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Best File Sync Software -Which is trending in 2021

May 24, 2021 |

If you are looking for the best file synchronization software, then here are some best & trending file sync software in 2021 that you must checkout.

The best file sync software trending in 2021 is based on modern age technology that helps us to save or backup files that we can access from any device and from any location such as home or office or even from a café. These are the cloud-powered software that makes it easy to recover and manage documents.

Cloud storage enables the users to sync, save, retrieve and secure the data without any hesitation. Moreover, we can update the documents on a real-time basis to use in the event of sharing with others for professional purposes. In the USA, it is used by web development companies in California, Atlanta, etc.

In addition, the file sync software is also a useful tool for the organizations where the team is working remotely, and files are required to be updated and shared regularly. It makes administrator’s work easy where they can decide the user privileges. They can decide who can only share the file, save, share and retrieve the file, etc. For the elimination of any data breach, it serves very well. Although there is several software available in the market, you can consult with any software development company if you want a customized version.

Key Highlights About File Synchronization Software 

The file sync software is also known as collaboration software. So here are some data that you need to know-

– Till the end of 2021, the revenue generation by file sync software will be USD 13,325.16m.

– Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) is 7.15% for 2021-2025, resulting in USD 17,566.09 million by 2025.

– The Worldwide United States of America is leading with, and till the end of 2021, the revenue will be USD 6,676.

It is useful when you need to sync –

– Files between more than one computer so you can make the same available file for several users.

– Files to an external drive for backup the data

–  Local files to cloud storage so these can be accessed anywhere, anytime.

Advantages of File Synchronization software

There are several advantages of using file sync software, and it is really worth using it. In addition, the following list represents the advantages of it –

1. Protection

Most file sync software are empowered by cloud technology, and also, some local software exists. It provides protection to your data as you can set user privileges. Worldwide cloud software is in use, and some are free for use, such as Dropbox, Google Drive, etc. They follow a protection mechanism but with some limits. Although they work fine, if you need high protection, then you can purchase paid software or consult with web development companies, Atlanta to have customized file synchronization software.

2. User Activity Control

Sometimes it is difficult to save the files from the persons who do not concern with any data but just for curiosity access that. So, with the help of file sync, you can decide the limit that who can see and fetch the data and who cannot. Therefore, it is useful for the organization with a specialized department to handle the database of customers and users.

3. Efficiency

Emails are only built for sending small files but suppose you have to send large files, then file synchronization software enables you to send large files to the concerned person. The limit depends from software to software. The free version software works with a limit, but paid version promises more than that. The CEO of software development company Atlanta admits that file sync software is making work easy for many organizations.

4. Administrative Rights

This software shows the example that how administrators can manage the control over data with a fine approach. The managers can manage the users, data flow, sharing of files & folders, moving of files from one location to another for official purpose.

5. File Backup and File Recovery

The file sync software allows the users to create multiple backups in real-time, so restoring the old deleted files can be restored or retrieved easily.

6. Data Encryption

The cyber threat is a common problem, and the whole world faces it daily. So, it allows keeping data in an encrypted form. Due to the encryption, the data remains safe from hacking and unauthorized use.

7. Logging & Reporting

Whatever user actions are, it creates automatic logs that can be accessed via reports. In addition, it allows administrators to export and print the reports. Many web development companies in California are using for in-house process and provide customized on-demand solutions for file sync software.

8. Easy Sharing

Although the file can be shared via a networking drive for remote work, it is not convenient and secure. Here, you need a file synchronization solution that creates the safe path for data, information, and file-sharing between remote computers. You can’t believe that the best file sync software is a fantastic option to do so.

In addition to the other advantages, you can add that files remain updated because they allow users to edit and upload the files on a real-time basis. Whenever there is an update, it is market and synced with the help of software.

List of Best File Sync Software -Which is trending in 2021

1. Dropbox

It is one of the topmost file synchronization software that is for professional as well as for personal use. It helps you streamline the remote work and create a family space where you can share personal photographs; other than syncing the files & folders, it allows you to save the passwords in a protected way. The other best features are that you can also perform electronic signatures on legal documents.

As per the experts of software development company Atlanta, Dropbox provides promising features. Right now, there are 300,000 businesses worldwide using it. Out of the total 50%, fortune 500 companies have trust in it.

2. Microsoft OneDrive

Microsoft does not need any introduction as it is one of the most favored brands of many companies, such as web development companies in California and worldwide. It allows to store & sync personal data with high-grade security. You can use or access your file anywhere; the only condition is that the operating system must be Windows 10. It syncs the files and system settings such as themes, app settings, & many more. With the free version, you can store up to 5GB, and if you need more space, you can use the paid version.

The Microsoft OneDrive stores files in three modes: locally available, online available, and always available. The locally available means your files to be available on a device, available online means when you open the file, it will be downloaded to your system, and always available means the files can be accessed anytime in offline mode.

3. Google Drive

Google is one of the leading technology organizations worldwide and is known as the king of search engines. Its Google Drive – A file sync software is used by most of the whole people around the world for professional as well as personal purposes. It is one of the top choices by web development companies in Atlanta, California, etc. Its easy to use and have the most promising features that is used for file synchronization and storage.

It comes in two versions one is free, and another is paid version. The free version comes with 15GB that is more in comparison to the other file synchronization software. With its help, you can synchronize and share between computers to computers, computers to mobile, and vice-versa. It is empowered by Google Cloud that is one of the promising technologies developed by Google Corp. It is simplistic, but it is the best file sync software for the common user in terms of features.

4. Samepage

The core principle of Samepage is one tool with unlimited potential. It facilitates communication, project management, meetings, and online collaboration to share the information via files & folders. With the help of it, it is very easy to manage the project tasks. During the pandemic, it is very tough to run the physical office, so the help of Samepage virtual office can be easily set and used. Moreover, it provides inbuilt tools that make communication easier between the whole team. Most of the web development companies, Atlanta surprised after using it during the global lockdown.

5. ShareFile

Citrix ShareFile is one of the best file synchronization software that provides safe file sharing and storage solutions. The thing that makes it special is that it provides custom sharing capability, including password protected online portal that allows users to share files up to 100GB and offers unlimited storage. The files can be shared between mobile and computers. It best for various organizations such as accounting, architecture, construction, engineering, healthcare, insurance, and others.

6. FreeFileSync

Where other software are paid, the file sync software that is open source and free for use means anyone can download, install and use it. It is available for all three major operating systems, such as Windows, MacOS, and Linux. First, it compares two folders or more folders with the date & time of modification and file size. Then, it offers four sync modes which are two-way, mirror, update, and custom. Its most promising feature is customizing the synchronization where the user can decide his own rules.

It allows you to create a batch job with the help of it file synchronization possible without entering the program’s main window. You can also schedule the sync task hassle-free. While reviewing it, specialists from one of the web development companies in California, recognized it as one of the best free file sync software trending in 2021.

7. GoodSync

It is an extensive file backup and synchronization software that allows syncing files between two directories and two devices. It is supported by all kind of operating systems that users or organizations use worldwide. It offers block-level data transfer, auto-file transfer, locked file copy, and security attribute propagation. It also allows data sharing from multiple cloud drives such as Google Drive, Dropbox, Azure, OneDrive, SharePoint, etc.

8. Easy2Sync

It is a specialized software that offers two variants one is Easy2Sync Files and Easy2Sync for outlook. Where files version allows you to sync & share the files between multiple locations, and outlook version allows user to keep sync outlook emails, contacts, and calendars.

The Easy2Sync files are supported by the Windows versions such as Windows 10, 8, Vista, etc. With its help, you can synchronize office files, mp3, images, movies, and other file types from one computer to another. Moreover, if users do not want to manually process the synchronization, they can also execute an automatic start option. It comes in three edition freeware, home-edition, and business edition. 

9. Syncplicity

It is easy to install and use. Syncplicity is used for Mac and Windows PC, and in terms of mobile devices, it can be used with Android and iOS. There are two versions of it one is personal, and another is professional. The personal version has a limit of 10GB, where the professional version can be purchased with 100GB storage capacity.

It also offers a business plan that offers more features for collaboration, such as Ad integration, Sign-on, MDM integration (mobile device management), and remote wipe. For example, with the help of a remote wipe, the administrator can wipe out all the files remotely from the system located at another location. As other organizations, it can also be used by the software development company.

10. Apple iCloud

It only provides services for Apple-based devices such as Mac PC, iPhone, and iPad. Its free version offers 5GB space, and if you need more, you can purchase other versions such as 50 GB, 200 GB, and 2TB. Instead of using its own cloud storage, Apple iCloud use Amazon AWS, Google Cloud, and Microsoft Azure.

The Extract

There is a lot of importance of data for anyone, especially in the case of business. So, it would be best to place the files, data, and information safe; the organizations must use the best file sync software trending in 2021. Then, they can choose it at their convenience.

The file synchronization software promises high-quality security and empowers businesses to stay updated with their documents where users or employees can update the files on a real-time basis. Major functionalities of these file sync software are file backup, recovery, and synchronization, where other profitable features are Protection, User Activity Control, Efficiency, Administrative Rights, Data Encryption, Logging & Reporting, and Easy Sharing. So check out this software for use.