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Benefits of Dedicated Development Team for Outsourcing

April 29, 2021 |

We are living in the digital era of stringent competition. Companies are in a consistent competition to battle it out and win users’ graces. This means continuous re-invention and finding ways to get more momentum for their product.

It all starts with the right resources for your software development. Consequently, great products are built with a concentrated team that is working dedicatedly on the project. So, that’s where a dedicated development team comes into play.

That’s the idea of a dedicated development team – that works on your project exclusively. However, not all companies want to or can follow the dedicated team model. It may be because of budget constraints, or employee benefits that may incur excessive costs.

Another reason may be the overall vision of the company. It may not allow having proper resources to be hired and retained within the organization. Small businesses and startups tend to work this way.

This gives the idea of working with dedicated resources in a team that resides outside the company. Sounds familiar? Yes, we are bringing our discussion to an outsourced dedicated team that works day in, day out. They ensure that your product gets the maximum out of its potential.

Advantages of contracting Dedicated Development Team

To help you get convinced about this great idea, here are the benefits of the dedicated development team.

– Complete Transparency

– Lesser Hassle

– Cost-Effective

– Consistency in Deadlines

– Better Steer and Manageability

– Focus on Marketing and Promotion

– Improved Product Vision and Roadmap

– Higher Complexity with Greater Efficiency

Now, we are rounding up on the advantages in the section below.

1. Complete Transparency

If done professionally, the dedicated developers’ model also entails a project manager or scrum master in the structure. He/she is responsible for communicating the entire project’s progress to you. Before the project is initiated, you will agree on a schedule of the communication model. This will allow you greater transparency of the project.

Although, usually outsourcing is perceived as running around the team to be given proper response. However, if you find a great outsourcing software development company; you will not encounter any such situation at all.

2. Lesser Hassle

Exclusive programmers working in a dedicated team structure means that you don’t have to worry about the product development lifecycle. As a client, you have outsourced your project to a third-party development services company. Now it is on them to complete your project within the agreed time and budget.

3. Cost-Effective

Dedicated staff that is situated outside your company’s jurisdiction means you don’t have to incur any operational costs. For example, maintaining the resources in your ledger, and giving other benefits such as medical, and insurance, etc. You don’t even have to pay them as much as the regional competitive salaries.

However, this does not mean that you are getting cheap low-quality services. It’s a fact that resources that are located globally elsewhere may cost you less. But in terms of experience, caliber, and professionalism; they don’t compromise your project at all.

4. Consistency in Deadlines

When you have exclusive developers working on your project, you can be assured of consistency in quality. They go above and beyond to fulfill the promise that all deadlines will be met without any slippage. Because the team is completely focused on dedicatedly working on a project.

They have the mission to get the work done right on time or even before. If, a project deadline is likely to be missed; the project manager and the team have visibility of the impediments. So, they can remove these bottlenecks to ensure that the delivery proceeds without any delays.

5. Better Steer and Manageability

You are the client and your wishes need to be honored. This can only be done if you are given the steer to manage your project as per your discretion. That’s why a dedicated team model is ideal.

It gives you the leverage to see the nitty-gritty of the project from the distance. Then you can figure out what you need to do to make the product more holistic. You get to be in command and call out the crucial shots.

Especially, during the demos of being presented the developed work; you can watch the coming together of the project. Thus, you can decide how far out or similar it is from your expectations. This way you can maneuver the project as your business requirements.

6. Focus on Marketing and Promotion

Your dedicated resources work effortlessly to develop the best product. That means you have one less thing to worry about. Therefore, you can focus on another element to make the product a commercial success in the market.

You can concentrate your efforts on go-live activities such as SEO, SMM, and digital marketing. Moreover, you can work on ways to gain media traction. This way once the product is deployed, it will have users be interested in trying it out.

With so much competition in the market, it is important to have proper publicity for the product. This gives it a proper platform and market launch. Through dedicated developers, you get this opportunity to build and capitalize on their efforts and work on other product areas.

7. Improved Product Vision and Roadmap

When your entire dedicated team resides together, you have your A-Team under one umbrella working as a whole unit. For instance, business analysts, developers, designers, QA, and DevOps. All of them are sitting together to discuss, brainstorm and derive a great product altogether.

This means, that the product build is seamless, properly tested, and holistic at every step of the development lifecycle. This is a great advantage as the right mesh of people can do wonders on the overall product. All these concerted efforts combine to hand the product its ultimate reception in the market.

8. Higher Complexity with Greater Efficiency

When the question of getting something complex developed arises, there are many ways of tackling the development. Yes, the solution must be efficient in terms of both cost and performance. The product must be scalable and easy to use for the users.

A great solution should not take a lot of computational time and hardware. This makes it extremely difficult for hosting, post-deployment, and maintenance. It also adds to the device’s memory woes for the client.

These are some of the questions that a dedicated development team solves. Dedicated programmers work with great responsibility to knit a high-performing solution. Hence, the resulting product effectively works on many levels for the client.



Nowadays, the dedicated team model is a force to reckon with. Especially when you have decided to outsource your project to a third-party services provider company. So, you will gain the advantage of holding the project reins yourself.

You have continuous visibility on the resources, their output, and overall project direction. Moreover, you will also get a chance to save time, money, and other infrastructure costs. These savings can be utilized on giving a better platform for showcasing your developed product.

All you need is a trustworthy development company that manages your product development with great ownership, integrity, and sincerity. How to go about it? Having the right dedicated team, market credibility, and great repertoire; helps you in making the most of your selection.

Salman Saleem

Salman Saleem

Salman Saleem is a digital marketing expert with an eye for information technology, search engine optimization, content marketing, social media marketing, and sports. He is working as SEO Manager at Techliance, a leading software development company currently.