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How To Use Outsourcing To Grow Your Business


September 29, 2020

Outsourcing the new solution to business goals. All big and small enterprises have a single aim of consistent growth and expansion.

Whether building an in-house team for all operations or to allocate a third party to do a part of the operations which will help in expansions is the main question that company policymakers face.

E-commerce developers Canada design rapid and cost-effective shipping solutions for major e-commerce giants, which has increased their profit margin exponentially.

Using a third party to strategically perform specific functions that were earlier done by in-house staff and internal resources is termed as outsourcing.

This 'third-party hiring' is adopted by companies as a cost-cutting strategy. European companies have outsourced their website development to mobile app developers in California.

Why Outsourcing Is Important?

Companies today opt for outsourcing to reduce the cost of operations. If a section of the work is outsourced, a company can shift its focus to other areas of work that are important for the company’s growth.

The internal resources of a company are utilized properly in core functions that add value to the business.

The existing internal workforce may not be able to perform some functions effectively and hiring an expert team for that purpose would become a financial burden on the company, so those tasks are outsourced to a professional partner. The in-house workforce can now shift its focus to other cost functions that help in the growth of the business.

A major app development company Los Angeles has partnered with the fast-food production giant Burger King to build its website to reach out to a wider target audience.

Studies show that outsourcing has more benefits than damaging effects. Its benefits have been listed below:

Saves Your Funds

Focusing On Core Functions

Get Access To Experts

Reduces Overhead Costs

Faster Project Launching

Staff Flexibility

Saves Your Funds:

Small to medium-sized businesses do not have the infrastructure and the economy to perform non-core functions like payroll, HR management, et cetera. Outsourcing helps them to pay less for these functions and still get access to experts.

Focusing On Core Functions:

If non-core functions are outsourced, it reduces pressure on the internal staff who can dedicate more time and energy to the main functions of the business.

The e-commerce developers Canada provides solutions for reducing the warehouse cost and the duty fee, which is reflected in the customer cart. Faster invoice generation and reduced cost have turned abandoned carts into satisfied clients.

Get Access To Experts:

 Your business can get access to a specialist in the industry and avail of their services at a minimum cost.

Reduces Overhead Costs:

Overhead costs like salary, office space, et cetera are reduced when specific tasks are outsourced.  

Faster Project Launching:

The launch of a new project is done much faster. When a business is starting a new project, its outsourcing partner will have all the resources ready making the launching process less time-consuming.

Staff Flexibility:

 Some industries like retail show seasonal fluctuations in the workforce number. Outsourcing will help these industries in staffing promptly during peak needs.

What To Keep In Mind While Outsourcing

Effective outsourcing is necessary for business growth. Otherwise, it may cause irreparable damage to a company's image. The things to keep in mind to outsource work effectively are as follows:

Cost Efficiency - Outsourcing work should increase profit by reducing operational costs and overhead expenses on labor and office space

Reputation Of Your Business - If work is outsourced to an inefficient call center, the customer-company connect may break, causing severe damage to a company's public image and the loss of its customer base.

Communication - Agile development is possible with continuous communication, which may not be possible when offshore outsourcing is done due to the time difference as well as cultural differences. Web development firms in Chicago provide 24-hour research and development services and maintenance teams for their global partners.

Innovation - Outsourcing innovative processes like media campaigning and logo management may make your business the leaders of the industry. Top e-commerce developers Australia have introduced the After Pay service where payment can be done in installments and with zero interest, which has aroused the interest of customers in the companies. This has helped some local e-commerce players to emerge as industry giants and all other retailers and e-tailers are following this trend now.

A 5-Step Guide To An Effective Outsourcing

Each company outsources differently and even within each of these companies there are different services that require outsourcing.

Some low-budget nonprofit organizations have outsourced their brand designing, campaign development, social media promotions, and video production work to top web development in New York.

The five steps to effective outsourcing have been detailed below:

Set Your Specific Goals Regarding The Efficiency Of The Service Provided

Plan For A Change

Choose The Right Partner

Set Your Own Parameters

Begin A Pilot Project

Set Your Specific Goals Regarding The Efficiency Of The Service Provided:

Be specific about what you want - whether to cut costs, or to free up your resources, or to build a team to focus on another aspect of the company’s functioning.

This will help to understand the when, where, and how of outsourcing and to find a partner that perfectly suits your needs.

Web development firms in Chicago offer software services that include software development, research & development, quality assurance, the support and the maintenance of teams, et cetera, so you can easily opt for the service that is not within the core functions of your business.

Plan For A Change:

Outsourcing will change a company’s functioning, so proper planning has to be done. Preparing the workforce, outlining the in-house functions, and determining how to integrate the changes into the workflow all come under planning.

Plan about who will head the project, how long it will take to reach the completion stage, how it will affect the current workforce, etc. This will help to convince board members, and a consensus can be reached regarding the outsourcing strategy.

Choose The Right Partner:

Proper research on the partners that are present in the industry needs to be done beforehand.

A thorough study of the partner proposals and their credentials will help you to understand if the partners that you choose will be able to integrate well into your existing team.

Several rounds of questioning are needed before finalizing an outsourcing partner. Ask the service provider for a detailed proposal and for a visit to their facility.

Set Your Own Parameters:

Every service that is outsourced will have different KPI (Key Parameter Indicator), like if invoice generation is outsourced then 'response time' becomes the parameter.

A service provider should provide their KPI. How often the provider will update you on the project progress has to be agreed upon beforehand. The provider should be accountable on a weekly or monthly basis.

Begin A Pilot Project:

First, begin with a pilot project which will need fewer Investments to help judge the efficiency of your chosen partner. Good partners will be able to adjust to your terms.

What To Look For In An Outsourcing Partner

Outsourcing partners may or may not be able to provide quality solutions. Therefore when selecting your partner you should opt for those that:

Allow you to have access to data and analytics

Avoid hidden costs like GST and other taxes or provide you with a sum total of sundry expenses.

Agree with your proposal for allowing an in-house manager for coordinating with their staff.

Professional and skilled outsourcing partners do not necessarily rush through the formalities but give you enough time to compare the proposals and negotiate the contracts.

They go for several rounds of communication and coordination to understand your requirements. They will let you run a short-term pilot project to justify the cost of investments and provide you with detailed and properly structured subcontracts and vendor agreements.

They look for a long-running partnership that is based on performance and trust because their reputation is also at stake.

Top web development companies in New York hide their customer’s virtual assistant administrative tasks like meeting coordination, online training for new team members, event management and data entry, and even conducting pre-employment tests and coordinating employment interviews.

If you opt to outsource your daily bookkeeping and tax calculation, your housework is reduced, and its added bonus is that debt recovery becomes easier, and also the chances of being audited are reduced.

Why You Should Be Careful While Outsourcing

There are some negative aspects to outsourcing so proper analysis of its benefits and challenges needs to be done before you reach a decision. Basically, outsourcing is not a unique solution for your business. The negative aspects of outsourcing are as follows:

It is extremely difficult to have control over the quality of the outsourced work, which directly affects your productivity. But today, outsourced partners are becoming more professional and with better communication, so quality work can be expected from them.

Outsourced employees do not have the same level of commitment as that of your in-house staff and the same values as that of your company, and in such cases, they will fail to meet your expectations.

Inflation in the outsourced market negates the main concept of cost-cutting, and then outsourcing becomes expensive.

Business becomes rigid because if you plan any change in the operation properly it has to be properly communicated to the outsourced partner, who may not be able to agree and adjust to the new protocol. Due to these reasons outsourcing has not yet stopped has shown a major geographical shift to other regions.

Some of the top  e-commerce developers Australia provide flexible support and consultation services along with logistics and integrated back-office management which will give incredible satisfaction to your existing customers.

Few Final Words

By outsourcing the different operations of a business, you will have access to the service of highly skilled professionals at a reduced cost.

Outsourcing a section of work will help your business to evolve and expand. After balancing the pros and cons, you need to outsource in a smart way, then only it can give a boost to your company's productivity.

In the corporate jargon, "the ideal is the Rolex model but not all businesses can invest so much to follow the Rolex method". Rolex is a company that does its own research and development for creating better models also for developing better manufacturing techniques.

They even mine their own gold and platinum and manufacture their own special steel that retains its polish much longer and is patented in their name. They have their own foundry for making gold and platinum watch cases.

Such diverse activities need a huge amount of investments which is impossible for most business houses. So outsourcing wisely is the best option. Smart outsourcing will help companies to grow.

You can achieve the position that Rolex now has and invest and control all the secondary operations that are required for the manufacturing of the final product.

Some Precautionary Measures To Adopt While Outsourcing

Doing a background check of the outsourced partner profile is absolutely necessary. You should do a research of its financial strength and its reputation in the industry

You should check the quality of the services that they provide from the testimonials that they give you and from the references and the recommendations of their previous customers. This can be done easily if they have an ISO or CMM certification. Every app development company Chicago in android engineering to their worldwide clients has a CMM certification, which authenticates their quality of service.

Consider all of the hidden costs, ranging from the training of the workforce to the communication between all of the involved parties. This will help you to calculate the total investment that is required for a project.

You should also check if your outsourcing partner has firewall access control, et cetera for data privacy, and the protection of web servers.

They should also have business continuity plans and risk mitigation plans. Having properly developed backup and contingency plans in case of malfunctions is a must.

They should have honest financial dealings and present no hidden costs later on in the duration of your partnership.

They should also be compliant with all statutory laws.

Due to outsourcing, existing staff may feel insecure and dissatisfied in their current positions, and in some cases, the workforce is reduced, which negatively impacts the image of your company in the labor market.

In today's market, outsourcing contracts are renegotiated or canceled in three years, so senior management should be involved during the renegotiation and the implementation of a contract.

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