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Important Technology Terms A-Z

May 28, 2021 |

Here are some important technology terms A-Z helpful to know while the mobile app and web development. These technology terms A-Z are important for all, i.e., expert, intermediate, & beginner.

The mobile app development or website designing & development both are one of the hot-most segment of the software industry. During development, there are several terms used but in short form, and when it comes to their full form, it may be possible that we might know only the short ones. So, this article is dedicated to listing all the important technology terms A-Z including acronyms and full form. In this list, you will also find the latest technology terms.

List of Latest Important Technology Terms A-Z

What is A/B testing?

The A/B testing is also known as split testing, in which two versions of app elements are being tested to find out which one is working fine or performs better.  It may include background colours, appearance, buttons, app content, and fonts.

What do you mean by API?

The full form of API is an application programming interface. Via it, the mobile applications and websites share information. For example, a food delivery app allows you to track your package via Google map or an app that shows the current weather information with the help of Apart from developing applications, software companies such as mobile app development companies in Los Angeles also develop API as an on-demand solution.

What is Automaton Testing?

It is a software testing technique that QA professional performs with the help of automated tools specially designed for the testing purpose. The tester executes the test case suits with the help f these tools. After developing an application, the top web design companies worldwide use this process to ensure the quality of software.

What is Agile Development?

It is just opposite to the waterfall model, where instead of sequenced application development, the product developed iteratively by dividing the project into small modules. Developing these small modules separately is faster than the sequenced development that helps deliver the project in a week or a month. Most of the time, the software companies in California use this process for mobile app development and web development.

What is an Apple ID?

The Apple ID stands for an account made for purchasing applications from the Apple app store. This ID is also used for availing of other services such as iCloud and Find My iPhone. It contains personal information and settings. When a user logs in to the device with it, the settings automatically applied with it.

What is the App store?

It refers to the digital store from there an Apple device user can find and download several apps as per their need. Other than mobile here, you can also find various applications for Mac PC. After purchasing an app or subscription, the user is allowed to download and use the app. The software firms such as mobile app development companies in Los Angeles have been published many apps on behalf of their clients.

What is App Provisioning?

App Provisioning, aka Application Provisioning, is an infrastructure management solution that helps administrators craft customized application configurations called packages. Thus, it allows experts to optimize the mobile applications performance-wise.

What is the full form of APK?   

The APKs stands for Android application packages. It is a file format used to deliver mobile applications to the Android operating system devices. While developing Android OS-based applications, various companies, such as web development companies in Chicago, work on it.

What is Backend Development?

The backend is like an engine compartment for any mobile or web application that contains the core coding part that includes database setup and programming. The main responsibility of the backend is to handle the core functionality of the application.

What do you mean by Badges?

Mobile apps use badges for indicating the messages, push messages, alerts, emails etc. In simpler terms, you can understand it as if any app has unread information; then, it is displayed via badges at the upper hand right corner of the app. Thus, it gives a warning to the users that you have unread messages or alerts.

What do you mean by the Beta Version of any app?

The term beta version stands for the pre-released version of any application that may be a mobile app or a web app. It is used for beta testing. The beta version contains almost all features that top web design companies planned to release with a fine version.

What do you mean by a Bug in software?

While developing an application, if some minor or major defects left by developers that may harm the software during execution or the applications show some unexpected behaviour, it is called a bug. Sometimes, a small bug can be disastrous, especially for the software that collects users’ personal information. The QA team identifies the bug, and then it will be eliminated by the developer retaining the featured functionality of an application. One of the experts from web development companies in San Francisco admits that it can happen with any of the application, so it is the testing team’s responsibility to find out where developers are advised to remove these appropriately.

 What is CDP?

The full form of CDP is Customer Data Platform, and it is a collection of software that creates a unified database to be used or accessible by other systems. First, it helps extract data from other sources, then after refining customer’s single profile is being created. The specialists from many web developments companies in New York find it quite interesting to work with it.

What is Chatbot?

It is a software robot that is created for handling the predefined customer queries or similar to that. It communicates via the user by suppressing the text on the screen. Now, you can find it on most of the websites. Suppose you went on a site to complain about some issue, then the chatbot will ask first for your details such as contact number, email id, and issue. When you enter the detail, it will fetch the recently generated complaint number and show it on the screen to you.

What is Control Centre?

The Control Centre stands for the features that allow a user to control the device and enable the user to apply various settings such as brightness, contrast, switching the modes such as Airplane Mode, Do Not Disturb, Bluetooth, etc. You can find it named settings in any device, where you can find options like app settings, device settings, call settings, phone settings, etc.

What is the full form of CRM?

CRM is a great tool and stands for Customer Relationship Management; it is a software platform that empowers organizations or enterprises to store, segment and categorize the data related to their customers. The data obtained from CRM also provides a strong base to make a great sales strategy. It comes in two forms one is pre-built, and the other is customized that can be crafted with the help of software firms such as mobile app development companies in Los Angeles.

What is a Cross-Platform App?

Cross-platform apps are the best example of code reusability where with the help of a single code, applications are being designed to be executed on different platforms. It is the latest trend, and there are many companies involved in it, such as software companies in California.

What do you mean by Device ID?

The Device Id refers to the unique identification number of a device that is the same for both, i.e., Android and iOS device. The device id for the Apple device is also known as UDID.

Dev Ops Stands for?

Dev Ops refers to the new methodology to develop an application, including cultural philosophies, tools & practices. It has a strong relationship with Agile software development. As a result, it helps in producing improved product fast development.

What Dock Stands for?

You can find a feature at the bottom of the home screen on iOS and Mac devices. It contains the icons of apps that user use commonly. It also contains the documents and Trash Can.

What is the full form of DND?

DND stands for Do Not Disturb. It is one of the settings found in Android and iOS devices that you can use while attending important conferences, meetings, lectures, or any other important event. It disables the vibration and sound, so any phone call can’t disturb you after switching on it.

What do you mean by Emoticons?

These are specialized icons that are used to express facial expressions. These icons look like smileys.

What is Frontend?

The front-end development refers to the development of GUI (Graphical User Interface), so the user can interact with the applications with ease and without bothering about the core programming of an app.

What is GitHub?

GitHub is one of the largest community of programmers around the world. It provides a solid base to the programmers to collaborate and communicate with other developers. It provides some great features that empower the developers or a team to work on the same project that includes idea & work sharing. It is not only for the individuals; some companies such as web development companies in Chicago also use this platform to craft a software product faster. It is a recommended platform from the top web designs company worldwide. It is beneficial in creating new versions of the software without disrupting the core components of the existing one.

What is the full form of GIF? 

It is an image format that stands for Graphical Image Interchange. This format allows users to create an infinite loop of images or soundless videos that never ends and do not require a press play option. It automatically runs.

What Hackathon is?

It is a day activity or technical competition where multiple teams develop solutions based on innovative ideas.

What is HTML5?

It Is the latest version of one of the most favoured programming languages that is known as HTML. Its full form is- Hyper Test Markup language. It is developed by W3C (World Wide Web Consortium), and its release date is 28th October 2014. It can also be used for cross-platform app development. One of the specialists from web development companies in San Francisco said that although HTML5 sounds basic, it has many potentials and a promising option for web-based software development.

What is IP Address?

It is a unique address of a device that is of two types static IP and dynamic IP. Dynamic IP changes as per the connection with the internet, and static IP remain unchanged until the administrator does not interfere.

What is iOS?

It is an operating system that Apple Corp designs. For Apple mobile devices such as iPhone, iPod, and iPad.

What do you mean by iterative development?

When a developer or software firm breaks down the project into smaller pieces to develop the product fast, it is called iterative development. An iteration is comprised of four elements that is discovery, design, development, and testing. In a single run, all these take place and suppose if it is again and again till the project delivery, then the process is called multiple iterations. For example, developing software, such as web development companies in New York takes an average of 1-4 weeks.

JavaScript is________

JavaScript is a specialized programming language that is used for developing responsive web pages. HTML, CSS and JavaScript always work great in combination to craft an awesome website.

What is a mobile website?

The website specially designed for mobile phones is called a mobile website. It is a version of a desktop website that remains suitable to view on mobile devices.

What do you mean by MVP?

The term MVP stands for Minimal Viable Product. It is a dynamic way of software development that takes place based on the feedback of initial users.

What is the full form of NFC?  

Near Field Communication, in short, form, is called NFC. It allows transferring data wirelessly to a mobile device from another device.

What is Open-Source software?

The software developed by a community of programmers. Anybody can download and use it without paying a single penny. It is free for all, and there is no need for any software license.

Pair Programming______

When two programmer works together where one writes code and other reviews it, called Pair Programming, the roles can be vice-versa.

What do you mean by Code Refactoring?

It is the process of modifying code and adding some extra elements without changing the software’s core functionality. This process is called code Refactoring.

What Retro stands in the software development process?

When a developing team modify & improve the iteration for the next iteration, it is called Retro or retrospective coding.

What SAAS stands for?

SAAS stands for software as a service that refers to the delivery & deployment of software via the internet, so there is no need for having hefty hardware management to use it.

What is Slack? 

It is a team collaboration tool that allows teams & its members to communicate with each other. It remains most suitable for internal messaging online.

What are Sprints in Agile Software Development?

It is a period set to finish the work fast while executing the Agile Software Development process.

What do you mean by Tech Debt?

There are two ways to add extra functionality to the software where one way is quick to do but remains messy, and the other is the clean way that can take time. So, the extra time to do the technical things more cleanly is called tech debt.

What is UI?

The UI is an acronym to the User Interface that stands for designing part of an app. It is one of the most important parts of an app or website because it interacts first with it. While developing the user interface, the UI experts of the software firms keep in mind that it must be easy to use and can navigate the user to the desired option without putting in any extra efforts. The greater the UI design, the greater the success of any app and website.

What is VPN?

The VPN stands for Virtual Private Network. It is the software used to hide any device’s IP address while accessing the internet.

What is Wireframe?

It works as the blueprint for any app. It shows the upper line that how the app will look after development.

What is Xamarin?

Xamarin is an open-source mobile app development platform that allows programmers to develop cross platform applications.

The Conclusion

This article has been covered most of the important technology terms A-Z. However, there may be some terms left that you can search on the internet as there are many articles available on the latest technology terms. For your reference, you can bookmark it for further readings.