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Top 20 the Best Augmented Reality Apps for Android and iOS User

May 13, 2021 |

Want to know about top-20 the best Augmented Reality Apps for Android and iOS? Or Want to know that how AR Apps works? Then you might find this article interesting.

The future will be of Augmented Reality Apps & devices.  It saw unexceptional growth in 2020. In the year 2021, the mobile AR market size is expected to be 8.9 bn USDs, and for 2021, it has been predicted of 50 bn USD.

Till 2024 number of active mobile AR users will be 1.73 billion. So, there will be a high rise in Augmented Reality Apps for Android and iOS users. You can also launch an app for your business with the help of app development companies. It will be a great revenue generation idea for sure.

Still, a big percentage of businesses are using traditional apps so, you need to know first that –

What is Augmented Reality?

AR, aka Augmented Reality, is one of the hot-shot technology trends that will replace the traditional mobile applications very soon. As per the exiting scenario, 26% of smartphones are AR Kit empowered or AR Core compatible that is starting only till 2024 there will be a great hike in AR-enabled devices. Android and iOS are two major platforms for mobile phone users, so both will have more Augmented Reality Apps in the upcoming time. Before we proceed to the further points. Let’s read what does its definition says-

It is a technology that virtually places the enhanced version of the real world in the form of 3D graphics that you can see via an AR-enabled device. It comprises digital visual elements, sounds, or sensory stimuli that can be observed via mobile devices. There are several Augmented reality apps for Android & iOS users in the market. We can see the virtual 3D replica of real-world objects in an enhanced computer graphics-generated environment in simple terms. User can see these 3D models of real-world objects in a real environment by activating the smartphone’s AR-enabled camera.

For business purposes, it works like a great tool. If you have an AR app for your enterprise, your customer can easily get insight into how your product will look in the real world while using it. If you are an interior designer, you can convince your customers that what will be the real looks after decorating their house.

One of the best points is that it has no limitation to any business. The software companies or app development companies, New York have crafted multiple AR apps for several businesses where some of them are yet to be delivered.

List of 20 the Best Augmented Reality Apps for Android and iOS User

Although multiple AR apps are available, some of them are counted as the best Augmented reality apps.

1. Houzz

It is one of the highest-rated and most favored Augmented Reality Apps for Android and iOS User. There is a huge fan following of this app. It is also recognized by several media brands such as The New York Times as the best home improvement app, by CNN as Wikipedia of interior & exterior design, and the software companies such as mobile app developers, Chicago.

It allows users to browse more than 20 million high-resolution photographs that you can use to view how it will look if you go with them regarding your home improvement. You can also save and share the photographs with your friends & family members.

2. IKEA Place

Another masterpiece AR app available for both platforms, and the users can use it for home décor. It majorly focuses on home furniture and works as the brainchild of a Swedish furniture retailer. This apps allows you to check the look of furniture before you purchase for your home.  Any user or customer can perform the furniture item look test, including the entire home’s floor plan, which will be the best fit for home décor with furniture. The experts such as app developers in Los Angeles say that it is one of the perfect examples that how an AR app can create magic.

3. YouCam Makeup

It is one of the highest-rated beauty cameras and selfie apps in the top row of the top-20 best Augmented Reality Apps for Android and iOS User. Till now, it has 300 Million downloads, and the number is increasing day by day. It provides the tools such as face touch up, camera filters, collages, photo effects, stickers, fonts, etc. As a user, you can save the photos to the cloud backup, access those across multiple devices, and share them with friends and family.

4. GIPHY World

If you need more colorful and imaginative images, then you should go with the GIPHY world. This app is empowered by AR that has an in-built library of animates GIFs. It helps in turning the photos & videos into canvases that will have 3D Graphics. You can record your videos creating with the app and can share them with others. Team of android app development, Atlanta closely reviewed this app and gave high ratings compared to other apps in this segment.

It also adds power to social media content. You can add animation and graphics to product images that provide an advantage in product promotion and brand visibility.

5. Google Lens

One of the most interesting apps only for Android devices. It provides an enriched experience of search. It works on the image search. When any user aims it at some object or text written anywhere on the wall, on paper, or anything, it provides all the information on the SERP. It provides translation, text search via image, image search, homework, shopping, places, dining.

Suppose you want any information about any place or want to shop any item or want to search answer for homework question then by pointing the camera to that, you will get the information. It is such an innovative app by Google Inc. For SEO purposes, it provides help in making a visual search strategy. App developers, San Francisco, are consistently researching how it can be more useful to integrate it with other apps, such as a shopping app.

6. Sketchar

It is one of the most creative apps among top-20 the best Augmented Reality Apps for Android and iOS Users. The Sketchar app combines AR and AI that enables the User for AR drawing, image editing, and gamification. It converts the photos into sketches. While using it, the AR sketch appears on the device, so you have to just follow the virtual lines on paper by using a pencil; your sketch will be ready. Many persons want to draw a sketch but do not have time for the practice, for the same Sketchar is best out of the best option.

7. Mondly – A Language Learning App

If you are fond -off learning new languages, then Mondly App is a perfect fit for you, where you will also feel the power of AR technology. This app promises to make you learn 33 languages around the world. While using it, you will find a virtual tutor in front of you via smartphone screen, then the tutor will teach you by giving examples of words and 3D images of real objects that will also be appeared on the screen. It is such real fun to learn from this app. You not only learn to frame the sentences, but also it will help you make strong vocabulary and a better understanding of grammar rules.

8. Ink Hunter

If you are a tattoo lover, then you might find this app quite interesting. The Ink Hunter app is one of the unique apps available for Android and iOS users. With the help of AR technology, It gives you an idea that a tattoo design will look on your body part. You can try to own made custom tattoo design, or you can choose from the gallery. You can check tattoos from different angles, and after a decision, you can request a tattoo artist to draw the same on your body.

9. Wallace

If you want to leave some hidden messages for your love or friends, then Wall Me let you make it happen. One of the experts from app development companies Chicago admits that it is one of the best example combinations of coding and Augmented Reality. By roaming in any part of your city, you can create a hidden message by clicking the picture of any wall or any place then later, it will be discovered by your friends who are using Wall Me app. It is available for Android as well as for iOS users. Many app development companies in New York are working to make this type of app with little modification and customization due to the huge response.

10. Google Translate

Although Google Translate is not an AR app, it has featured it that provides the same experience to Android & iOS Users. Via this app, you can translate the different language’s text into the desired one in two ways: copy-pasting at text box and via Google camera feature. When a user points the camera at the text, then it captures and translates into the chosen language from the options. It is such a useful app that helps you communicate at offshore locations where you do not know the language of that particular place or country. It can be used via Android and iOS devices.

11. Amikasa

This app is available for iOS users but has rank among top-20 the best Augmented Reality apps for Android and iOS users. By taking reference from it, many software companies in the USA, such as app development companies New York, are developing mobile apps for both platforms. It is the finest app that lets you decide with the AR environment how your home will look if you use particular furniture.  Using your Apple device’s camera, you can walk around at your place and can see the 3-D models placed at the locations via AR. You can capture and send the images to your friends & family.

12. Knightfall AR

Gaming is one of the segments in the software industry that faces dynamic changes. The Augment Reality oriented games are in super trend due to giving realistic features, and it is for sure that we can play our all-favorite games in an AR environment very soon. It is the new face of the gaming industry in which app development companies, Chicago involved. Knightfall is a quite interesting gaming app that you can enjoy by pointing your device’s camera at some plane surface at your home. While playing this game, you can also earn points that you can spend again to defend your team in this AR game. It is available for both, i.e., Android and iOS.

13. Acrossair

It is an AR technology-empowered browser that works for iPhone and iPad devices. It helps you via an awesome 3D navigator that can take you to the desired destination as you use google maps. It sends you direction on the camera screen and provides the information to point out the lens to any place, building, or hoarding. Then, with the help of Acrossair, you can pin and geotag the location.

14. iOnRoad Augmented Driving Lite

The road safety mobile application segment is one of the finest apps that help you avoid road accidents or collisions. When it detects any unusual movement with your driving or detects that you are at the fast speed and not maintaining the distance, then iOnRoad releases the warning on your screen. It works in combination with the phone’s camera, GPS, and mobile device’s sensors. It has been rated the best-augmented reality app as a road guardian by app developers in Los Angeles

15. Google Sky Map

If your kids have a fantasy about space, planets & stars, it is a perfect package. With the help of Google Sky Map, only by pointing the camera towards the sky, the information of planets and stars will immediately appear on your device screen. So it is not only for the kids; you can also use it for your knowledge. Next, time also shares this secret with your friends & family.

16. Lookator

If you are at a new place and searching for Wi-Fi signals, then the Lookator app will help you find the Wi-Fi hotspots in and around your current location, including signal strength. The app will lead you to the nearby hotspot by navigation. It is available for android devices; however, in Android app development, Atlanta is developing and making it available for iOS devices.

17. AugSatNav

If you are searching for the Augment Reality version of Google Maps, then AugSatNav is one of the promising apps that provides Google Maps and AR features in combination. It overlays the walking direction on your smartphone’s screen that you can easily reach on any destination while driving. You have to follow the directions shown on the screen by the AugSatNav app. The companies such as mobile app developers, San Francisco reviewed it and appreciated it very much. The experts say this app has lots of future scope by having some modifications.

18. Wikitude World Browser

The Wikitude world browser works as a virtual encyclopedia where by pointing the camera at any place, building, street, restaurant, etc., you can get all related and available information. In the AR app segment or top-20, the best augmented reality apps for Android and iOS users, the Wikitude browser stands in the top row.

19. Measure

It owns an Augmented Reality App by Google that can measure the surface or measure the distance between objects and displays data in a 3-D form on the screen. In addition, it utilizes the advantages of ARCore.

20. HOLO

Nobody dares to play with the tiger at their home, but this desire can happen via Holo – an Augmented Reality app. That allows User to include a variety of holographic figures in their captured images or videos. In addition, you can share your creations directly on various social media platforms.

The Conclusion!

As the other technologies that have will influence human’s life, such as AI, Machine Learning, Natural Language processing is advancing day by day, so the Augmented Reality is also on its parallel way to face the advancements. The AR technology can serve all the sectors like medical, education, marketing & sales, manufacturing, etc. So here, you need to hire app developers or app development companies for having a developed AR app in terms of future expansion.