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The Best Outsourcing Countries for App Development Partner

August 10, 2021 |

Outsourcing software development offers a great way to hire remote developers with the desired skills and expertise and save money for an app project while not compromising high-quality output.

But, there are several aspects one needs to consider for outsourcing app projects.

Not all countries are equal, as the top outsourcing destinations are populated with outstanding developer talents having a proven track record. Some countries already made their reputation high as the ideal outsourcing destinations for software and app development projects.

Here we are going to introduce top countries for outsourcing your mobile app projects. But before that, let us briefly discuss the key advantages of outsourcing and critical considerations for choosing outsourcing destinations.

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Critical Benefits of app development outsourcing

Hiring outsourcing companies for app projects has already become popular all over the globe. Let’s briefly discuss here the critical advantages of app development outsourcing.

Minimum overhead cost and burden

The most significant benefit is the reduced cost of development, particularly as a company doesn’t need to go through the rigorous selection, talent acquisition, and maintenance responsibilities of large developer teams with long-term overload costs.

With the outsourcing option, a company pays only for the time developers are engaged in a project.

Flexibility of hiring

You can either opt for a fully-fledged developer team or a particular specialist developer when opting for outsourcing developers. You can engage developers flexibly between different milestones in a project without being committed for the entire project.

Access to larger pool experts

You may not find a large pool of expert developers in any specific country or region. But just by opting for wide-open global outsourcing choices, you can find experts in remote parts of the world who can deliver the best output for your app project.

Access to robust infrastructure

The expert development companies catering to outsourcing project requirements are equipped with robust IT infrastructure and all the tools and development approaches. This helps a business start with the project right away and get it done quickly.

Fewer risks

When you work with a team of top IT professionals with years of expertise across many outsourcing projects, the chances of going wrong and draining resources are already minimized. With outsourcing, you can tremendously reduce project risks.

What do you need to consider when choosing a country for app outsourcing?

When it is about finding the best countries for app project outsourcing, some key considerations are cost or an hourly rate of the developers, IT market, Time zone differences, cultural issues, linguistic proficiency, communication problems, compliance and security issues, etc.

Some countries are better placed as IT outsourcing destinations because of their organic potential, developer resources, IT market, and other aspects that we mentioned earlier.

The app development company in Brussels may offer an expensive quote while allowing access to industry-best experts. So, considerations don’t just stop at the development cost.

Here we list the top countries for app project outsourcing.


With millions of science, technology, and engineering graduates and a thriving IT market with a vast number of app development startups and leading development companies having a global footprint, India easily stands as the first choice for app development outsourcing.

The most significant impetus offered by the country is in terms of cost savings, as wages for developers are still lower here compared to the rest of the world. Proficiency in the English language is another positive aspect that goes in favor of Indian outsourcing companies.


With the highest number of tech and engineering graduates and a robust economic superpower constantly making space for global companies, China stands as the most viable IT outsourcing destination.

With its thriving IT scene populated by developers and programmers across every specialty, China always remains in consideration for app projects targeting global developers. The only constraint for China is lack of compliance with
intellectual property laws.


With a robust educational infrastructure and a dedicated focus on engineering and technology education, Canada rose to prominence as a preferred IT destination for businesses around the world.

Mainly US-based businesses often find working with Canadian developers easier and more convenient with several financial incentives, time zone benefits, and communication. The only constraint is the higher wage rate that puts Canada behind Asian countries as an IT outsourcing destination.


Brazil rose to global prominence as the leading IT outsourcing destination with several million fluent English speakers and an increasing population of young engineering and technology graduates.

Though Brazil is slowly having a firmer grip on the global outsourcing demands, the IT community of the country is still relatively new, and the country is mainly preferred for hiring junior developers to work under senior experts.

Since the country is vast with huge lifestyle differences, the wages from one place to the other tremendously vary.


Like several East European countries, Ukraine has emerged as a leading global player in IT outsourcing. The country always stands ahead of many of its neighbors because of its thriving tech education and high literacy rate.

The country producing millions of engineering graduates every year emerged as a powerhouse of promising developers.

Another crucial advantage that goes in favor of this country is the highly affordable hourly rates for the developer. Despite being a European nation, Ukraine is just first in the low-end category in terms of hourly developer rates within Europe.

The country also offers many incentives for the US, Canada, and EU passport holders, including visa-free travel for as long as three months.


So, the global outsourcing scene for app projects involves many differences and specialties that businesses need to consider before targeting developers and development agencies from any country. It all depends upon the location of your business and critical project attributes.