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10 The Best Free Network Mapping Software (Free and Paid)

April 26, 2021 |

Nowadays advancement of IT software technologies is increasing day by day. IT fields like Cloud computing, machine learning, Internet of Things (IoT), and network management activities are worth mentioning. Along with this advancement software’s are becoming more complex and interdepend able in nature. In order to keep up the advancement pace, it is necessary to have access to some of the powerful administrator tools. With the help of which developers or software engineers can monitor, execute and manage the networking activities. These tools are known as Network Mapping software or Network Topology Mapper.

To know more about Network Mapping, its importance, working, and variations please continue the blog.

What is Network Mapping?

Network Mapping is the process to create a map of a network logically or visually so that the user can get a clear idea of how the different components of the network are connecting. In some cases, the Network performance tools some amount of network mapping capabilities. But in the case of network optimizations Network mapping tools plays a crucial role. That is the reason there are some powerful Network Mapping tools dedicated only to network topology works.

It has the ability to locate and identify the performance bottlenecks that occurred in the system. Plus helps the administrator to optimize the situation by providing them valuable insights and opportunities. As a result, the software development companies New York can provide a better quality of network optimization services to their end-users.

Network Mapping tools also have the capability to show their users how the application traffic flows through a network. Usually, for these types of works, you will need an appropriate and high-end network mapping tool.

What is the importance of Network Mapping?

Network mapping is used for improving and maintaining better network health. This can be done by optimizing the network performance in 3 important fields. Such as Device Monitoring, network visualization, and remote automation and administration. Before opting for any network mapping tool, you should have an idea of your requirements. Plus, you also should have knowledge of how many devices and what type of device you have to map.
Here are some of the factors that you have to focus on before choosing any network mapping software, such as

• Advanced monitoring features

• Advance alerting features

• Easy to personalize and use the software

• Support of the software for different platforms

• Cost of implementing the software

• The installation process of the software.

How do Network Mapping tools work?

A Network Mapping software provides you the information that whether the network and the devices connected to it are working properly or not.
A network usually consists of a number of different structures known as network topologies. And when a particular structure or a device of this network wet down. The administrator has to go through a complex task in order to rectify the problem. Using your Network Mapping software while creating the network can provide the administrator a visual network diagram. So that they can locate and rectify the problem easily.

Here are some of the topologies usually used by software development companies Los Angeles,

• Tree

When a system server consists of different branches of the node connected to one mainline, it is called Tree topology. If anyone node of this topology goes down then also the other nodes will function perfectly. It is a bit more robust in nature than the other topologies

• Star

In this topology, the nodes are connected to a single mainline which makes it looks like a star pattern.

• Mesh

This topology is formed by interconnecting all the nodes with each other forming a mesh-like structure. In Mesh topology if any node goes down, the upcoming data will reroute its direction and reach its destination. This is why it has high-end failure protection.

• Ring

Ring topology is created by connecting the nodes in a circular form. So that the data can travel through the nodes in any direction.

• Bus

This topology can be created by connecting the nodes sequentially to form a straight line. The data are allowed to travel only in one direction, not like the ring topology.

• Hybrid

It is the combination of all the topologies discussed above. This type of topologies is implemented when the network size is huge and has numerous numbers of nodes to connect.

List of top 10 Network Mapping Software

There is many Network mapping software which is free or paid. But before opting for any of the mapping software you should be clear about your requirements. Plus, you should have the knowledge of features of the chosen software.

Here are the top 10 Network Mapping Software and their key features,

1. ConceptDraw Pro

Concept Draw Pro is the software that provides diagramming solutions for the networking system. It is consisting of numerous numbers of temples and stencils that provide a better user experience. Moreover, it is compatible with both iOS and Windows. It is suitable for small to larger businesses. A free trial of the product available and the paid versions starts from $49 to $367. Here are some of the features of the product,

• All drawing tools including rapid flowchart, communication, and presentation facilities are present.
• Add-on solutions for every drawing issue can be found.
• It is capable of creating Live Object Technology and Building Plan Design.
• Have the ability to import or export to the local Visio software

2.  Datadog Network Performance Monitoring

Datadog Network Performance Monitoring or NPM is a unique software with a tag-based approach. It has the capability to track network performance in any type of on-premise and cloud-based network. And can break down the network traffic between any two containers, service or host. The software is suitable for small to large businesses. And the price of implementing the software starts from $5 a month. Here are some key features of the software,

• NPM provides Chicago web development companies total transparency into the modern networks as it uses meaningful human-related tags.
• Ability to network monitoring, security monitoring, and log management.
• It can track the traffic bottleneck and downstream effect by providing an interactive map structure.
• It can troubleshoot host metrics and logs in one platform.

3. Device 42

Device 42 is basically a visual cable management software. Which is capable of tracing, recording IP address easily. And has a unique drag and drop feature so that users can switch servers and patch panel connections. It also provides features like security, auto-discovery API, and DCIM. The software is suitable for medium to large businesses. The cost of implementing this software starts from $4500 annually for 500 devices. Here are some of the features of the software,

• It is specially used for the discovery of IPs and devices.
• Device 42 provides the user Application Dependency Mapping.
• It also allows Enterprise App Mapping.
• ITAM feature of the software makes it mobile-friendly, easy to export, and customization of pair values.

4.  EdrawMax

EdrawMax is a lightweight software that ideal for drawing network drawings. Especially used by the Network engineers and designers. Being a light software, it is powerful enough to create drawings of basic networking, AWS topology, Cisco topology, logical network, physical network, WAN, LAN, and lots more. The software is suitable for all kinds of business, engineering works, and network designing. 15 days free trial is available and the paid version starts from $99 to $179. Here are some of the key features of the software,

• Abundant options for diagrams can be found for Home Network, Rack, Cisco, and AWS diagrams.
• Simplicity is maintained by the drag and drop facility.
• An MS-style interface so that the user can start easily
• Features like 3D symbols and smart buttons are also available
• Easy to use with the combination of Robust File compatibility..

5. Intermapper

Intermapper used by software development companies California the software which has the ability to monitor any device with IP address. It is also capable of identifying the down and up nodes with a unique color-code status technique. Plus, it can also give a live view of the present network structure and compatible with all operating systems. The software is suitable for small to large businesses. Moreover, the free version is available in the market which can monitor up to 10 devices. You can also opt for the paid version of the software. Here are some unique features of Intermapper,

• It provides the administrator automated proactive monitoring.
• The software has the facility to alert the users if anything goes down with text and emails.

6.  jNet Map Network Monitor

JNet Map Network Monitoring is the software that is mainly used for documentation and monitoring purposes. It is compatible with Windows, Mac, and Linux. The software first scans the newly added devices. Then all the connected devices were pinged and on the basis of the response the software update the status and suitable for small to large businesses. It is free software. Here are some features of the software,

• The connected device is regularly pinged in order to get a status update.
• It allows poet scanners and plugins.
• The software has the ability to present the network graphically.

7. Lucid Chart

Lucid Chart is the software that is famous for it functions regarding diagram, collaboration, and visualization of data. The software consists of a very simple interface along with advanced security protocols. Lucid Chart is a very reliable user-friendly, easy-to-use software that is capable of optimizing the performance of your network. It is suitable for small to large businesses. There are 3 plans for implementing the software such as free, personal ($9.95 per month), and business ($27 per month). Here are some features of the software,

• It has the capability to import data from Salesforce, Zapier, LinkedIn, and Excel.
• Monitoring of the network becomes super easy
• It can be efficiently used in the People Management, Engineering, Sales, and Operation sectors.
• Can optimize the network performance easily.

8.  Manage Engine OpManager

Manage Engine OpManger is usually used for end-end monitoring of the network in website development company Los Angeles. It is consisting of more than 2000 built-in features that can perform real-time monitoring. With the help of the software packet loss, errors, latency, and speed of the network can be measured. It supports almost all operating systems and can analyze the performance bottlenecking of a node present in the network. Suitable for small to large businesses. The cost for implementing the software starts from $245 and goes up to $345 for 10 devices. Features of the software are,

• Virtual or physical server monitoring
• It offers the users a customizable dashboard
• The software is capable of proactive monitoring at multi-level thresholds.

9. Microsoft Visio

Microsoft Visio is used to create professional network diagrams with the help of ready-made templates. The software is very simple in nature and has the ability to secure and share simple Data Linking. Suitable for small to large businesses. Vision has many numbers of plans starting from $5 per month and goes up to $280 per month
Here are some of the key features of the software,

• It contains more than 250000 shapes
• Have the capability of making decisions when connected to the real-time data

10. Solar Winds Network Topology Mapper

Solar Winds Network Topology Mapper is used for plotting networks. It consists of multi discovery tools such as SNMP v1-v3, WMI, and ICMP which can auto-detect any changes in the network. Suitable for any type of business. The cost of implementation of the software is $1495 after 14 days of a free trial. Here are some features of the software,

• The software has the capability of creating multiple network maps in a single camp.
• It can perform multi-level discovery and mapping
• It can also help its admin to schedule and update map exports.

These are the top 10 network mapping software used by the top web development companies in the world.


There are many Network Mapping software is present in the market which is both free and paid. You need this software in order to optimize your network and monitor it whether it’s working properly or not. You just have to know your requirements and have knowledge of the chosen software.