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January 21, 2021 |

  • SleekDigital

    SleekDigital is an app development company in Singapore focused on the ROI of mobile apps. Instead of just building to clients’ requirements, we refine the idea into something that can propel our clients’ projects to success. We develop and implement marketing and overall app strategy to increase the chances of success. That is how we stand out from other app developers.

    SleekDigital adopts a G-L-A-D approach in mobile app development. We have created this framework over the years of developing mobile apps and systems for clients.

    G – Growth. We are focused on GROWTH strategies that can help companies get more users quickly. This will include user acquisition strategy, user activation strategy, user retention strategy and user monetisation strategy.

    L – Lean. We want to allow customers to get the best ROI out of their mobile apps. This is enabled by getting an efficient investment ready, at the lowest cost. For lean, we craft an MVP for the customer that is useful in launching into the market. This might not be the full version of the app but it is useful in gathering feedback.

    A – Agile. We adopt agile development methodologies that allow customers to test the app progressively instead of when everything is completed. This allows customers to provide us with valuable feedback and have an effective mobile app development cycle.

    D – Design Thinking. In order for companies to solve the problems at the highest levels, we go through a design thinking process with the stakeholders of the mobile app. This can help us ensure that we are on user-centred design and we are solving the right problems and using the right solutions to do so.


    We work with SMEs, Startups, MNCs such as Prudential, Mercedes, ITE, Singtel.
    Flutter, React Native, Ionic, Kotlin, Swift, LAMP, MERN, MEAN, Django, WordPress, Joomla

    10 - 50
    $25 - $89