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Why App Development Outsourcing Services Popular These Days?

July 20, 2021 |

It doesn’t take any genius to understand that creating an in-house development process powered by an expert development team is cost-intensive and time-consuming.

But, on the other hand, the number of expert mobile app developer resources in the market is far more limited than the required level. Thus, while talented software developers cannot be found everywhere, getting onboard a few such talents can be challenging for the in-house development team.

This is probably the biggest reason for many companies to opt for outsourcing resources for their app projects.

By delegating the project to a third-party development company, a business can not only solve the issue corresponding to talent shortfall, but it can also do away with the worries of establishing fresh IT infrastructure for the app project.

Why App Development Outsourcing Services Popular These Days?

But still, many businesses feel reluctant to opt for outsourcing and consider the lack of control and concerns over intellectual property rights as major pulling factors. For these businesses, we will explain the most important advantages that outsourcing an app project can offer.

Smooth Talent Acquisition

If you are not a seasoned development company with a regular development team handling multiple projects, finding the right developer talent for the first time can be challenging for a fresh app.

On the other hand, qualified and sufficiently experienced developer talents may not find a company lacking technical exposure less lucrative as a new career break.

This is where an established development company sought after for an app outsourcing project comes to the rescue.

With an outsourcing company, you have a completely smooth and stress-free hiring process without the slightest hitches and stumbling blocks.

You can do away with the entire worries of finding the right talents, recruiting them, and managing them for a long period through the lifetime of the software app.

The outsourcing company not only takes care of hiring, recruitment, and management but also assigns developers for support and maintenance of the project.

Easy Expansion of Technology Stacks

We all know that the development world constantly remains in flux, dealing with many technologies and development challenges day in and day out.

Today’s well-accepted and widely popular technology stack can be outdated or can take a backbench tomorrow. But when it happens, getting onboard developers with new skills can be very challenging.

But in contrast, a seasoned outsourcing development company is very likely to remain acquainted and versed with the latest technologies just because they need to handle various development projects across the niches.

For example, you have built a hybrid app based upon tried and trusted web technologies and used hybrid wrapper technology like PhoneGap.

However, as your app displays user experience shortcomings compared to other native or cross-platform apps, you want to rebuild the app using the latest cross-platform technologies such as Flutter or React Native.

Now, instead of hiring Flutter or React Native developers onboard, you can easily reach out to an experienced outsourcing company with the said skills and complete the project in less time and at a lesser cost.

A Solid Boost in Efficiency

One of the biggest advantages of outsourcing app projects is giving a positive push to efficiency and productivity.

With outsourcing, you can rest assured about the app project and corresponding IT responsibilities. In addition, the management and in-house staff can give more time to the core business tasks and responsibilities.

In complete contrast to businesses with in-house development teams, a seasoned outsourcing company with vast exposure to diverse projects will bring more efficiency and productivity and help faster completion of the project while strictly adhering to the industry-acclaimed best practices and guidelines.

Cost Advantages

A considerable chunk of investment in an app project goes for hiring and maintaining a developers team. As a business in major metropolitan cities with high real estate prices and living costs, such as London and New York, hiring qualified developers and managing overhead costs can be challenging.

On the other hand, establishing a new IT infrastructure for just one branded app project can be very expensive.

In complete contrast, an outsourcing company already has its infrastructure and developer resources to help with app projects at a much lesser cost.

In addition, just because a mobile app development company deals with multiple app projects simultaneously, it enjoys a better cost advantage than any business that deals with a single branded app project.

Faster Development

Another major advantage of outsourcing app projects is faster development. Hiring in-house developers indeed involve a rigorous process and a lot of time.

First, it takes several months for the right talent acquisition, onboarding, training, and on-job orientation. Then, the entire process takes months to complete before the team starts working on the project.

On the other hand, by outsourcing the app development project, any business can complete the app project faster and ensure quicker time-to-market. Furthermore, just because outsourcing companies are specialized in their respective fields, they can quickly set up a team and finish the project faster.

Better Security Protection

First of all, any app development company, whether operating offshore or onshore, always comply with the basic privacy requirements by signing Non-Disclosure Agreements and thus ensures adhering to regulations and norms on protecting intellectual property.

Apart from this, outsourcing development companies, having dealt with numerous projects, are also better exposed to the latest security challenges and threats that most app projects frequently deal with.

So, naturally, they provide far enhanced security protection to app projects than any inexperienced business dealing with an app project for the first time.

App Development Outsourcing Services


All the reasons behind the popularity of the outsourcing development mentioned above are enough to convince any new business app project.

However, at the same time, one must not forget about researching well to opt for the right development service for the app project.

Juned Ahmed

Juned Ahmed is a consultant, marketing strategist, and founder of Indian App Developers, a mobile application development company. He likes to write and share information on the latest mobile technologies like iOS, Android, and other mobile platform technologies.