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June 14, 2021 |

  • Inmost

    Inmost is a software development company from Ukraine. We are a team of 40+ designers, engineers, project managers, quality assurances, and tech enthusiasts, working with common values and striving to help our clients build efficient digital products that solve business challenges. We focus on developing easy-to-use and cutting-edge solutions, collaborating with a diverse team of experts that combines different backgrounds and expertise, delivering greater than the sum of the parts.


    Our expertise is in complex applications in industries: retail, e-commerce, and healthcare. We provide mobile, web, and cloud development services. Our technical stack for mobile: native iOS and Android tools; for cross-platform: Flutter, ReactNative and iOnic. For web we use: Node.js (Express framework), Java, PHP – for backend development; Angular, React.js, Vue.js – for frontend development. We have experience with AWS.

    $25 – $49 / hr