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How to Choose the Best Web Development Company from India

August 17, 2021 |

Getting a stunning website developed is a prime need for any company- regardless of its size and niche. Without a functional website that fulfills the needs of end-users well, no business can prosper and sustain itself in a competitive landscape.

While there are plenty of website creation tools and technologies, hiring a suitable web development agency to get the job done makes sense. A veteran web development company can create various types of websites using the right tools and apt procedures.

Why choose a web development company in India?

Why choose a web development company in India?

There are some solid reasons for choosing a web application development company in India. In India, the availability of skilled and experienced web developers is abundant.

Every year, thousands of students pass out of IT courses from universities and colleges in the country, and they can be hired for web development needs at a lower cost. Outsourcing web development to Indian-origin companies is a prudent idea.

These agencies are known for their versatility, flexibility, and sheer professionalism.

Way to ensure you choose the right Indian web development agency

Nowadays, you can find many Indian-origin web development companies offering their services for all types of clients. However, it is imperative to zero in on a suitable agency among so many contenders. You will need to assess the available contenders using some vital parameters. These include:

  • Tenure and experience– While some newcomer web development firms offer impressive services, you can be on the safer side by picking a veteran agency in this sector. It makes sense to hire an agency with decade-long experience in this industry. While a veteran web development company may charge you higher than the new entrants, they are likely to offer more reliable and professional services. Besides, you can expect more customization scopes and explore from diverse packages.
  • Portfolio– Any Indian web development agency may speak in lofty terms about its achievements, quality of service, etc. How can you be sure without checking its sample of work? Make it a point to explore the portfolio of these entities carefully. Analyze the websites designed by such entities on some key grounds.
  • Aesthetic aspects– Check how the websites look both on PC and mobile devices. Functionality- Check if the websites made by it render fast and flawlessly across multiple devices and platforms. Check site navigation and ease of usage, in particular.
  • Security– Check if the websites conform to the latest online safety standards or not.
  • Client base and feedback– when you interact with any Indian web development agency, ensure you learn about its client base. While some agencies may list their clientele on their websites, feel free to ask about the topic. You should also check out reviews of its clients using diverse web resources. It is better if you find an agency that has already worked for clients belonging to the same industry as yours.
  • Variety of packages– Is the company capable of developing various types of websites? That is a factor you need to assess. The top Indian web development firms offer separate packages for eCommerce and corporate site development, for example. They also offer customization options for the customers. They may offer web development packages based on specific platforms like WordPress, Magento, and Drupal, etc. Some of them also offer SaaS web development packages.
  • Service terms– Before hiring any web Development Company, you should check out its service terms carefully. You have to learn about aspects like expected delivery time, support, and pricing-related issues. The top Indian web development firms do not suppress such issues from the clients.
  • Response type– The way a web development company reverts to your query reveals a lot about its feasibility and credibility. The top-notch and professional entities do not delay in responding to client queries, regardless of the type of client. They also explain the nuances of their services to prospective clients. In fact, you can expect the veteran Indian web development entities to offer you a detailed consultation session. You can get your queries resolved, and they will also explain which package is suited for your requirements and why.
  • Allied services– Getting a website developed by a top agency is good, but that is not all! You need some additional services to get the site ready for access. It is always better if you can hire a web development company that offers such allied services. For example, you may look for an agency that offers web development and SEO. There are some agencies that also offer web hosting services for their clients. This makes things easier for you and you will be able to save money too.
  • Support– The website you get developed by hiring a reputed agency can develop snags. It can be down owing to numerous software and internet technology issues, and these glitches take place unexpectedly! In such dire situations, the support of the web development agency comes in handy. So, ensure you hire an agency that offers robust, reliable support for its customers round the clock.
  • Security provisions– Nowadays, website owners remain worried about hacking attacks and stealthy online exploit mechanisms adopted by the malicious lot. To ensure your website does not contain any security loopholes, ask a web development agency about security provisions deployed by it for client site development. It is also necessary that they make use of the latest versions of web development applications or platforms.
  • Certification and accreditations– While this is not a mandatory thing, it is better if the web development agency chosen by you has any kind of industry-standard certification. This can be assured when you want to hire such an agency for designing a large website or launch an e-commerce portal for global operations.

How to find the top web development companies

If you have not hired any web application development company, do not fret. Finding and contacting these entities is easy, and there are many methods you can use for that. These are:

  • You can begin by searching online using any of the popular search engines. Use a price range and location of the agency for getting better matching results. Then, you can pick from those contenders.
  • It is prudent to utilize your professional references to locate these entities. This can prove to be both convenient and time-saving.
  • You can use professional networking sites and top job portals to find reputed Indian web development companies.
  • Even on some popular social media platforms, you can search for groups and forums comprising web developers.

Hire an India-based web development entity or a freelancing web developer?

This depends on your budget and requirements, mostly. When you want to get a website created within a modest budget, hiring a freelance web developer from India makes sense.

Some of these freelance web developers are known for their quality of work and professionalism. However, big brands seeking corporate site development should ideally opt for the services of web development agencies.

Creating a large website with many pages and features is something a team of developers in an IT software outsourcing company can handle better.

Summing it up:

Hiring a suitable web development India agency for your brand should not be hard. You have to know the ways to assess these companies. The assessment and selection should not be made in a hurry. It is prudent to resolve all your queries before you sign up for the services of any such web development entity.

Abhishek Jain

Abhishek Jain is the head of marketing at Imenso Software, which is a renowned software development company in India & it offers high-quality IT services that evolve with corresponding business trends and technology.