneficial for you and the customers.

The customers will interact with it and provide valuable feedback that you can use as a great reference to overcoming the existing challenge with the app. Most app development companies use to do this as their standard practice.

7. Testing

Developing an app is not enough until it is rigorously tested before launch. It is most crucial to test the app because a minor bug can create a disaster. It also works best in terms of the best customer experience.

Via testing, any in-app discrepancy functionality can also be eliminated, which leads to greater results. Many experienced developers from mobile app development San Francisco told in a survey that app testing is the best way to find out the real potential of any healthcare app.

While testing it, you should check it on four parameters: data privacy, functionalities, data security, and any malfunctioning or bug left by the developer.

8. User Privacy & Security

User privacy and security are also important concerns. If any loss happens to the user’s privacy and data, it may lead your healthcare app to serious consequences.

One of the biggest disasters will be mass app uninstallation and negative feedback. It is enough to destroy the image among other users.

So, it would help if you took extra measures to ensure that there must not be an issue relating to any beach in user privacy and security. The Atlanta mobile app development companies have a dedicated team of experienced testers to make the app more secure.

9. Maintenance & Support  

After launching a custom healthcare app, it is also your responsibility to take care of maintenance and support. Appropriate maintenance ensures the fine working of the app.

If you need any extra help and face difficulties in it, you can consult for the same with mobile app development, Chicago.

While maintaining the app, you can also add some additional functions and features left while developing the app. Thus, it will improve the scalability of an app.

What Features a Healthcare App Must Have?

Features make any application powerful, so the same is applied to the healthcare app. The mobile app developers, San Francisco suggests that the following are the features that every app must have-

  • Appointment booking
  • Login Options- via phone number/email/social media account
  • Chat Option
  • Video Call Option
  • Prescription Upload Option
  • E-Prescription
  • Doctor’s Information
  • Patient Information
  • Multiple Payment Option
  • Location Tagging
  • Health Community
  • Reviews and Feedback Tab
  • AI-Based Symptoms Checker


The above are key features that every custom healthcare must-have. The additional features can be added as per the requirements.

The Final Words

Many experts, analysts, and mobile app developers reported that by 2028 the mobile healthcare market would be $149.3 billion with a CAGR of 17.7%, which was USD 40.05 billion in 2020.

The Covid-19 pandemics has increased considerable use of apps among the users. People are leveraging the benefits from it. In addition to the treatment, these apps are also helping to purchase health supplements, nutrition items, and dietary supplements.

Several mobile app development companies are dealing in the healthcare app development segment, and they will experience a high rise in the upcoming time. So, if you want to launch your app, it would be best to consult with any top app development companies to have great insight.