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The 10 Best Free and Open-Source SEO Software Solutions

May 25, 2021 |

Check out the list of the 10-best free, open-source SEO software that can help in boosting organic rankings on SERPs such as Google, Bing, etc.

The 10 best free and open-source SEO software solutions are great for improving website ranking, organic traffic, and brand promotion, especially for small businesses. This article represents the free software that you can use with ease.

Search Engine Optimization is not an unknown word for many of us or business owners who are keen to improve their brand image over various online channels.

It all starts from boosting the rank of the website on SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages) such as Google, Bing, Yahoo & so forth. New tactics are also added to the SEO, such as Voice Search Optimization, Local Search Optimization, AI-Based SEO technology for voice assistants like Siri, Alexa, Google Home, Cortana.

What Is Being Expected from The Best SEO Tools?

The success of any tool depends on that how it serves the user. If the user has some genuine expectations from it, then it must fulfill that. Here are some following features that must be in SEO software solutions

–  Comprehensive Search Analysis

–  Keyword Analysis

–  Keyword Reports

–  Domain Analysis

–  Keyword Rank Tracking

–  Keyword Suggestion

–  Recommendations for Content Optimization

–  Site Crawling

–  Backlink Analysis

–  Social Media Tracking

–  Page Reporting

The above features are expected from SEO tools. Actually, these are the core requirements for optimizing a website or web pages for having a high rank via applying the principles of search engine optimization.

Why Free and Open-Source SEO Software Solutions?

The point is marketers are going more dependent on the SEO suits, which are paid and expensive. Large-scale businesses have ample finance with them for the marketing to afford highly-paid SEO software tools, but it is quite tough for small-scale businesses.

The days of applying traditional marketing tactics are gone the businesses need some innovative techniques for brand value and having more customers than SEO promises now.

During the blooming of startups, more reach to the potential customer base and greater visibility are required in that search engine optimization works great.

The SEO was only link sharing in the earlier time, but now it is more than it. There are several techniques included, and many SEO tools have been introduced to the market.

Other than these tools, there are some open-source tools available that can be used by anyone. These are free for use, such as Google Search Console, Google Analytics, and many more. These provide a plug-n-play facility.

Suppose, if we want to use the Google Webmaster tool for our website, then by only signing up with an official Gmail id and applying some settings, we can use it without paying a single penny. It is used by most of the top web design companies around the world.

Although the open-source SEO software solutions are free, most internet or digital marketers worldwide know their importance.

If we only talk about the USA, firms like web development companies Atlanta, Chicago, San Francisco, etc., also use these best free SEO tools to strategize online marketing.

Here are some key benefits of using free and open-source SEO software solutions-

–  Anyone can access these SEO software tools where some of the open-source SEO tools allowed the users for modification.

–  These are easy to use and do not require any hefty computer system.

–  The open-source SEO software is a high-quality SEO tool due to the community support.

–  If we use these free SEO software tools, there is no botheration regarding licensing fees, renewal fee plans subscription, and any other extra costs.

–  These have strong community support, so you can have the latest updates from the community portal and discuss the issues with other users.

Why Digital Marketers Prefer These 10 Best Free and Open-Source SEO Software Solutions?

As this software remains updated due to updates by the community and there is no need to invest much money, it is the most favored option for SEO of internet marketers worldwide. In dedicated communities, thousands of active programmers, digital marketing professionals provide their inputs regularly. In turn, these efforts enhance the quality of software.

Due to the following reasons, digital marketers prefer these 10 best free and open-source SEO software solutions-

–  Open-source software always remains updated.

–  The Open-source, free SEO tools are easy to install, update and use, making it the most preferable option to deploy the techniques.

–  There are not any boundations of commercial license, so in the event of need, the code can be modified to use the SEO tool accordingly.

–  Most free, open-source SEO software solutions have multilingual support available, so these can be used in any part of the world.

List of the 10 Best Free and Open-Source SEO Software Solutions

1. Google Analytics

Even a kid is known about Google, so there is no doubt to say that Google Analytics is the top-most tool among other SEO software tools.

Not any other tool provides detailed information as Google Analytics tool. It is in terms of traffic reporting; it is best as you can have a revelation about how many peoples have been visited and how many are visiting each day. It will help you to decide to include the things that can improve the number of visitors.

Its conversion tracking facility helps the marketers to identify that which source is doing more conversion. Other features are keyword referrals, third-party referrals, and a customized dashboard facility.

It is a user-oriented tool among other best SEO tools. The web development companies in Chicago and other companies such as software development companies in California always use it before using any other paid tools or other paid software.

2. Google Search Console

The Google Search Console is another magnificent open-source SEO software tool that is free for use. It is recommended by many software companies such as software development companies Los Angeles, and many top web design companies worldwide. Where Google Analytics is user-oriented, the search console is SERP-oriented.

It also tracks the performance of the website and reports to the user about crawl errors. Whenever there are new errors caught by it, the user gets an e-mail about it so the things can be fixed on time.

The features are performance tab, index coverage, URL inspection, enhancement tabs, speed, rich results enhancement tab, sitemaps, links, mobile usability, manual actions, and security.

One of its unique features is AMP that stands for Accelerated mobile pages; with the help of this feature, we can check the errors for mobile pages.

3. SEO Panel

Among the 10 best free and open-source SEO software solutions, it is one of the great SEO tools. It is free software and, as per GNU General Public License V2, available for use by anyone worldwide. Other than google tools, software companies in California also use them for search engine optimization. It was initially released in January 2010, and now its current version is 4.9.0 that can be downloaded from its site.

Its new version includes automatic search engine fixes, social media checker fixes, security bug fixes, and German language updates. Its significant features include- automatic directory submission tool, keyword position checker, Google and Alexa rank checker, site auditor, page speed insights, and many more.

4. Google Page Speed Insights

Another gem from the treasure of google is Google page speed insights. It is one of the very useful SEO tools used to check the page speed of websites and mobile.

It reveals the loading time and performance of any webpage on a scale of 0-100. Other than these, it also provides suggestions for areas of improvement.

It does not have any limitations, so the experts from web development companies Atlanta said that although it is a quite small tool but most powerful, you are concerned about page speed. The same thing is also confirmed by the other companies, such as software development companies in Chicago.

 5. Pipulate

The Pipulate is also a great software among the ten best free and open-source SEO software solutions. It works on all three major operating systems Mac, Linux, and Windows, and favored by top web design companies worldwide.

It is supported by an MIT license. A popular SEO tool is used to investigate position checks, site crawls, and API hitting jobs. It also enables the users to perform the social media analysis and related factors to it.

Its other features are Google Analytics Integration, auditing, content management, revenue management, user management, and many more. It is suitable for all businesses such as small, medium, and large, making it one of the choices of software companies in California. 


It is one of the leading open-source SEO software solutions that is used for rank tracking. The Serposcope is supported by Windows, Linux, and Mac. It is empowered by MIT Licensing and works as one of the great SEO tools for enhancing the website’s performance.

It allows users to search about unlimited keywords and website tracking. Its other features are competitor tracking, local search, custom search, and user account management. It runs smoothly on PC as well as on the server.

For installing SERPOSCOPE, you need JAVA only. Its dashboard is quite impressive that makes it the most recommended software by web development companies in Chicago. The proxy and captcha support differentiate it from other best SEO tools.

7. Xenu Link Sleuth

Optimizing the small websites is okay, but when we need to optimize the large website, it is quite complex, especially when we have to look for 404-page errors and 301 redirects.

In case of not having a crawler, things can become worst. For the same, Xenu Link Sleuth works tremendously, as network errors and broken links can be diagnosed easily with its help.

If there is any need to share the repost, then it also allows the user for report generation and share it among clients or colleagues. It also helps in creating site links. Many web developments companies in San Francisco marked it as one of the trusted SEO tools. Its current version is 1.3.8, and the initial version was launched in 2010.

8. AWStats

If you really want to know how search bots work and crawl a website, none other than AWStats is best. It works in a real-time environment and helps in website indexing optimization problems.

Although its user interface is not so good compared to the others, it ensures the data required for Search Engine Optimization. It is a fantastic tool that generates stats about advanced web streaming, FTP, and mail server statistics.

One of the experts from software companies in California considered it a tremendous tool and admitted that it promises fabulous results if there is a requirement of log file analysis compared to the other 10 best free and open-source SEO software solutions. It is free software and comes with GNU General Public License.

9. SEO Macroscope

If we talk specifically about Windows-based free and open-source SEO software solutions, then Macroscope is a promising SEO tool.

It is a strong companion to the other web crawling platforms that run on Windows only. If Linux and Mac users want to use it, they have to install Mono Framework and Xamarin IDE. Its main application runs in a single window where you can also set the preference via the setting panel.

Its first version was launched for the 32-bit system later than it was available for 64 bit which is continuing till now.

It also allows the user to download the source code so it can be modified as peruse. The web development companies in San Francisco are using it with some modifications, and it works great.

10. Traffic Bot

It is also a free-cost solution for having organic traffic on a blog or client’s website or own websites. Its originator is Lucas Coelho, Salvador, Brazil.

The Traffic Bot is an open-source SEO tool and provides all the premium features that a digital or internet marketer needs. It is one of the favored choices among SEO professionals around the world.

It is much helpful in enhancing website traffic, geo-targeting, bounce rate control, traffic scheduling, and many more.

If you want to use it, then you should know that you must have a little bit of knowledge of Linux and Docker. As the first-time installation may take some time, so be patient. After it, you will enjoy the Traffic Bot that promises great results.

The Final Words!

Although several paid tools available in the market open-source SEO software solutions have their separate fan base that can’t be ignored, you will be shocked after knowing that these tools can also provide great results. The only thing required is patience and consistent efforts.

If money can improve the rank of websites, then there will be no need for SEO professionals and internet marketers, but the real thing is that with the help of money, you can only purchase the hefty SEO tools, not the rank.

So, here two things work crucially one is a strategy and how you have used SEO software tools. The paid tools can’t guarantee the ranks and traffic because it depends on how an SEO professional thinks about it.

So, instead of spending valuable money on creating a software library, these 10 Best Free and Open-Source SEO Software Solutions are great for use.